The Maldives, a nation synonymous with azure waters, pristine beaches, and luxurious resorts, boasts a network of airports crucial to its tourism-driven economy. These airports serve as gateways to paradise, facilitating the influx of tourists eager to experience the unparalleled beauty of this Indian Ocean archipelago.

Velana International Airport, formerly known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, stands as the primary aviation hub of the Maldives. Located on Hulhulé Island, just a short distance from the capital city of Malé, Velana Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the country. Its strategic location makes it a vital link connecting the Maldives to the rest of the world. With modern facilities and services, including duty-free shops, lounges, and dining options, Velana International Airport ensures a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Beyond Velana, the Maldives is served by several domestic airports scattered across its picturesque atolls. These smaller airports play a crucial role in facilitating inter-island travel, catering primarily to domestic flights and seaplane services. For instance, Gan International Airport, located in the southernmost Addu Atoll, serves as a key domestic and international gateway for the region. Its runway, one of the longest in the Maldives, enables it to accommodate a range of aircraft, including larger jets.

While some airports in the Maldives are conventional land-based facilities, others embrace the unique geography of the archipelago by operating seaplane terminals. Seaplane services are integral to reaching remote island resorts nestled in secluded atolls, offering passengers breathtaking aerial views as they soar over the turquoise waters and coral reefs. These seaplane terminals, such as the one at Velana International Airport, provide essential infrastructure for this mode of transportation, ensuring safety and efficiency for travelers.

The development and maintenance of airports in the Maldives are pivotal to sustaining its tourism-driven economy. The government, recognizing the importance of aviation infrastructure, continues to invest in expanding and upgrading existing facilities to meet the growing demands of visitors. Initiatives focus not only on enhancing passenger terminals and runway capacity but also on implementing sustainable practices to minimize the environmental impact of air travel in this fragile ecosystem.

Moreover, the Maldives' airports serve as more than just transit points; they are often the first and last impression visitors have of this idyllic destination. Thus, efforts are made to imbue these airports with elements of Maldivian culture and hospitality, welcoming travelers with warmth and hospitality from the moment they touch down. From traditional music performances to locally inspired architecture and artwork, these airports offer a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the Maldives.

Maldivian, Emirates, Air Asia, China Eastern Airlines, SriLankan Airlines, and other significant airlines run flights out of Male International Airport. The two airlines with the most number of flights are Maldivian and Sri Lankan.

Maldives Airport

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Immigration Control and Customs

Immigration Control and Customs

Upon appearance, at Malé air terminal you should go through movement and customs control, having pre-filled a unique migration card, and the gear gets extremely quick. Anticipate a careful check of your things to distinguish precluded things (liquor). Try not to attempt to trick the watchfulness of customs officials, veiling liquor under non-mixed beverages - bottles are ensured to cause doubt and they will be removed. In the event that you get obligation free it will be taken off you and you get a receipt, You would then be able to gather it on your way home. On the positive side of the air terminal is the minimization, which permits you to go for a short stroll from the door through migration to the baggage claim, and through traditions to the cherished exit outside. 

There is a pizza bistro exceptionally pleasant pizza and air con, a burger lord two or three other food outlets, there is no complimentary wireless internet at the air terminal yet in the event that you burn through $15 on food you can get a voucher for 30 mins free. 

On the off chance that your subsequent stage while in transit to heaven is seaplane trip - at the exit from the traditions you ought to be met by an individual from your hotel or visit administrator and accompanied to the TMA terminal, where you will be educated about the hour of your flight and the entryway number for the seaplane loading up. Travelers utilizing homegrown trips to the air terminals: Dharavandhoo, Kahdhoo, Hanimadhoo, Kaadehdhoo, Fuvamulah, Kooddoo, Thimarafushi, Ifuru Airport, Maamigili and GAN - should head the takeoff terminal to the Maldivian or FlyMe registration counters. 

For global takeoffs it is prescribed to show up at the registration for 3 hours before takeoff, for homegrown trips for 60 minutes.

