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10 Best Guest Houses

In the Maldives, guest houses offer a unique and authentic experience for travelers seeking a more intimate and budget-friendly accommodation option. Nestled amidst the paradisiacal beauty of this island nation, Maldives guest houses provide a glimpse into the local way of life while still offering comfort and convenience.

Unlike the opulent overwater villas and luxury resorts that dot the Maldivian landscape, guest houses are typically smaller, family-run establishments located on inhabited islands. This allows visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and traditions of the Maldives, interacting with locals and gaining insight into their way of life.

Top 10 Best Guesthouse Maldives 2024 offer a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. From cozy rooms with basic amenities to spacious suites with modern conveniences, travelers can find a comfortable place to rest and rejuvenate after a day of exploring the island's natural wonders.

One of the most appealing aspects of staying in a guest house is the opportunity to experience Maldivian hospitality firsthand. Host families often go out of their way to ensure that guests feel welcome and at home, offering personalized service and insider tips on the best places to visit and things to do in the area.

Many guest houses also offer authentic Maldivian cuisine, allowing guests to savor traditional dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From fragrant curries and spicy sambols to succulent seafood and tropical fruits, the flavors of the Maldives come alive in every bite, tantalizing the taste buds and leaving a lasting impression.

In addition to comfortable accommodation and delicious food, guest houses in the Maldives often organize a variety of activities and excursions for guests to enjoy. Whether it's snorkeling in crystal-clear lagoons, diving among colorful coral reefs, or exploring uninhabited islands by boat, there's no shortage of adventures to be had in this tropical paradise.

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, many guest houses also offer wellness services such as yoga classes, spa treatments, and meditation sessions, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge amidst the serene beauty of the Maldives.

Overall, staying in a luxury guest house in the Maldives offers a truly immersive and authentic travel experience that allows visitors to connect with the local culture, cuisine, and natural beauty of this idyllic destination. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, guest houses in the Maldives provide the perfect home away from home.

1 Arena Beach Hotel, Maafushi

Arena Beach Hotel, Maafushi

Experience luxury accommodation at Arena Beach Hotel on Maafushi Island, just 27 km away from Male International Airport. Accessible via a brief speedboat ride, this resort boasts stunning ocean views that will bring you sheer bliss.

Enjoy a 3-night getaway in the Maldives featuring accommodation, speedboat transfers, and thrilling water activities. The package includes amenities like air conditioning, laundry service, Internet access, a fitness center, and a spa for ultimate relaxation. Indulge in delicious Maldivian Cuisine prepared by the resort's chefs and participate in underwater adventures like dolphin cruises, snorkeling, and fishing. Scuba diving enthusiasts can explore multiple nearby diving centers. At Arena Beach Hotel, tailor your stay with accommodations such as a room with a private rooftop pool, a deluxe sea view room, a sea view room with a balcony, or a city view room with a balcony. Customize your experience with options like picnic lunches, island hopping, sandbank trips, underwater photography, and more.

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2 Kaani Grand Seaview, Maafushi

Kaani Grand Seaview, Maafushi

Kaani Grand Seaview is among the top family hotels in Maafushi, located on the beautiful beachfront across from Bikini Beach. The hotel maafushi kaani grand seaview offers excellent service, comfortable lodging, delicious dining options, and amenities ideal for a family vacation, work trip, or peaceful escape. Additionally, there is a modern conference room available for business travelers.

There's a 24- hour front work area where the staff can help with air terminal exchange, baggage capacity and visit game plans at on position trip focus. Callers can appreciate different exercises in the environmental factors, including swimming, jumping and cycling. The auberge also offers bike reimbursement. The closest air outstation is manly Global Air terminal, 16 mi from Kaani Grand Seaview at Maafushi. Indulge in the epitome of opulence at Kaani Grand Seaview, where panoramic vistas of the azure sea merge seamlessly with lavish accommodations and unparalleled hospitality, creating an unforgettable escape

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3 West Sands, Ukulhas

West Sands, Ukulhas

West Sands is an honor winning ocean front lodging with a perspective on the enchanting floods of the Indian Sea, set in the midst of sections of land of white sands and different vegetation on the pristine island of Ukulhas. To have once in a blue moon experiences swimming with manta beams, dolphins, and whale sharks in the Maldives' North Ari Atoll, remain at West Sands Ukulhas. Ukulhas flourishes with rich verdure and cerulean waves running into the white sandy ocean side, arranging the best picture with nature's #1 shades of green and blue.

