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10 Best Liveaboards in Maldives

If you're looking for a unique diving experience, the Maldives is the perfect destination for a liveaboard adventure. With its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life, the Maldives offers an unforgettable diving experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, exploring the underwater world of the Maldives is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Divers are drawn to the Maldives for its diverse and abundant underwater species. The marine life in the Maldives is incredibly rich and vibrant, with stunning hard and soft corals, gorgonians, and a plethora of fascinating creatures to discover at every turn.

The Maldives is a collection of islands that stretches almost 700 km from north to south. It is located between the Lakshadweep Islands to the north and the Chagos Islands to the south. These three groups of islands form a vast underwater landscape made up of atolls and coral reefs.

Maldives is a renowned destination for scuba diving, attracting divers from around the globe. The archipelago's prime location in the Indian Ocean, along with its warm waters, stunning coral reefs, and diverse marine life, make it an ideal spot for exploring the most breathtaking diving sites. To fully experience the beauty of the Maldives' underwater world, many divers opt for liveaboard trips, allowing them to explore multiple sites and fully immerse them in this incredible diving paradise.

If you're planning a diving trip, the best time to go in Maldives is between January and April. This is when the northeast monsoon season brings optimal sea conditions and nutrient-rich waters, attracting majestic mantas and whale sharks to the atolls. However, diving in the Maldives is enjoyable throughout the year, so you can still have a great diving experience outside of this peak season.

Maldives liveaboards offer schedules enveloping the a-list plunge locales of North Male Atoll, Ari Atoll, Baa Atoll, Hanifaru Bay, Rasdhoo and some more, remembering far off atolls for the far north and south where you'd be unable to see another liveaboards. 

Find under a decision between various boats to find most amazing aspect the best beach resorts in maldives . Here is the list of 10 Best Liveaboards in Maldives 2023-2024.

1 Scubaspa Yang, Maldives

Scubaspa Yang, Maldives


1.Champ of the South Asian Travel Awards Leading Liveaboard 2016 – 2018. 

2.On-board yoga and an Asian-style spa offer a definitive drifting unwinding experience. 

3.Appreciate a mouth-watering BBQ on a uninhabited white shoal followed by swimming in a tidal pond. 

4.Witness inconceivable marine variety, including mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads, reef and guitar sharks. 

As the sister vessel of Scubaspa Ying, the 50m Scubaspa Yang Liveaboard makes certain to give you a life-changing and loosening up plunge occasion in the Maldives. Offering plunge liveaboard trips all year, the Scubaspa Yang liveaboard experience will stay with you long after your excursion home. Appreciate awesome making a plunge the Maldives with experienced jump guides. Scubaspa Yang is went with its own jump dhoni, which will permit you to plunge without hardly lifting a finger, alongside 5 experienced jump teachers/divemasters who will guarantee your security and satisfaction. The yacht is likewise an approved PADI 5-star plunge resort.

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2 Emperor Serenity

Emperor Serenity


1.Contemporary, smooth five-star Maldivian liveaboard offering great convenience with extensive living 

2.All plunging is from the dhoni, permitting you simple and fluctuated admittance to inconceivable reefs and delicate corals just as thilas and astonishing float makes a plunge kandus 

3.Various schedules covering North and South Ari, South Male, Vaavu, North Male and the "wild south," intended to boost your opportunity of seeing mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks and guitar sharks 

4.Jumpers get free nitrox and a rebreather-accommodating team and boat, while non-jumpers get free swimming unit and a $50 voucher to spend ready 

The fresh introduction in the liveaboard Dive World, Emperor Serenity offers the most sumptuous convenience with dynamite plunging of the Maldives.The wonderful 40m MY Emperor Serenity offering all year jumping to the incredible plunge destinations of the Maldives. With 13 very much named en-suite, cooled lodges, the M/Y Emperor Serenity can easily oblige 26 visitors. This smooth, five-star Maldivian liveaboard flaunts excellent convenience with open living and offers schedules to augment your opportunity of seeing mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks and guitar sharks.

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3 Capre Diem

Capre Diem


1.Carpe Diem - granted the "Main Liveaboard Brand 2016" grant for the second year straight - is an exceptionally assembled, smooth wooden boat high quality by the proprietor 

2.All year jumping travels in the Central Maldives, carrying you into contact with rich marine life including mantas, sharks, nudibranch and apparition pipe fish 

3.All degrees of jumpers welcome on the assorted schedules accessible, which take you to neighborhood areas of interest including Manta Point, Fish Head and the Machafushi wreck 

4.Extensive stage at the rear of the fundamental deck offers two new water showers and fly ski, with all plunges occurring from dhonis 

The M/Y Carpe Diem extravagance liveaboard is a 35m yacht and sister boat to the Carpe Vita and Carpe Novo on the Indian Ocean. With an emphasis on prevalent assistance and quality, Carpe Diem Maldives gives an exceptionally prepared and devoted staff to guarantee a definitive plunging occasion. Carpe Diem has 10 lodges spread out more than three decks to oblige up to 20 visitors. Each roomy lodge highlights singular environment control and en suite restrooms. The salon and parlor region are furnished with a level screen TV and theater setup. There are likewise three shocking decks where visitors can unwind and appreciate terrific perspectives on the Indian Ocean. Visitors appreciate semi smorgasbord style dinners arranged by a top notch food culinary specialist in an outdoors feasting and bar zone situated at the rear of the boat.

