An extreme jumping heaven, Rasdhoo is an occupied island in the luxury Maldives. Floating 60 km west of the nation's capital, Malé, Rasdhoo is the lone occupied island of a little common atoll otherwise called Rasdu or Ross Atoll is found a couple of miles off North Ari Atoll. Terrific marine life, energetic reefs, warm waters and large fish experiences make Rasdhoo island a jumping objective not to be missed. 

Advancement of jumping has caused an enormous number of spending convenience, eateries and plunge shops to show up on the best island to stay in Maldives. Worked around the necessities of jumpers, the island's solace and comfort for plunging visitors is guaranteed with quick, current jump boats that arrive at in excess of 20 nearby jump destinations in a normal boat ride of only 15 minutes. 

For non-jumpers, wonderful Rasdhoo island can offer a house reef swimming, unwinding on the white sandy sea shore and swimming in completely clear tidal pond, and numerous great outings with extraordinary encounters that would suit you. Aside from the sandy sea shores and tints of green and blue oceans, being in Rasdhoo gives you a remarkable encounters of the Maldivian culture in incredible detail. Maldivian food, methods of dressing, fishing, sports, music, celebrations and neighborliness of Maldivians can be capable exclusively by remaining in a nearby 

So whether you are a youthful jumper, a family, a full novice, an independent jumper, a couple or a gathering of experienced jumpers, Rasdhoo island welcomes you to come and plunge and join the great experience!


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

There are three different ways to get to Rasdhoo island from Malé: a public ferryboat, public speedboat, private speedboat or seaplane can be orchestrated which installment will be gathered upon registration. There is an ATM ( every minute of every day ) and bank on Rasdhoo with 10,000 MVR greatest withdrawal limit + 100 MVR expense. Trade rates are inadequate, for example USD/MVR rate is 15.00, so it's smarter to change cash in Male. You can organize the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your inn (suggested), 

PUBLIC Ship from Villingili terminal Malé. Notice: Public ship may be dropped because of unforeseen awful climate. Timetable occasions are liable to delays because of unavoidable cases. 

Mondays and Thursays, Malé – Rasdhoo takeoff 09:00, travel time 3 hours, Cost: $4 (53 MVR) per individual one way 

Sundays and Wednesdays, Rasdhoo - Malé, takeoff 11:00, travel time 3 hours, Cost: $4 per individual 

Additionally Rasdhoo is connected by ship administrations with Ukulhas and Thoddoo. For those in no surge, this is an incredible spending choice. 


The speed boat administration is for the visitors who might lean toward an agreeable expedient method of transportation. Typically it requires 1 hour 20 minutes to arrive at Rasdhoo from Male'. Advance booking is needed for speedboat move. Tickets should be pre-booked through your visitor house inside 48 hours preceding takeoff from Rasdhoo. 

Malé – Rasdhoo travel time – 1h 20min. Value: US$ 40 pax. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdayat, Flight at 16:00 

Rasdhoo - Malé travel time – 1h 20min. Value: US$ 40 pax. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Flight at 07:30 

Resort speedboat: Consistently through Kuramathi island resort. Cost is USD 85.00 individual per way. – Malé To Rasdhoo-15:45 – Rasdhoo to Malé - 08:00 Accessible upon demand 

SEAPLANE TRANSFER:Not a spending plan by any means, on the off chance that you pick this method of transportation it gives you the benefit of seeing amazing bird's-eye perspective on the little pearl like islands. The air taxi will show up at a near to island from which the visitor house transport administration will get the visitors. at that point, another excursion of not over ten minutes by speed boat will take you to your last objective. seaplanes works just during day time ( 6:00hrs - 15:00hrs). Seaplane ($260pp) requires 15 minutes.

The Island

The Island

A nearly adjusted island sits on the southern edge of Rasdhoo atoll and it's additionally the capital of the Alif Atoll authoritative division. The island is home to around 1,000 occupants, 600 of which are kids. The town involves the whole inside of the island with clean roads and broad vegetation. There is a bank, mosque, emergency clinic, mailing station, a versatile administrator's office, a few minimarkets, bistros and cafés, just as keepsake and jump shops and a police on the island.

The Beach

The Beach

The sea shores on the island are not all that marvelous to post to Instagram - Rasdhoo is plunging island - by the by they are here. Kindly know that there are Maldivian government guidelines with respect to liquor and clothing regulation. Anyway there is two-piece sea shore on Rasdhoo, where you can wear two-piece, sun tan and swim with the bright fishes in the exquisite and warm ocean. The guesthouses give adequate sea shore towels and those found right on the sea shore additionally offer sunbeds. You can likewise bring a sea shore tangle or get one at one of the keepsake shops. The fundamental two-piece sea shore is situated on the island's southern side and there are a few private sea shores like a close by to Rasdhoo Atoll Home. 

The best swimming in Rasdhoo is on the traveler sea shore. Here you will locate a huge house reef outwardly of which has large amounts of marine existence with sharks, beams, turtles and schools of beautiful fish. The best an ideal opportunity for swimming is at elevated tide. Remember about security and solid flows.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Scuba Plunging is a standout amongst other approach to investigate the excellence of Maldives submerged. Thilas, kandus, wrecks and coral reefs close to Rasdhoo are loaded up with various types of coral and marine animal. There are four plunge fixates on the island that offer a benevolent and expert help, a pleasant jumping outings to top notch plunge locales just as standard PADI and SSI courses from vast water to plunge expert and specialized jumping. Experienced jumpers will likewise discover testing plunges with numerous kinds of sharks including Hammerheads, mantas, turtles, beams, napoleons, barracuda, trevally and fish just as large numbers of the more modest, yet no less fascinating occupants of the reef. The closest decompression chamber is situated at Kuramathi Resort. 

Manta Point (Square), Madivaru Corner, Hammerheads Point, Rasdhoo Channel are destinations should plunge! In the event that you dream to spot manta beams - best an ideal opportunity to plunge is top mantas season (November to April). Whale sharks are uncommon in Rasdhoo atoll and you must be fortunate to see one, however you won't ever know! There are hawksbill and green turtles in Rasdhoo Atoll and they are seen every now and again, and some of the time even home on the close by islands.

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