10 Best Ukulhas Restaurants

Ukulhas is about perfectly clear waters, white sand sea shores, house reef swimming and stunning water experiences. Perhaps the best location for spending occasions in the Maldives, this delightful island of Ari Atoll offers a great deal to do and see. With a particularly decision of movement, voyagers will be glad to realize that Ukulhas is likewise a great spot for your food experience. Every visitor house and lodging has its own eatery or bistro, regularly ignoring the ocean, serving scrumptious Maldives food and global dishes, including new fish and fish. Outside the lodging you will likewise discover numerous great spots to eat, where you can appreciate the preferences and smells of nearby Maldives food at modest costs. Most amazing aspect all, all these well known Ukulhas cafés are in a short stroll from your inn, offer astounding support and serve quality food in huge segments. 

Find the best eateries in Ukulhas with our Best 10 guide beneath. Regardless of whether inside, outside, on the sea shore or places that obscure the line between the two, there are a lot of cafés with extravagant determinations. There is something for everybody in regards to food in Ukulhas; from since a long time ago settled cafés to new comers you will doubtlessly discover a scene for your taste and financial plan in the rundown underneath.


Olhumathi Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurant in Ukulhas Island, Olhumathi is set close to the swimsuit sea shore. Alongside the Asian and Local, the menu likewise has nearby Maldivian and International cooking that too at an excellent incentive for cash and furthermore is fame as the best fish put on the island. With extraordinary food and great help they serve both individually and buffet and oblige a fantastic eating experience for the two gatherings and families. Regardless of whether you are eating, lunch or supper, this eatery is the first on the rundown, on account of the good dishes, cooked flawlessly. Th? menu offers around 8 distinctive fish and fish dishes and each is simply yummy. Strongly suggested octopus plate of mixed greens. Additionally there is Indian food. It's a decent spot to appreciate chicken tikka masala in the event that you are a fan. The costs contrasting with different cafés are engaging. Calm area and near the sea shore the staff consistently has a grin for you. 

adress: Olhumathi View Inn 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

Menu: Seafood, International, Indian, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options. 

tel: +960 993-3521

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Retro Royal

On the off chance that there is one thing Ukulhas is celebrated for, it's the bountiful ocean life encompassing the heaven. Situated in the northern corner of Ukulhas island close to the school, Retro Royal is in reality a sanctuary for fish darlings and epicureans overall who can entertain themselves with an extraordinary decision of fish delights arranged by their taste. The menu has wide determination of dishes, for example, newly barbecued fish or garlic prawns with fish steak, calamari, bean stew octopus in addition to chips, rice and serving of mixed greens. Indeed, even a straightforward dish as fish and chips is delicious and new. In case you're feasting in a little gathering, exploit the fish platter which joins the absolute best food from the sea. They likewise have an extraordinary choice of new squeezes and an incredible coffee espresso. The assistance is quick and environment phenomenal. 

adress: Ukulhas, Bodumagu, close by school AA.Ukulhas, 09030 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, informal breakfast 

Menu: Seafood, Indian, Cafe, Asian, Healthy 

tel: +960 757-7066

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Fisherman Boat Restaurant

Set in West Sands' grounds, Fisherman Boat is the lodging's primary eatery. The vibe is remarkable with a provincial vibe. You can appreciate the boat-shape wooden table and new food. The food is great and parts to look over - either the smorgasbord or individually. They have has a genuine worldwide menu with selections of servings of mixed greens, mains and extremely delightful pastries for lunch and supper. Angler's Boat offers an immense smorgasbord for all preferences. Not the same as other neighborhood eateries you will pick from the smorgasbord - including servings of mixed greens, natural products, drinks, soups, new barbecued fish, rice, pasta, pastries, espresso, tea, curry. Food is costly in Maldives yet this is certainly worth the cash contrasted with other nearby eatery. You get a tad of everything. Magnificent Italian espresso additionally accessible here. The staff are agreeable and obliging. We enthusiastically suggest this eatery for everybody visiting Ukulhas. 

place: West Sands, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 

Menu: Buffet, Seafood, Indian, Asian, Healthy, Vegetarian 

tel: (+960) 965-1515

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Paguro Cafe

Serving buffet and individually suppers, Paguro Café offers an easygoing feasting air with an indoor and outside setting. The café's menu ia about local just as global gastronomy. Motivations from everywhere the world give it an exceptional character that durably mix with the assorted societies that visit Ukulhas. The eatery is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and encourages Room Service for visitors upon demands. Feast on unique offers and enjoy genuine Ukulhas experience while tasting your espresso tuning in to the waves break on the sun patio. Select from the common breakfast assortment to incorporate eggs, hotcakes, new smoothies and natural product to begin your day. Lunch and supper administration offers a broad determination of hot and cold things offering assortments from the America through Europe to Asia interweaved with the hot tastes of India. There is a decent choice of great newly squeezes, leafy foods! 

