Hangnaameedhoo is one of the occupied of Ari Atoll (Alif Dhaal Atoll) for an extraordinary spending occasion in the beautiful Maldives. Swimming in completely clear waters, house reef swimming, fun plunging and unwinding on the private sea shore is the stuff that Hangnaameedhoo is made on. Finding simply somewhat more than an hour by speedboat from Male, the charming island favored with its perfect white sandy sea shores and lively, immaculate coral reefs, and gratitude to the modest convenience, a mindful staff, extraordinary food and energizing water undertakings you'll get a definitive Maldives island occasion insight be that as it may, joyfully, without the costs of extravagance resorts. 

The Maldivian life and peacefulness of Hangnaameedhoo with one of a kind highlights is away from the five-star lodgings and past extravagance hideaways, and now you can have a fascinating, genuine social maldives experience in the intriguing Maldives islands for a small portion of resort costs. You will have genuine opportunity to live as a neighborhood locally, to find out about Maldivian way of life and watch the comings and goings of fishing island town life. In that lies the appeal of the spot, it truly feels like the genuine Maldives. Anticipate an awesome administrations, a wide scope of offices and unrivaled characteristics supplemented by administration principles that mirror the changed and knowing requirements.


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How to Get: Transfers

Hangnaameedhoo Maldives island is situated in South Ari Aroll/Alifu Dhaalu Atoll. Generally the atoll was named as Ari Atoll and Hangnaameedhoo is the most closest (71 km) possessed island of south Ari Atoll to capital Malé and Velana Worldwide Air terminal. Expect a staff part on appearance to meet you at the air terminal. He ensures you get on the right speed boat that they orchestrate when that opportunity arrives. 

Speedboat Move 

The speedboat move from Male' to Hangnaameedhoo Island regularly takes 1hr 15mins and costs 30USD per individual one way. For speedboat reservations, kindly contact your visitor housel for additional subtleties. 

Malé - Hangnaameedhoo at 15:00 ( Sunday to Saturday); Friday at 10:00; Thursday and Saturday at 11:00; 

Hangnaameedhoo - Malé at 07:00 ( Sunday to Friday); Thursday and Saturday at 10:40; 

Upon demand the visitor house can orchestrate private speed boat move ( USD 750.00 one way, 10 passehnger limit) between Velana global air terminal (By means of) and Hangnaameedhoo and cost will prompt while affirming the booking. 

Ship Dhoni (Public Transportation) 

Takeoff from Villigili Ship, Male Terminal. Travel time is 4hr 45mins. Cost is $5 one way 

Malé - Hangnaameedhoo: at 09:00 Saturday, Monday and Wednesday 

Hangnaameedhoo - Malé: at 09:00 Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 

There is no ATM on Hangnaameedhoo, so kindly stock money in Malé. Despite the fact that the inns do acknowledge card they charge a 6% help expense so bring money! You can facilitate the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your visitor house (suggested),

The Island

The Island

Arranged from west to east and with absolute populace is only 700 spirits, Hangnaameedhoo is around 1 km long and 225 meters in width. Since 2014 the island creating for neighborhood the travel industry with twelve guesthouses. This island is litter thronw in certain spots yet the visitor houses and their grounds are overly perfect and generally directly close to a sea shore. 

Since Hangnaameedhoo is a neighborhood island, a suitable dressing is needed in the island. Regularly satisfactory clothing standard in the island incorporate shorts, shirts, shirts, sleeveless shirts, vests, vest tops, pants, pants and other easygoing garments. Swimsuits like two-piece isn't permitted at anyplace in the island aside from private/two-piece sea shore. Straightforward and transparent dresses are likewise not permitted at anyplace in the isalnd. 

There are two schools, Officer court, wellbeing focus day in and day out, a drug store, dock yard, play ground, shops and goods, keepsake shops, bistros, police, mosque and football field on the island. Strolling in island you will discover neighborhood shops to gets some close to home stuffs and nearby specialty shops to purchase real "Made in Maldives" wood cutting and enamel works. Calls and supplications in the mosque (a few times each day) ought not bother you. 

There is likewise a boatyard on Hangnaameedhoo in transit to the sea shore which is chaotic however significantly less modern than bigger islands and seeing the boat fabricates come to fruition consistently is entrancing. During your visit you can visit habour region where you will be welcomed by neighborhood angler with their gets. In the event that you might want to have new fish for your lunch or supper your lodging's cook can made it only for you. Your suppers can be made fiery or gentle, contingent upon your preferences. 

Indeed somewhat there are mosquitoes in the island however they chomp on time: toward the beginning of the day from 6 to 7, PM from 5 to 6, that is, at nightfall hours. On the off chance that you are especially touchy to mosquito chomps, at that point it is prescribed to utilize a mosquito repellent which is accessible at the inn or from helpful stores. Notwithstanding, no mosquitos inside the lodging or your room. With respect to the fauna, there are crabs, loner crabs, reptiles, herons, ravens, flying foxes on the island. 

Hangnaameedhoo is a small enchanting island where you can encounter the genuine Maldives life. Being on an island you'll are fortunate to get an opportunity to see Maldivians genuine culture and customs without anyone else. Local people are truly neighborly essentially, they are consistently eager to assist their visitors. Despite the fact that they live at a similar island, your vacation would not be meddled by them. 

The fundamental land signs of the island Hangnaameedhoo are the Place of worship of Ruler Ibrahim Kalaafaanu Trditional mosque, old Banyan tree and the headstones. All sights are in the legacy rundown of the country and an incredible areas for the travelers to visit and catch their recollections.

The Beach

The Beach

Hangnaameedhoo island is notable among the atoll for its sea shores and verdant, sandy tip. The white sand tip and the two-piece sea shore is only 5 minutes strolling distance from your doorstep. You are fortunate to such an extent that the tip is confronting the west with a stunning nightfall consistently. The two-piece sea shore it tidied up with seats, loungers, and loungers to loosen up which is truly pleasant. Here you can swim, sunbathe and swim in a two-piece. 

There are likewise a pleasant sands on the island's east part, however these are public sea shores and here you should stick to the clothing standard. A couple of good tips: bring a slight wet wetsuit with osba - it will save you from burn from the sun and will permit you to move openly around the island, in light of the fact that in a two-piece you can swim just on a two-piece sea shore; utilize coral shoes; Make certain to utilize sunscreen in any climate, regardless of whether it is cloudy. 

Sea shore Hotel has an it's own private sea shore - an exceptionally wonderful territory with swings, a lounger, sun beds and umbrellas. An extraordinary delight in the night prior to sleep time is to swing on a swing, tuning in to the ocean and taking a gander at the stars. The waters are rough, yet here the house reef is nearer to the shore and the best for swimming.

House Reef Snorkeling

House Reef Snorkeling

Situated in the channel, Haangnamedhoo island has an inconceivable house reef that is abounds with plentiful marine life and where you can do the swimming at whenever. An effectively available, the house reef is superb for swimming with a huge shallow tidal pond with loads of coral fish nurseries. The drop off isn't a long way from the sea shore and you can spot high contrast tipped reef sharks, beams, goliath moray eels and turtles each day also an octopuses, hawk beams, lionfish, barracuda and in the event that you fortunate a stonefish and a pelagic animal types. 

The most visitor houses has blades, covers, and snorkels that can be utilized free of charge. The Sea shore Hotel has the best area in light of the fact that the house reef is only a couple ventures from the sea shore for swimming.

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