Faafu Atoll

Faafu atoll is a mysterious world in the Maldives loaded up with supreme quiet aside from the new breath of a breeze and the fragile murmur of waves liquefying in corn sand. In excess of a hundred kilometers from Male air terminal, Faafu atoll is one of only a handful few spots in the country where you will get a genuine taste of the bona fide Maldives. 

With agreeable manor, outstanding eateries and incredible spa there is just one hotel in the atoll. Home to extraordinary compared to other house reefs in the Maldives, the 4-star Filitheyo Island Resort is a great base for investigating marine life. You can plunge and snorkel close to the island in certain spots the drop off is just meters from shore. This Maldivian island resort is in a Northern area which makes it very reasonable that it has been remembered for the rundown of the best 25 jumping spots in Maldives. An exceptionally sentimental and loosening up island. 

Faafu atoll additionally has a modest bunch visitor houses on Nilandhoo Island with an energizing determination of spending joys including fishing, dolphins, island bouncing and considerably more. 

You can arrive at the Faafu's Atoll convenience from Male from numerous points of view: Nearby Ship Move (6 hours), Speed Boat Move (2 hours 30 min), Homegrown Flight Move + speedboat (by means of Maamigili air terminal) or via seaplane.

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