Spot: Paguro Beach Inn, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 

Menu: Buffet, Seafood, Indian, Asian, Healthy, Vegetarian 

tel: +960-777-7221

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Central Diner

Situated in the Island's primary street, the Central Diner eatery is 10 mins max from any mark of Ukulhas. The culinary expert has worked in retreat previously, so there is an assortment of dishes. A significant number of the island's visitor houses use them to provide food their dinners, which is another demonstration of the quality and consistency of their cooking. Best spot to eat Italian food and on the off chance that you wish to enjoy true Maldivian eating experience, look no further as this little yet agreeable restaurant offers the best nearby and Indian dishes in Ukulhas. Portions are immense, notwithstanding, now and again you can get not exactly regular. Fish spaghetti is truly pleasant. Curry is flavorful and not very fiery. Crisp prawns are delectable, yet recall that they are frozen and not new prawns to set your assumptions. The spot isn't connoisseur, so we were unable to give them 5 stars, yet 4 stars is about best any put on the island is deserving of. The help is fast and proficient and costs are truly sensible. 

Spot: Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: Lunch and Dinner, 

Menu: Seafood, Indian, Asian, remove 

tel: +960 996-6991

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Céleste Restaurant

On the off chance that you extravagant a touch of extravagance, Céleste Restaurant ought to be should go. The 150-man diner, situated close to the harbor, serves eminent Maldivian dishes in addition to Asian and European staples. You will be totally content with the fish, fish, curry and rice decisions at the eatery. Their on location pastry shop gives an assortment of super new sweet and appetizing baked goods consistently. The spot is acceptable incentive for cash regardless of whether it is possibly more costly than normal. 

Spot: close to Island Home Ukulhas, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: 07:00 - 23:00 

Menu: Seafood, Indian, Asian, International 

tel: +960 772-2922

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Black Y Garden

In the event that you dwelling close to Ukulhas port, Y Garden eatery is close to home. The shorts eats or hedhikaa as Maldivians call it, tasted great, particularly the foni boakibaa and the fathi gulha. Set in the nursery, the café offers changed neighborhood and global dishes, including noodles and loads of servings of mixed greens and pastries. Rasonably valued barbecued fish and octopus serving of mixed greens are strongly suggest. In the event that you are in Ukulhas and searching for a spot to have tea, this is unquestionably the spot to go. 

Spot: close to Ukulhas Ferry Terminal, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: 07:00 - 22:30 

Menu: Maldivian, Seafood, Indian, Asian, International 

tel: +960 797-5040

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SeaLaVie Café & Restaurant

Known for its simple environment and inviting staff, the café is gotten comfortable SeaLaVie Inn visitor house. Designed with particular tables and seats, the bistro's environmental lighting and pleasant ambient sounds makes it an ideal supper spot. Try not to be tricked by the outside, most visitors comment that the unobtrusive wooden shop really wakes up when you venture inside and it is probably the most amiable spot to appreciate a dinner. SeaLaVie Café and Restaurant is positioned among the best eateries on the island because of the top nature of its certified Thai cooking, reasonable rates and cordial help. 

The menu of SeaLaVie Café is unquestionably arranged toward bona fide Thai cooking arranged with new fixings. Dishes, for example, Massaman curry, prawn with cashew nuts, prepared chicken, spring rolls or glass noodle plate of mixed greens offer guests the opportunity to find and test the absolute most popular Thai luxuries arranged with adoration and ability by the culinary specialist. You can wash the food with 100% natural product juices are presented with ice shapes, hot or cold tea in various flavors or wide decisions espresso. 

adress: SeaLaVie Inn 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, early lunch 

Menu: Thai, Seafood, International, Vegetarian, Coffee 

tel: +960 7779439

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Home Beach Cafe

This is situated on Vasha Magu Street in Ukulhas around 50 meters from the ship terminal. With comfortable environment and quick help, Home Beach Restauran is a neighborhood bistro with cooling and decent nearby vibe. Superb spot to eat. You can get a wide range of food here incorporating cheeseburgers with cheddar and vegetables, soups, curry, new flame broiled fish with a sample of soy sauce and light flavors. From nearby dishes request Kotta Roshi and rice with chicken. There are delectable new leafy foods desserts. The staff is caring and supportive, particularly in the event that they see you're battling with the menu so get their assistance in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea what to decide. The food is solid and steady and new. It is likewise unexpensive. 

Spot: close to Ukulhas Ferry, Vasha Magu, Ukulhas 09030, North Ari Atoll 

Opening times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 

Menu: Maldivian, Seafood, Asian, International, hedika, pastries 

tel: +960 783-4539

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