West Sands Ukulhas is an unobtrusive traveler staying with 23 comfortable rooms and an on location eatery serving flavorful western and territorial foods. These warm, spacious, and cooled facilities guarantee your solace. An on location eatery gives tasty western and territorial food to fulfill your craving and extinguish your thirst. Make your optimal get-away to the Maldives a reality by remaining at West Sands.

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4 The Ranthari Hotel & Spa

The Ranthari Hotel & Spa

At The Ranthari, a 360-degree rooftop terrace infinity pool ensures that you will have a perfect view of the turquoise waters as the sun sets in the horizon. The hotel is located 80 metres from the Ukulhas Convention Center, which can handle your conference needs.You can unwind at the Saimaa Spa while our award-winning chefs prepare your meals at the Taste Restaurant.

Our guesthouse is located right close to the beach and has 42 exquisite rooms, the majority of which offer an ocean view. Regardless of whether they have balconies or not, every room has a similar layout. The rooftop and ground level serve as common areas, while floors 1 through 4 are used by bedrooms. The nicest parts of Ukulhas without a doubt include the cosy accommodations, the close-by dive locations, the bikini beach, the spa, and the restaurant. A contemporary level 1 or level 2 room with a balcony that partially faces an island. The balcony still provides a view of the water via the beach's palm trees. The room has a king-size bed or two single beds.

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5 SeaLaVie Inn, Ukulhas

SeaLaVie Inn, Ukulhas

With remarkable highlights for the Maldives, Ukulhas is an occupied island of Alif Atoll that welcome for spending the travel industry with a wide decision of visitor houses and scaled down lodgings. Known for great environment, tidiness and high marine biodiversity, today, an economical occasion on Ukulhas is probably the most ideal approaches to find the sun, sand and ocean of the Maldives without burning up all available resources! Remaining permits you to jump into the neighborhood fishing local area and get insight of genuine Maldives. 

Found 72 km from Male air terminal and found somewhere between Rasdhoo and Mathiveri, Ukulhas is a fishing town with white sandy sea shores, an extraordinary house reef and a lovely tidal pond. Consistently, there are programs for cleaning the island and having a quality waste administration framework for exceptional administrations in ensuring and safeguarding the climate, in 2014 Ukulhas get the green leaf grant, and its model is perceived as the benchmark, assuming a significant part in the nature of the Maldives. 

Pretty much every inhabitant knows more than one calling, be that as it may, fishing is the principle control of this durable local area, and the island is known in the Maldives for its yellowfin fish fishing flotilla. For socialization utilize the Dhivehi language, yet a large portion of the islanders know and talk great English. Individuals of the island are family arranged and highlight relationships of different ethnic gatherings, including the relatives of African, Middle Easterner, Malay and Indonesian sailors.

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6 Relax Residence Thoddoo Maldives, Thoddoo

Relax Residence Thoddoo Maldives, Thoddoo

Loosen up Home Thoddoo Maldives offers fantastic area in Thoddoo which pursues it a superb decision for investigating Northern Ari Atoll, and we should not disregard Cooled Rooms, Shower and Confidential Latrine which visitors can appreciate.

Notwithstanding Confidential Latrine, this Visitor House offers Stopping and Espresso/Tea Creator. A parking area is accessible for the visitors of this Visitor House. It additionally has water skiing accessible.Visitor fulfillment is additionally guaranteed by the accessibility of Wi-Fi.

When hungry, visitors of Loosen up Home Thoddoo Maldives can partake in the accessibility of a Bar and Parlor outside the property.Loosen up Home Thoddoo Maldives was adulated for Offices, Area and Administrations in convenience evaluations in Thoddoo. This Visitor House got scores by 8476 visitors. The all out score of 7.5 for this convenience demonstrates it offers extraordinary quality-to-cost esteem.

We offer an extraordinary decision of convenience in Thoddoo, from 1-star lodgings to 3-star lodgings. There is no deficiency of eateries in Thoddoo. Convenience in Thoddoo incorporate Alimas Motel. Book last moment convenience in Thoddoo and set aside to 80% on your convenience!

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7 Acqua Blu Rasdhoo, Rasdu

Acqua Blu Rasdhoo, Rasdu

An extreme jumping heaven, Rasdhoo is an occupied island in the Maldives. Floating 60 km west of the nation's capital, Malé, Rasdhoo is the lone possessed island of a little characteristic atoll otherwise called Rasdu or Ross Atoll is found a couple of miles off North Ari Atoll. Fantastic marine life, energetic reefs, warm waters and enormous fish experiences make Rasdhoo island a jumping objective not to be missed. 