Seaplane Terminal

Right now, there are two autonomous seaplane administrators, Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) and Island Aviation Services (IAS), working separate terminal offices situated on the east side. These offices will be either destroyed or moved in 2019, and a typical new seaplane terminal and drifting harbor office with the ability to stop 63 Code B airplane (like Twin Otter—presently in activity) will be inherent spot. 

The new seaplane terminal will be a solid design with workmanship dividers and glass window ornament dividers including four stories with roughly 7,000 sq. m per floor for an aggregate of around 28,000 sq. m. 

There will be three assigned water runways for productive seaplane activity. The seaplane region will be additionally extended—by moving the Hulhumalé Causeway adjoining the house reef of the island—to permit more space for move and to try not to fly over Hulhumalé.

Banks & Currency Exchange

Banks & Currency Exchange

Bank of Maldives is situated close to the Domestics Terminal. For the accommodation of travelers there are two money trade focuses: one at the appearance terminal and the other on the main floor of the flight lobby. The ATM is found right close to the exit from the worldwide appearance terminal.

Why Do  Maldives Airport Codes Matter?

Identification: Airport codes uniquely identify airports worldwide. They provide a standardized way for airlines, travel agencies, and passengers to refer to specific airports, especially when communicating internationally.

Efficiency: Using three-letter codes streamlines communication, making it quicker and easier to reference airports, particularly in situations where brevity is essential, such as flight schedules, boarding passes, and luggage tags.

Navigation: Pilots, air traffic controllers, and travelers use airport codes for navigation purposes. These codes are used in flight plans, air traffic control communications, and aviation documents, helping ensure safe and efficient air travel.

International Standards: Airport codes adhere to the standards set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This standardization facilitates global communication and cooperation within the aviation industry.

In the case of the Maldives, its airport codes (e.g., MLE for Velana International Airport) are vital for travelers, airlines, and aviation authorities to efficiently manage air travel to and from this popular tourist destination. Whether booking flights, checking in luggage, or communicating flight details, the use of airport codes ensures smooth and standardized operations within the aviation industry.

Facilities for Passengers

Facilities for Passengers

At Velana International Airport you will track down: a clinical focus, a drug store, a mother and kid room (first floor flight relax), free trucks in the appearance and takeoff regions, a things drop-off room (day in and day out) and a stuff check point, free shower rooms, supplication room, VIP-relax and a few parlors, a smoking room, Internet stands, mail and phone workplaces, just as banking administrations. There are additionally seats and streetcars for travelers with incapacities. 

Male air terminal has a things stockpiling administration. It is situated close to the latrines and the room of the mother and youngster. This assistance might be helpful for voyagers intending to investigate Hulhumale or Malé city. The expense of putting away one bag or sack is $ 5 or 75 MVR each 24 hours. The expense of putting away surfboards, enormous boxes is $ 10 or 150 MVR. 

In the worldwide takeoffs region there are without obligation shops with a decent determination of liquor, scents and beauty care products, chocolate and cigarettes. After an exceptional tropical get-away Maldives obligation free offers the chance to make the most recent buys and purchase blessings and trinkets for loved ones of every a reviving and loosening up climate. 

You can purchase a SIM card from any administrator (and you should) directly at the Malé air terminal. The business office is situated in the purported business focus. After the leave the gear guarantee zone without a moment's delay turn right and the both the workplaces of Dhiraagu and Ooreedoo will be on your right-hand side. 

Bistros, eateries and bars are for the most part situated in the Departure Terminal. The Coffee Club, Dome, Burger King, Thai Express eatery, Swensen's frozen yogurt are the most well known names to eat at the air terminal.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Insights show that 34 worldwide aircrafts from 39 objections in Europe, Middle East, China, Far East and South Asia, are currently flying straightforwardly to Velana International Airport. A normal of 384 flight developments happen each day, with the most elevated recorded for a given day at 567. 

Through is the essential passage and leave point in the Maldives for vacationers, different explorers and air payload. It is likewise the center that associates the Maldives with the rest of the world. 

In excess of 60% of travelers are moved from VIA to resorts either via seaplane or wheel-based homegrown transporters.

Velana International Airport (VIA) has been named Indian Ocean's Leading Airport at the African and Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony of the World Travel Awards 2018 held as of late at the Durban International Convention Center, (Durban ICC) in South Africa.

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