Explore the Maldives' indigenous culture and natural beauty while living on an island. Above all, allow us to go above and beyond your expectations during a stay at Bliss Dhigurah. On Dhigurah, one of the Maldives' most stunning islands, you can find Bliss. Long, sandy beaches as well as year-round whale shark activity can be seen in our oceans. Turtles and manta rays are also common visitors to our coasts.

After a day in the sun and water, go on a culinary excursion. Be it a regional meal or a favourite dish. Additionally, take a break in the jacuzzi while sipping on smoothies and mocktails from our bar. Finally, make use of the free WiFi to update your loved ones on your tropical adventures.In summary, memorable experiences and delectable fare look forward to and service with a smile.South Ari Atoll, also called as "Alif Dhaalu," is where Dhigurah is situated. The island has the longest beach of the atoll because its name, Long Island, literally translates to that in our native dialect, Dhivehi. Whale sharks have been spotted in its surroundings waters. You can run into this "gentle giant" throughout the year; in our region, it can grow up to 12 metres long. Bliss On a nearby Maldivian island is where you may find Dhigurah.

A bikini beach for sunbathing is close by the guest house in observance of local customs. We ask our visitors to dress modestly when they visit the community. These limitations do not, however, apply while participating in hotel-organized boating excursions off the island. the path to Bliss

Bliss Dhigurah

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Hotel Bliss Dhigurah Deals

Hotel Bliss Dhigurah Deals

Experience island life firsthand, immerse yourself in Maldivian culture and nature, and allow us to go above and beyond your expectations of a guest house stay. Bliss is situated on Dhigurah, one of the Maldives' most stunning islands with long, sandy beaches and year-round manta ray and whale shark presence. Try a local dish that is both adventurous and comforting after a day spent in the sun and the sea. Relax in the jacuzzi, get a fruit juice from our rooftop bar, and utilise our free WiFi to share your day's adventures. adventures, delicious meals, friendly service, and the ideal lodging for you! Bliss. 

Dhigurah is situated in South Ari Atoll, often referred to as "Alif Dhaalu" locally. The island's name, which exactly translates to "Long Island" in our native Dhivehi, also happens to be the atoll's longest beach. Whale sharks are known to frequent the waters around it. This "gentle giant," which may grow up to 12 metres long in our region, can be seen all year round. Bliss On a nearby island in the Maldives is where you'll find Dhigurah. There is a bikini beach for sunbathing next to the guest house because of respect for local customs. We ask visitors to the village to dress modestly. However, these limitations don't apply when hotel-organized boat excursions (off the island) are included. 

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