Huvadhoo Atoll otherwise called Gaafu Atoll in the Maldives, an incredibly famous plunging objective. The completely clear waters combined with staggering submerged geology, and a plenitude and variety of marine life that you will discover hard to accept until you've seen it with your own eyes. Bright reef fish, enormous pelagics, photogenic large scale subjects and delightful corals all anticipate your organization. Regardless of whether you appreciate a thrilling float plunge, a quiet accommodating investigation of a shallow reef or searching for sharks in the channels – there is something for everybody. There's an abundance of energizing plunge destinations holding on to be investigated here, including brilliant coral reefs, outcrops, emotional dividers, caverns, burrows, thilas (submerged islands) and captivating channels male atoll resorts

Huvadhoo is the second biggest atoll in the Maldives covering a zone of right around 3,000 square km. The atoll's focal tidal pond is 40 miles (65km) across at its vastest point and up to 279 feet (85 meters) profound. There are in excess of 230 islands at the focal point of its tidal pond - more than some other atoll in the Maldives. It is bordered by a very much characterized and practically ceaseless edge reef with a profound tidal pond. This atoll is a heaven for submerged experiences with scores of sound coral islets and still unfamiliar jump destinations. A considerable lot of the energetic reefs and tidal ponds stay neglected, guests here incorporate stingrays, huge quantities of turtles and an assortment of sharks including high contrast tip reef sharks, nurture sharks and periodically hammerheads and tiger sharks male resorts

The element of the vast majority of the atoll's plunge locales is subtle buckles and caves, which stow away in the assortment of drop-offs. Immaculate rough developments cover numerous small submerged species, which are a blessing for full scale picture takers. Making a plunge the zone is a finished joy, as profundity range is from 8m/25ft till 30m/100ft. The generous external reef frames a characteristic boundary to the sea's flows, and plunging choices are accessible for the two novices and progressed jumpers. The vast majority of them are open by boat. Jumpers can make the most of their making a plunge such jump destinations as Nilandhoo Kandu, Hafsa Thila, Vadhoo Thila, Kaaddhedhoo Kandu and Mofzaa Thila. All of jump spots dazzle with the measure of rock-developments and thick corals covering the reef north male atoll resorts

The separation comes from the 97 kilometer wide channel north of Huvadhoo Atoll referred to locally as Huvadu Kandu. It is the broadest diverts between atolls anyplace in the Maldives making it a mainstream course for liveaboards in the Maldives. Along this channel are numerous low coral islands. Toward the south is the 49 kilometer wide Addoo Kandu (South Equatorial Channel). 

During the extensive stretch of time Huvadhoo Atoll filled in as an exchanging point or a stop-by place for sailors. Officially Huvadhoo is partitioned into two locales: Northern Huvadhoo Atoll and Southern Huvadhoo Atoll. There are not such countless spots for touring. The most famous are Buddhist remaining parts, spread around both of the locales. Because of its disconnection, Huvadoo Atoll likewise has its own tongue known as "Huvadhoo Bas." local people are known for their agreeableness and cordiality and for the top quality woven mats they produce from the nearby grass, 'hau' colored dark and yellow. A huge number of travelers pick this tropical objective with another point – to unwind in top-class resorts, sun-shower on palm-bordered sea shores and make a plunge unblemished sea waters. Away from the hotels and submerged eateries, jumpers pick this spot to respect the immense coral reefs, which hit with colors and the variety of marine species beautiful maldives

In the event that you're dwelling on the Huvadhoo Atoll, you will move by homegrown flight (60 minutes) to either Kooddoo in the north or Kaadhedhoo in the south from Male Airport. It relies upon where you're remaining.

Diving in Huvadhoo Atoll

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Best Time

Best Time

The entire year around. The best period for making a plunge Huvadhoo Atoll is North-East Monsoon: from January till May. For the most part approaching current with better perceivability, more grounded flows 

South-West Monsoon: the blustery season runs from July till November. For the most part cordial momentum with tiny fish rich water Temp: 28-30C. Solid breezes from June-August Visibility: 15m-50m . Flows are moderate, yet in certain spots may reach up to 2 bunches. 