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4 Maldives Aggressor II

Maldives Aggressor II


1.Maldives Aggressor II is a top notch yacht with all year staggering plunging trips, supported by the notable, worldwide Aggressor brand 

2.Itineraries take in the very most awesome aspect the Maldivian plunge variety, incorporating float makes a plunge kandus, astounding reefs and delicate corals and the solid flows in thilas, just as manta cleaning stations and jump destinations where you'd hope to see reef and guitar sharks 

3.Up to four activity pressed jumps every day alongside staggering night plunges, upheld by an enormous plunge stage and individual stuff storage spaces, three camera tables and two freshwater showers 

4.Post-jump unwinding happens on an enormous, part of the way concealed sun deck, close by bar administration and a brilliant installed menu highlighting American toll joined with nearby food, with sodas, ice tea, lager and wine free all through your excursion 

The M/V Maldives Aggressor II is a 41m top notch liveaboard yacht booking all year jumping travels to the shocking Maldives Atolls. On board the Maldives Aggressor II jumpers dive into turquoise waters pressed with marine life. Groupers, snappers, surgeonfish, eels, parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse , barracuda, sweetlips, sharks and beams would all be able to be found in these rich waters. Scuba jumping with the Maldives Aggressor II proposals up to four activity stuffed plunges every day alongside staggering night plunges. Plunging conveniences incorporate an enormous swim stage with individual stuff storage spaces, air/nitrox fill stations, wash tanks, three-level camera table with low-pressure air hoses and 2 warm freshwater showers.

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5 Scubaspa Ying in Maldives

Scubaspa Ying in Maldives


1.Cruise in style on an extravagance coasting resort while going looking for mantas and sharks 

2.Spectacular float and night jumps, with dynamic coral and marine-life in plenitude 

3.Divers of all capacities are invited by the accomplished, multilingual jump aces however there's a lot to keep non-jumpers upbeat and spoiled 

4.Do yoga outdoors, at that point swim in the sapphire green waters of the Maldives 

5.Soak in the Jacuzzi on the top deck or enjoy a back rub in the 5* spa ready 

6.Enjoy a sentimental dusk supper, overhauled by the on-board champagne and wine basement and expertly planned kitchen 

7.Join the twilight sea shore BBQ, get a screening at the outdoors film and appreciate free beverages at the goodbye dusk mixed drink party on your last evening 

The 50m Scubaspa Ying is a novel liveaboard situated in the Maldives and expertly joins extravagance scuba plunging with extravagance spa medicines to make the apex of extravagance liveaboards and sister boat to the Scubaspa Yang. There are 30 staff individuals locally available Scubaspa Ying including a group of full-time spa specialists. Scubaspa Ying has an assortment of suites to address the issues and assumptions for each visitor. All rooms are open, rich and peaceful. The café offers top notch food with a worldwide style and the best wines.

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6 Carpe Novo

Carpe Novo


1.Encounter dozing white tip reef sharks by day or see them chasing on night jumps, all from the solace of this extravagance yacht, with inn style lodges 

2.Dives are done from a 60 ft specially constructed dhoni, complete with camera and wetsuit wash tanks, a restroom and blowers for peaceful plunging 

3.When the boat is secured, you can undoubtedly get into the water for a reviving plunge by means of the in-water stepping stools on the swim stage 

4.One night during the excursion, the team readies an exceptional BBQ devour an abandoned sea shore, with the relieving hints of the sea in general 

5.MV Carpe Novo offers manta-centered schedules for enthusiasts of these alluring animals 

The recently assembled 43m MV Carpe Novo currently joins sister ships Carpe Vita and Carpe Diem to convey awesome jumping trips in the Maldives. The M/V Carpe Novo has 12 lodges, each with TV/HD player, AC, extra room and en-suite washrooms, taking into account a limit of 22 visitors. Situated on the principle deck the intriguing indoor parlor region has a huge level screen TV and theater setup and library, and forward of this is an agreeable and loosening up outside concealed seating region. On the upper deck is the in the open air feasting territory where visitors will be served delightful dinners, and a completely loaded bar. For additional unwinding on board the MV Carpe Novo visitors can appreciate the mostly concealed sundeck and appreciate the phenomenal Maldivian landscape.

