Laamu Atoll

Six Faculties is the solitary 5-star resort in Laamu atoll, making it a confined and lavish retreat for couples and families the same. Simply a homegrown departure from Malé Global Air terminal to Kadhdhoo Air terminal (KDO) and a short boat ride carries you to where among immaculate coral reefs the dolphins swim. 

The extravagance Maldives 5* retreat is a blend of ashore and over-water manors developed of practical materials and set around the palm-bordered heaven. The most popular wave in the atoll – the Ying Yang – breaks simply seaward and is a surfer's fantasy. 

The concealed mystery of the Indian Sea - Laamu atoll or Haddumathi is shaped by the biggest islands in the Maldives archipelago, three of which by nearby norms can be viewed as massive. 

Of the 82 islands on the atoll, just 12 south-eastern parts are occupied. The travel industry in this piece of the nation is simply starting to grow, yet the created domains are abnormally excellent.

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