Gaafu Atoll

Gaafu, or Huvadhoo isn't unquestionably the second biggest atoll in the Maldives it is likewise on the rundown of the main 10 biggest regular atolls on the planet. Situated in the southern piece of the Maldives 50 km over the equator Gaafu Atoll is authoritatively isolated into two sections: Gaafu Alifu (North Huvadhoo atoll) and Gaafu Dhaalu (South Huvadhoo atoll) and has 235 islands with capitals: Villingili (North)/Thinadhoo ( South) 

Gaafu Atoll on western guides is once in a while alluded to as 'Suvadiva'. Despite the fact that Huvadhoo can some of the time be confused with the biggest atoll in the Maldives it is really the second biggest regular atoll in Maldives with a surface region just under 3200 km2. The complete land region is around 38.5 km2, and around Gaafu atoll there are numerous little islands, islets and shoals. 

Gaafu Atoll reaches out for 82 km from north to south and is 65 km at its most stretched out point in the middle. The whole atoll has a round ring of reefs, containing a profound focal tidal pond with profundities of up to 85 meters. Around Huvadhoo atoll you will discover many little reefs, little coral islands and coral slopes. 

The external reef of the atoll shapes an irregular boundary for the open Indian Ocean; It comprises of roughly 40 little reef fragments isolated by profound, and some of the time limited channels, interfacing the inward tidal pond with the sea from an external perspective. Around these passages and channels you will discover many fish schools, huge manta beams, sharks and other pelagic species occupying the dark blue Maldivian' waters.

The normal organization of this Maldives atoll implies that there are various immaculate plunge destinations loaded with invigorating components like caverns, steep shades and delightful submerged scenes, also the interesting coral arrangements and bounty of marine life. In this way it isn't shocking that some jump locales in Gaafu atoll have become world renowned, and numerous liveaboards courses travel to or through Gaafu Atoll. 

Gaafu Alifu is a most loved atoll for some, ideal round islands in its heart and its amazing possessed islands along the edges. One such nearby island is Gaadhu Island, where the best mats are created on the planet, this is the neighbor of Gan Island on which are the remnants of a Buddhist sanctuary lost in the wilderness, and one more Fiori island on which reed is developed for mats, and where you will see truly outstanding in the nation surf spots. Among the Gaafu's islanders the atoll likewise has its particular tongue of the Dhikhevi Maldivian language, known as the "Huvadhoo Bas", chiefly in light of its segregation from the northern atolls in the Maldives. 

Huvadhoo Kandu in the north of this atoll is the greatest channel in the Maldives and has turned into a well known plunging safari course in the Maldives. Along this trench and around numerous southern pieces of the Huvadhoo Gaafu atoll there are little coral islands; Most of the significant islands are in the south. 

The islands of Gaafu Atoll have an oval shape with a normal width of 400 to 800 meters with a length of 500 to 1500 meters. The critical islands that merit notice are Vadhoo, Hoandeddhoo and Gan (the seventh biggest island of the Maldives); Gan is particularly renowned for its fabulous liveaboard jumping travels and has turned into a famous stop on all plunging outings passing throug the district. 

As of late Huvadhoo atoll has turned into a notable vacationer location in the Maldives, because of its eminent plunging destinations and perfect normal elements. All Gaafu Atoll resorts can flaunt a great house reef swimming, white sand sea shores and clean turquoise tidal ponds appropriate for swimming and water sports. Today there are 7 extravagance resorts, and 10 visitor houses in the atoll. On neighborhood islands, spending plan the travel industry is growing effectively. 

To arrive, Huvadhoo has two homegrown air terminals: on Kaadedhdhoo Island (KDM) and Kooddoo air terminal (GKK), both serve customary Maldivian departures from Male, Gan, and Kadhdhoo. The flight time from Male is around 55 minutes.

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