Advocacy of plunging has caused an enormous number of spending convenience, cafés and jump shops to show up on the island. Worked around the necessities of jumpers, the island's solace and accommodation for plunging visitors is guaranteed with quick, present day jump boats that arrive at in excess of 20 nearby jump locales in a normal boat ride of only 15 minutes. 

For non-jumpers, delightful Rasdhoo island can offer a house reef swimming, unwinding on the white sandy sea shore and swimming in completely clear tidal pond, and numerous great outings with remarkable encounters that would suit you. Aside from the sandy sea shores and tones of green and blue oceans, being in Rasdhoo gives you a remarkable encounters of the Maldivian culture in incredible detail. Maldivian food, methods of dressing, fishing, sports, music, celebrations and friendliness of Maldivians can be capable exclusively by remaining in a neighborhood island. 

So whether you are a youthful jumper, a family, a full fledgling, an independent jumper, a couple or a gathering of experienced jumpers, Rasdhoo island welcomes you to come and plunge and join the pleasant experience!'

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8 Kiha Beach, Dharavandhoo

Kiha Beach, Dharavandhoo

“Kiha Beach” is your luxury hotel where you see the true importance of ‘island life’.

We are only a 20 minute flight left from the capital of Maldives.

On this hidden bright green gem in Baa atoll, the continuous blue waters about are the 7th richest biodiversity district in the world.

Within these waters, hide marine life such as the iconic green turtles.

When you see one of these secluded beauties, you can’t help but smile.

Manta rays visit our atoll to indulge on plentiful planktons.

Whale Sharks yearly meet to breed, 2 kilometers from your hotel room!

Dharavandhoo’s ‘island life’ is simple but excellent for the way we cooperate with our atmosphere.

Kiha Beach Dharavandhoo is a luxury boutique hotel located in the pristine Baa Atoll of the Maldives, offering an ideal experience of tranquil island living. Its prime location, upscale amenities, and warm hospitality guarantee a welcoming Maldivian getaway. Dharavandhoo Island is enveloped by nature and boasts a remarkable variety of marine life indigenous to this safeguarded UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Hanifaru Bay stands out as a top Maldivian spot for encountering whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and reef sharks, showcasing one of the world's most diverse coral reef ecosystems. Choosing to stay on Dharavandhoo provides the natural luxury of proximity to 8 renowned diving locations.

The primary manta season runs from June to October. Dharavandoo is a 20-minute domestic flight from Velana International Airport, or a 2-hour speedboat ride away. The island life in Dharavandhoo is uncomplicated yet sets a fine example of how you can engage with the natural surroundings. Kiha Beach will amaze you and create lasting memories during your stay on Dharavandhoo Island.

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9 Season Paradise, Thulusdhoo

 Season Paradise, Thulusdhoo

Do you yearn for a spending event in the Maldives? You don't ought to be a surfer to open Thulusdhoo, a brilliant island arranged in North Male Atoll in no time by speedboat from Male. A comparable ocean, clear turquoise waters, white sandy coastline, waves, palm trees, shocking marine life and lots of fun in 25 kilometers from Velana air terminal, yet significantly more affordable.

Simply the 5.7km long and 600 meters in width, Thulusdhoo is the capital of Kaafu Atoll with the general population around 1400 occupants. Spending the movement business on Thulusdhoo started during the 1970s, when Australian surfers found a fantastic surf spots. Recognition to the island brought the huge waves made by the 2 most standard spots: Cokes and Chikens. From there on out, Thulusdhoo has obtained overall popularity among enthusiasts of surfing, and new laws of the Maldives have brought to the island spending motels and guest houses.

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10 Plumeria Maldives, Thinadhoo

Plumeria Maldives, Thinadhoo

Home for Plumeria Maldives, Thinadhoo is one of the populated islands of Vaavu atoll in Maldives. Encircled by astonishing sandy sea shores and turquoise waters with an extraordinary house reef swimming, Thinadhoo is an ideal spot for a vacation to suit all financial plans. Alluded to in the past as " Mas Thinadhoo " (Thinadhoo Ashir), this island is known for its rich fish stocks and the assortment of marine life found in the blue tidal pond. Today, the island of Thinadhoo it is a most loved spot for Big-game fishing, swimming and plunging. A reasonable method to investigate the country, we can securely say that in Thinadhoo you will locate your own piece of heaven. 

The island has a rich history and culture, yet for visitors normally excellent white sandy sea shores and clear sea are the fundamental attractions. A modest bunch of spending inns are accessible in Thinadhoo, remembering great convenience for Plumeria Maldives.

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