Best spot to jump with sharks, Fuvahmulah is an island-atoll in the Maldives. Situated on the equator between the two southern atolls of Addu and Huvadhu, Fuvahmulah is the extraordinary and most lovely island in the nation - it is rock in untamed sea. In contrast to the 2,000 islands of the Maldives archipelago, which are coral reefs, Fuhvamulah is of volcanic birthplace, which makes it more like the Indonesian islands of Bali or Gili. With lavish tropical vegetation, mango scenes, coconut palms, papaya ranches and different sorts of blossoms, Fuwamulah is the solitary island in the Maldives with freshwater lakes. 

Situated in Gnaviyani atoll, Fuvahmulah is 1hour 10 min via plane from Male Air terminal and is known for its sea shores, surfing, jumping and fishing encounters. The island's fortune is the remarkable white Thundi stone sea shore, which is on the rundown of ten special sea shores of the world. For a long period of time, affected by sea flows, interesting reef developments and a few kinds of stones were shaped. 

Neighborhood inhabitants are predominantly connected with agribusiness and fisheries. The islanders are probably the most joyful individual on the planet who are pleased to be brought into the world in this wonderful spot, and Fuvahmulah in online media is addressed altogether its magnificence. 

The ideal choice for a spending occasion in the Maldives, in 2016-17 the island opened to worldwide the travel industry, offering a few visitor houses and scaled down inns for convenience.

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How to Get: Transfers

Found 3 degrees south of the equator, Fuvahmulah is 500 kilometers from Male city. The island is home to Fuvahmulah (FVM) homegrown air terminal that is connected with day by day flights (2 flights each day) to Velana Global Air terminal (MLE). 

In Male, the visitor are served by lodgings' agents which meet visitors on appearance and accompanied to a homegrown terminal. Then, you will have a non-stop trip to Fuvahmulah (1 hour 10 min) and following 5 minutes via vehicle from the air terminal to your inn.

The Island

The Fuhvamulah is estimated 4.5 km long and 1.2 km wide with a lowered reef (Rashikedefaro) reaching out around three kilometers southeast. Previously, Fuvahmulah was a little coral atoll, the southern finish of which was open on a spot called Diyarehifaando, and inside the island was a salt tidal pond shaping a characteristic harbor. In the southern part there is a spot known as Kudhuheraival (woodland on a little island), which shows that in the times past there was a little independent islet. Over the long haul, the internal tidal pond lost its saltiness, and all that is left today are two little lakes, swamps and marshy taro fields. In this regard, Fuvamulah is like the Nukutavake island in the Focal Pacific. 

Fuvahmulah signifies "The Island of the Palms of Areca", Fuva (or Fua) in the Dhivehi. Different spots on the planet, for example, Penang in Malaysia and Guvahati in Assam, India, are additionally named after this palm tree. The first name of the island could be Mula, however it was called Fuvahmula to recognize it from Boli Mulah, another island in the antiquated Maldives. 

Before, having no tidal pond and being presented to the sea waves, Fuvahmulah was regularly unavailable to sailors. In the mid 2000s, a harbor was based on the island's southeastern tip that partially limited the issue. The homegrown air terminal on the island was buid in 2011 that step by step opened the island for the entire country. Admiral's office nautical outlines and a few geographers called the island of Fua Mulaku. On old French graphs, the island showed up under the name Poue Molluque. 

The populace is 14 000 individuals, local people have their own lingo, which varies from the authority Maldivian language. The neighborhood houses are roomy, have tremendous private yards, porches, are encircled by lovely gardens with an assortment of blossoms and organic product trees. Occupants talk about the particular type of the Dhivehi language, known as the 'Mulaku Bass'.


Being the second closest atoll to the equator and the primary atoll in the southern half of the globe among the atolls of the Maldives, Fuwahmoolah has numerous unmistakable highlights that make the island remarkable and delightful than different islands in the country. Being an atoll island and the third biggest island in the Maldives, Fuvahmulah is home to an assortment of natural surroundings: tropical timberlands and swamps to freshwater lakes, well congested muddy regions, white sandy sea shores, different varieties and rock surface in addition to rock sea shores and ripe humus lands, bigger in region than some other island in the Maldives. Two freshwater lakes, just as numerous bogs and muggy territory on the island, offer environments to different plant and creature species that can not be found elsewhere in the Maldives. 

Already, Fuvahmulah had numerous bikes, the ideal method of transportation around a huge level island. Today the one black-top street is constructed, which runs from the air terminal and interfaces all pieces of the island. Motobikes are a mainstream method of transport on Fuvahmulah.

Scuba Diving

Fuvahmulah atoll has been named the 'Best Spot to Plunge with Sharks in Asia' by ZuBlu jumping. 

Indeed, making a plunge Fuvahmulah is extreme. At the point when go to making a plunge Fuvahmulah, jumpers can spot 7 kinds of uncommon sharks in a single jump. Here jumpers can see many Tiger sharks regular. The island is home to a shallow cleaning stations when ardent jumpers can appreciate Harvester Sharks cleaning under the sun sparkle. Many Dark Maritime Mantas Brostrics show up for tangling, when jumpers can make the most of their energetic reproducing conduct. The flawless schools of Extraordinary and Scalloped Hammerheads stay on the current. Unadulterated pregnant monster whale sharks. The solitary Longs for all jumpers - Longimanus and Mola-Mola! Fuvahmulah is just the spot when all these uncommon pelagic are avaliable to see all together, consistently, in common habitat and agreeable conditions.

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