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At The Ranthari, a 360-degree rooftop terrace infinity pool ensures that you will have a perfect view of the turquoise waters as the sun sets in the horizon. The hotel is located 80 metres from the Ukulhas Convention Center, which can handle your conference needs.You can unwind at the Saimaa Spa while our award-winning chefs prepare your meals at the Taste Restaurant.

Our guesthouse is located right close to the beach and has 42 exquisite rooms, the majority of which offer an ocean view. Regardless of whether they have balconies or not, every room has a similar layout. The rooftop and ground level serve as common areas, while floors 1 through 4 are used by bedrooms. The nicest parts of Ukulhas without a doubt include the cosy accommodations, the close-by dive locations, the bikini beach, the spa, and the restaurant. A contemporary level 1 or level 2 room with a balcony that partially faces an island. The balcony still provides a view of the water via the beach's palm trees. The room has a king-size bed or two single beds.

The Ranthari Hotel & Spa

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

There are three different ways to get to Ulukhas from Male and back: by a public ship, by speedboat and via seaplane. Public ships and speedboats run day by day (aside from Friday), as indicated by the timetable, that can change contingent upon the climate conditions. When booking flight passes to the Maldives, think about the FRIDAY so as not to lose an additional day in Malé. By and large, quickly upon landing in Velana Global Air terminal you will be met a staff to assist with the exchange to Ukulhas island, regardless of whether it will be a ship, speedboat or seaplane. 

There are no ATMs on Ukulhas, so kindly stock money in Malé. You can organize the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the executive of your visitor house (suggested), 

Public ship from Malé to Ukulhas (through Rasdhoo): 

Ships to Ukulhas leave from Male (Villingilli terminal) at 09:00, Mondays and Thursays, the excursion time is 4 hours 25 minutes, the cost for the outing is $ 4, one way. Appearance to Rasdhoo at 12.30. From Rasdhoo flight at 12:35, appearance in Ukulhas 13:30. 

Takeoff from Ukulhas: Sundays and Wednesdays at 10:00, the cost for the excursion is $ 4, the excursion time is 4 hours 10 minutes. Appearance in Rasdhoo at 10:40. From Rasdhoo in Male flight at 11.00, appearance in Male at 14:30. The two courses incorporate a short stop at Rasdhoo. 

Public ships Rasdhoo-Ukulhas-Rasdhoo: 

Excursions day by day, aside from Friday. The excursion time is 50 minutes. 

Takeoff from Ukulhas at 09:45 and 14:10. 

Takeoff from Rasdhoo at 08:20 and 13:00. 

Public speedboat move : 

Speedboats Male-Ukuihas on the course work consistently, aside from Friday. The excursion time is 60 minutes, the cost for a single direction is $ 50/individual. 

Takeoff from Male: at 16:00. Takeoff from Ukulhas: at 06:30. 

Private speedboat move: 

On solicitation, whenever (private exchange is suggested for gatherings of at least 9 individuals); travel time from Malé 60 minutes, cost $ 525/boat one way and $ 1050/boat full circle. It is consistently valuable to concur with your lodging ahead of time, to "get" a more helpful exchange for you, since these speedboats frequently have empty seats. 


Move via seaplane, another, not actually a spending choice to get to Ukulhas. In any case, this picturesque transportation alternative can be book through your lodging in Ukulhas in any event 4 days before your appearance to the Maldives. Non-stop trip via seaplane to the close by Kuramathi resort will give you a ton of positive impressions. Great to realize that seaplanes work just during the daytime from 06:00 to 17:00. In the event that you request a seaplane move, neighborhood staff will meet you at Malé air terminal upon appearance, and will accompany you to TMA terminal. The flight time is 20 minutes, the cost is about $ 350, the kids' half of the expense. The approved stuff is 25 kg + $ 5/kg for overweight. In Kuramathi you will be board a speedboat to Ukulhas island.

The Island

The Island

Both on a bicycle and when strolling, it is very simple to study the small island and identify all of its turns and breaks. The verdant interior is covered with a variety of tropical vegetation, including enormous banyan trees at the Ukulhas point of convergence and coconut palms that tower over the azure waters. A fascinating walk about the island is a great approach to become familiar with the local way of life as you may observe wonderful plants, startling shells, and public activity. On Ukulhas, there are two mosques, a state-of-the-art facility, a school, a football field, a Body Work Recreation centre, and other buildings. The Kudamiski'y mosque is the most populated building on the island and dates back to around 1656; its leftover parts are advertised as a typical getaway spot.

The main street, Bodu magu, is where the majority of the nearby stores can be found. It is the greatest place in Ukulhas for shopping. You can purchase a broad variety of items here, including food, gifts, apparel, decorators, and other gifts. Additionally, you can purchase an iPhone SIM card or fill up your phone's account on Bodu Magu.

In Ukulhas, bodu-beru is one of the most common styles of music and dance. Around 15 individuals, including four drummers and a vocalist, perform the administration of the old stories while dressed in sarongs and white shirts. Rahgudaa is the most well-known historical attraction on Ukulhas and one of the top 10 body take groups in the Maldives. Rahguda frequently offers free presentations in Ukulhas on the planning of celebrations, subbotniks, wedding services, and other events.

The Beach

The Beach

On the west side of Ukulhas, there is an incredible beach with five stars and a sunset view. A long stretch of sugar-white, delicate sand is surrounded by little vegetation and completely clear, turquoise seas that are perfect for swimming. The tourist coast is a true paradise where you may swim, sunbathe, play on the sand, and swim while wearing bathing suits. To access to the house reef, there is a narrow direct through the corals directly across Gunbaru Lodging (planned). Here, a large range of water sports are offered throughout the peak season. The shoreline has plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas, and soon a tourist beach area will grow, which will also include new restaurants and bistros.

On the southernmost point of Ukulhas, behind the brand-new Paguro Beach Inn, a building with quite decent accommodations, there is another sandy area where you can swim and sunbathe. Young people should always wear sunscreen throughout the day, and after dusk, remember to use insect repellent!

House Reef Snorkeling

House Reef Snorkeling

One of the best ways to navigate what is thought of be the decrepit world of the Maldives is definitely swimming in ukulhas. The island has a house reef with an abundance of marine life and a completely clean tidal pond. You only need a cover, snorkel, and balances to view the value in the demolished wonders around this tiny island; the last item is strongly advised in light of the streams. Almost every lodging has swimming equipment. The reef's edge or over the drop-off area are the finest places to swim. Want to witness amazing fish schools and fascinating marine creatures, such as large-scale species and other enquiring animals.

The typical inhabitants of a coral reef include crabs, sharks, octopus, turtles, shells, moray eels, manta rays, hawkfish, ocean anemones, jellyfish, lobsters, shrimp, squid, giant mollusks, starfish, fish-informed authorities, Butterfly fish, and parrotfish.Always available are solidifying swimming with manta rays, swimming safaris to remote regions near Ukulhas, and the most recent information available at your hotel. The excursion group organises travel, equipment rentals, and prizes.

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