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7 Azalea Liveaboard

Azalea Liveaboard


1.Spacious and snazzy liveaboard, a genuine skimming resort offering very good quality inn guidelines adrift 

2.Cruises the focal atolls of the Maldives, considered by numerous individuals to be the best plunge area on the planet 

3.Offers a wide scope of exercises for the two jumpers and non-jumpers 

4.Deluxe celebrate insight 

5.Whale Sharks, Mantas, Hammerheads and heaps of other diverse shark species can be spotted 

6.Hot tub 

The delightful 38m Azalea yacht offers all year plunging to the absolute best jump and snorkel locales of the Maldives. Taking into account a limit of 16 visitors, Azalea is elegantly enlivened and offers solace and extravagance. The 9 lodges comprise of 6 Superior, 2 Ocean View Jr and 1 Ocean View-Master. All lodges offer present day apparatus and fittings and rich conveniences, with exclusively controlled AC, en-suite restrooms and extra room. The Jr. and Master suite offers Queen/King size beds fitted with the best Egyptian material and staggering ocean sees. The Superior lodges offer twin beds, and are situated beneath deck and offer astonishing perspectives underneath ocean level to watch the submerged world pass by.

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8 Ocean Divine

Ocean Divine


1.Owners with over 30 years' involvement with the Maldives on board each outing 

2.Small numbers with just 12 visitors on board giving a 1:1 group to visitor proportion and undeniable degree of administration 

3.Enjoy remarkable food arranged by the head gourmet specialist who was prepared in Paris 

4.Highly prepared masseuse accessible to make a definitive loosening up outing 

The exquisite M/V Ocean Divine is a 33m extravagance liveaboard offering jumping travels in the Maldives. This five-star vessel offers six choice staterooms, each highlighting a window see, closet, shower robe, toiletries, new towels day by day and individual environment controls. The proprietors, who have over 30 years experience in the Maldives, are installed to make your jumping occasion extraordinary, alongside an exceptionally prepared masseuse, high level cook, neighborly barkeep and proficient plunge guides. Altogether, a team of ten is available to offer prevalent support, delectable cooking and genuine unwinding.

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9 Emperor Serenity

Emperor Serenity


1.Contemporary, smooth five-star Maldivian liveaboard offering great convenience with open living 

2.All plunging is from the dhoni, permitting you simple and fluctuated admittance to fantastic reefs and delicate corals just as thilas and surprising float makes a plunge kandus 

3.Diverse agendas covering North and South Ari, South Male, Vaavu, North Male and the "wild south," intended to boost your opportunity of seeing mantas, whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks and guitar sharks 

4.Divers get free nitrox and a rebreather-accommodating team and boat, while non-jumpers get free swimming pack and a $50 voucher to spend ready 

The excellent 40m MY Emperor Serenity offering all year jumping to the awesome plunge destinations of the Maldives. With 13 all around named en-suite, cooled lodges, the M/Y Emperor Serenity can easily oblige 26 visitors. The 4 expert jump aides and 13 experienced and amicable boat group of the M/Y Emperor Serenity will be close by to assist you with making an essential Maldives plunge excursion. Visitors on board the contemporary MY Emperor Serenity can appreciate outdoors eating on the principle deck, or unwind noticeable all around molded cantina with TV and theater setup.

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10 Blue Force One

Blue Force One


1.Winner of the Maldives Liveaboard Association 'Best Build Boat' grant in 2014 

2.Drift plunge the Kandus and feel the solid flows in Thilas 

3.Encounter the planet's most amazing pelagics from goliath beams at the manta cleaning stations to hammerhead and whale sharks 

4.Soak in one of two hot tubs, under a sky loaded with stars 

5.Designed in light of the two jumpers and non-jumpers, so it's the ideal decision for those going with a non-plunging mate 

6.Dives are done from discrete dhonis to keep the climate on board calm and unwinding 

7.Take out paddleboards, surf sheets, and kayaks on the water between plunges 

Some portion of the shocking Blue Force Fleet in the Maldives, the extravagant Blue Force One is an exceptionally fabricated 42m liveaboard conveying all year jumping excursions to the fabulous reefs of the Maldives. Worked considering each need, the M/V Blue Force One has 10 all around delegated lodges, including a Junior Suite, Master Cabin, and a Master Suite. Each lodge has separately controlled AC and en-suite washrooms, and the M/V Blue Force one can take into account a limit of 20 visitors. There is no lack of unwinding space on board the Blue Force One as visitors can browse one of two Jacuzzis, three sun decks, upper deck bar, parlor with immense easy chairs and 65 inch TV and disco room! Visitors are likewise free to take out stand-up-paddleboards, surfboards, and kayaks in their available time.

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