Malé City

Malé isn't just in the nation's heart, yet has consistently been the capital of the Maldives, from one century to another from the Sultan's royal residence, and afterward from the president's office. 

The little however thickly populated city of Male highlights a difference to the laid-back sea shore resorts found in a significant part of the remainder of the Maldives. Numerous guests see nothing a greater amount of the Maldives than the air terminal and their hotel; yet investigating the capital resembles making a stride through the mirror, ànd in excess of 120,000 individuals on two square kilometers make it perhaps the most thickly populated urban communities on the planet that nearly is by all accounts drifting, exactly 800 kilometers from the following closest city. 

Male, established in the XV century - the capital and the primary city in the Maldives is situated on the island of a similar name situated in the southern corner of North Male Atoll. This isn't just a vehicle center, yet additionally a monetary, social, instructive and clinical focus. The island is 1.7 km long and 1 km wide loaded up with climbing structures, and Male is one of the colorful smaller than usual capitals of the world. It isn't astounding that now in excess of 33% of the country's populace lives here. 

The new island of Hulumale, situated in the tidal pond of Hululhe, where the principle global air terminal of Maldives is likewise situated, later on ought to give extra space to metropolitan occupants.

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