The southernmost tip of Huvadhoo Atoll lies only 14 miles north of the equator. Climate examples can change from one finish of the atoll to the next. Nonetheless, climate all year is tropical.The season for enormous pelagic fish runs May to September however with a liveaboard plunge journey in the Maldives, any locating is conceivable all year.

What to See

What to See

The plunging is stunning in Huvadhoo atoll and the neighborhood waters are overflowing with marine life. Scuba-making a plunge the territory is introduced by respecting enormous pelagic fish, which relaxed wander around their rough homes. Manta beams, dim reef sharks, panther sharks, various types of beam, wrasse, moorish icons and butterfly fish, fish, stingray, parrotfish, surgeonfish and turtles occupy Huvadhoo Atoll plunge destinations. It's likewise conceivable to see whale sharks in May and June when the flows alter course and microscopic fish levels increment. Ensure you have sufficient space in your jump log. 

Submerged scene is generally hard corals fit as a fiddle. The coral reef structures is phenomenal: table corals arriving at 4 meters across and sound acroporas, stone corals, staghorns, cerebrum corals, ocean fans, and numerous other delicate and hard corals. On the internal and external reefs expect energetic yellow box fish and schools of bigeye trevally spiraling like fluid in a blender. Nudy branches, wipes, gorgons, snappers, jack fishes, trigger fishes, oriental sweet lips, fishes, parrot fishes, green and hawksbill turtles. In the north of the atoll, the Hithaadhoo Nature Reserve, which gives asylum to settling turtles, can be found in a profound inside tidal pond. 

The vast majority of jumpers visit Huvadhoo Atoll for its sharks. Medical attendant sharks laze in cleft and whitetip, blacktip and dark reef sharks watch the channels. In case you're fortunate, tiger and harvester sharks may rise from the dark blue on the south-west of the atoll. Hammerheads and panther sharks can be found, however they're not however regular as they may be further south. Huge bluefin trevally are either singular or swim in schools to group more modest fish into trap balls.

Popular Huvadhoo Atoll Liveaboards

Popular Huvadhoo Atoll Liveaboards

Huvadhoo Atoll addresses two unmistakable areas, Northern Huvadhoo Atoll (Gaafu Alifu) in the north, and Southern Huvadhoo Atoll (Gaafu Dhaalu) in the south. Situated in the southern stretch of the Maldives, scarcely any lodgings are available and accordingly the travel industry and traffic is restricted predominantly to nearby liveaboard voyage activities. The dynamite marine existence of the Indian Ocean fills the numerous neglected and energetic reefs and tidal ponds making an extraordinary assortment of jump locales.

Dive Sites

Dive Sites

This is an ordinary Maldives plunge site that has a lot of marine life, loads of wonderful reef structures, numerous shades and some lofty drop offs. The profundities are moderately simple however there can regularly be solid flows nearby. Jumpers should have the fundamental involvement in making a plunge flows to jump here. Anyway for the most part plunge locales from amateurs till cutting edge level, every one of them show an extremely pristine trademark and coral life which is massively acceptable. There's an abundance of energizing jump destinations standing by to be investigated here, including brilliant coral reefs, caverns, thilas (submerged islands) and entrancing channels. Watch reef sharks taking care of, dolphins cruising by, spot moray eels covering up in openings, notice turtles looking for food or perhaps find for full scale life like nudibranchs and cleaner shrimps. 

Rahadhoo Channel: Sharks, bird beams, solid flows. Kuda Hafza Thila: Sharks, leaf fish, strip eels. Channel plunges: bunches of hard corals of an exceptional quality, solid flows, wealth of fish life. External Reef: Fish rich and genuine great coral life Giri and Thilas. Channel plunges like Vilingilli, Nilandhoo, Mareehaa and Kondeey and reef jumps like Gazeera and Vaadhoo are not to be missed. 

Vadhoo Thila and Maarenhaa Kandu offer incredible shark locating while Nilhandhoo Kanu and Ekefaru Kandu are populated for the most part by barracuda and wide-looked at inconsequentially, also mammoth jackfish, and obviously Manta Point, where Manta sights are everything except an ensured. At the northern tip of Gaafu alive, jumpers will locate a profound tidal pond with splendid presentations of full scale life.

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