The Maldivian Cuisine remains on three whales - fish, rice and coconuts - which together or independently structure the premise segments of the Maldivian food. Truly, the cooking of the Maldives is loaded up with Arabic and Indian flavors, and the development of another culture has consistently contributed a piece to the conventional food of the islanders. Numerous flavors come from Kerala and Sri Lanka, being fiery and hot. Chillies, onions, basil leaves, and lime juice are utilized with numerous plans. The utilization of liquor and pork is in opposition to Islamic culture, be that as it may, the vacationer zones in the Maldives - don't come up short on these items. 

Fish and dishes from this fish is the principle highlits of the Maldivian table. Especially famous meat of skipjack fish, fish frigate and yellowfin fish. Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and the huge peered toward scad are additionally gastronomical top picks. Fish is seared, bubbled, prepared, smoked, dried, canned and dried in the blistering Maldivian sun. 

Maldivian fish - comes as a filet, or in little segments, as a flavoring for different dishes. Frequently fish meat is utilized as a filling for nearby pies. Chicken is utilized distinctly on significant occasions, or in the readiness of unique dishes.

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Traditional Maldivian Dishes

Because of a rich and vivid legacy, food from a few nations of the Indian Ocean bowl can go into your mouth, in one spot, with a little consolidation between them. Fish and rice are obviously the fundamental food, however the Maldivian cooking utilizes numerous flavors and coconuts in its dishes. 

The most ideal approach to find the genuine taste of Maldivian dishes is head to Malé and to visit neighborhood cafés, which are really tea and lunch rooms. These are the most loved gastronomic purposes of local people, who are prepared to invest energy here for quite a long time.

Mashuni - Maldivian Breakfast 

The most well-known breakfast for Maldivians is Mashuni, which is a combination of fish and coconut. Puree of onion, capsicum, lemon squeeze and salt, joined with smoked fish meat, blend well and add coconut mash. The dish is eaten with roshi bread. Some of the time Mashuni is heated in roshi. This dish, as brilliant with a hull, round pies is called Masroshi. 

Maldivian Curry 

The correct blend and extent of flavors to accomplish the correct flavor is vital when cooking Maldivian curry. Flavors make taste, yet additionally shading, taht is a significant point for a specific dish. Curry is a mainstream dish in the Maldives, which went to the islands from the South of India and Sri Lanka, however individuals of the Maldives made them their own. Curry contains turmeric, salt, bean stew, coconut mash and milk, onions, ginger, cinnamon, green mango pieces and fish. All fixings are blended in a particular request and cooked ablaze. Dhon Riha or Maldivian fish curry is quite possibly the most famous, and is eaten with roshi or rice. 

Fish Dishes 

Theluli Mas is a peppered barbecued fish. A dish easy to plan is regular in the Maldives. Now and then, contingent upon the islands, segments may fluctuate, yet just marginally. Toward the start, thickly hacked bits of fish are scoured with a combination of tomato and curry glue, and afterward fish steaks are salted for 30 minutes. Then, the fish is singed in coconut oil until brilliant earthy colored, marginally fresh in taste. Fish cuts are presented with rice, roshi or vegetables. 


Breadfruit is utilized to make curries, pastries and tidbits. A mainstream breadfruit curry is called Banbukeylu Harisa. One little breadfruit is stripped, disintegrated, and seared until delicate, as pureed potatoes. Then, softened spread, slashed onions, pandan leaves and red curry glue are added. Everything is blended and singed until brilliant. At that point add the leftover onions, red bean stew pepper, two teaspoons of salt and two spoons of lemon juice. Eventually, the entire combination consolidates with fish and turmeric, and is bubbled for some time. The dish is presented with rice or roshi. 

Theluli faa Banbukeyo is a straightforward hors d'oeuvre arranged in marriage with breadfruit, cooked in coconut oil, until brilliant earthy colored. 

Grilled Fish and Fish Pie in Maldivian Style

Fihunu Mas is a barbecued fish in Maldives. A famous food is prepared just. The fish, normally a little fish, will be gutted, profound cuts are made at the edges where a unique blend of flavors and salt is focused on, which additionally treats the internal parts. At that point on a spit, hot coals and ... tasty. 

Fish Cake named Bis Keemiyaa; Another utilization for fish will be fish cake loaded down with a combination of fish, cabbage and bubbled eggs. The pre-cooked filling is set in a batter, and three-sided molded patties are rotisserie. 


Tasty treats are additionally produced using the breadfruit. Banbukeyo Bondibai comprises of a part of breadfruit, sugar and coconut milk. The entire combination is stewed until thickened. 

Another famous sweet is Dhonkeyo Kajuru or seared banana pie. For readiness utilize ready bananas, sugar, flour and coconut mash. The blend, some of the time with the expansion of vanilla, is rotisserie until brilliant earthy colored. 

The drinks

Nearby individuals appreciate dry law, however liquor is served in vacationer resorts. Tea is one of the most loved beverages among the islanders, and it is fermented in a few delectable manners. Maldives likewise love to drink new coconut juice and Raa, an exceptional kind of punch that is made utilizing palm wood.

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