Do you yearn to spend time in the Maldives? You don't need to know how to surf to visit Thulusdhoo, a gorgeous best island in Maldives in North Male Atoll that can be reached quickly by speedboat transfer. Similar sea, turquoise waters, white sand beaches, waves, palm palms, incredible marine life, and tonnes of fun are available 25 kilometres from Velana Airport for a far lower cost.

Thulusdhoo, the capital of Kaafu Atoll, is only 5.7 km long and 600 m wide, and it has about 1400 residents. When Australian surfers discovered incredible surf breaks in the 1970s, the maldives travel industry on Thulusdhoo had its start.The island gained popularity thanks to the big waves produced by its two most well-known places, Cokes and Chikens. Since then, Thulusdhoo has grown to be well-known throughout the world among surfers, and new Maldivian legislation have attracted hotels and guesthouses to the island.

Today's Thulusdhoo is not just a surf. The Maldives has a wonderful white fine sand seashore, part of which is designated "swimsuit" and is intended specifically for uninitiated travellers. Thulusdhoo offers swimming, diving (there is a diving school), water sports, exhilarating fishing, and passive seashore observation.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Upon landing in the Maldives Global Air terminal, you will discover an ATM, a Drug store, a Media communications shop where neighborhood SIM cards can be bought, sterile latrines and an assortment of little shops selling food, beverages, and keepsakes. Stuff stockpiling is accessible and there is an extremely accommodating Data work area on the off chance that you need. 

Ships in the Maldives are an incredibly open type of transportation. Time from Male (wharf inverse the Wed Earthy colored eatery) to Thulusdhoo is 90 to 150 minutes. A low additional charge is imposed for cumbersome gear, however some way or another it's a magnificent value alternative. The ship is outfitted with entirely agreeable delicate rockers, a latrine and an open patio at the top. The cost for the excursion is just $ 3. 

Likewise the island can be reached by speedboat. The cost is $ 250/boat one way, so it's smarter to check the staff of your lodging to discover friends, so it will be less expensive. 

Ship from Male to Thulusdhoo: 

Takeoff at 15:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; on Fridays the ship leaves Male at 22:30. On Tuesdays the ship leaves at 14:30, yet stops on a few islands, including Thulusdhoo. 

From Thulusdhoo to Male: 

at 07:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; 

Note: flight time may change without notice, because of public occasions or awful ocean conditions. 

The Tharika Ship administration doesn't run on Tuesday. Both the Tharika Ship and quick transport administrations have distinctive Friday plans. Time your flight if conceivable so you can facilitate your appearance with move administrations or your visitor house's host. 

By Speedboat 

Quick and proficient, these powerful vessels can convey you from the air terminal to Thulusdoo in only 25 minutes. "Speedboat ships" presently work a few times each day to our island at a set timetable, and private speedboats can be coordinated for whenever night or day. 

The Stream Speed is $30 one way. It is an extremely brisk approach to get to Thulusdhoo at a truly sensible cost. If it's not too much trouble, know that occasionally reserving might be fundamental. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us or Stream Speed straightforwardly to sort out booking a seat. 

Waterway Speed plans are liable to visit change. We exhort you visit their facebook page or get in touch with them direct for modern data. 

There is a nearby cash Bank of Maldives (BML) ATM situated on Thulusdhoo island straightforwardly inverse the pier. A dollar BML ATM can be found in the air terminal with a short stroll to one side as you leave appearances. 

Dollars and Maldivian Rufiaah are broadly acknowledged for certain areas tolerating EURO (at a terrible rate) too. Credit and Check cards are acknowledged in many outlets offering card installment offices. For guesthouses, it is ideal to check ahead of time on the installment techniques accessible.



The Maldives is the main tourist destination, and Thulusdhoo Island, which is adjacent to Male and has two excellent surf locations, Chicken and Cokes, is exceptional among other riding sights. Surfers looking for unforgettable riding experiences in the Maldives are highly enthused by the large wave, stable nature of riding, and stunning surroundings.

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling

SCUBA diving is becoming increasingly popular among island visitors. Feenaa Plunging encourages newcomers to locate SCUBA Plunging and offers fair and generous information to the ideal leap place. Regions like the Aquarium and Colosseum, for example, can provide the opportunity to witness Hawk Pillar, Reef Sharks, Turtles, and priceless reef fish. If you're lucky, you might find Manta Bars and big sharks.

The house reef, which is accessible via shore entry through the lagoon, may provide a respectable leap for the vast majority of the year. The reef often has a group of Morays and other creatures moving around continuously, as well as possibilities for larger fish to pass by. Launching Thulusdhoo into SCUBA diving is an absurd plan.

However, for a seasoned jumper, the SSI/PADI dive centre may provide a range of bounce challenges, from setting the redirect streams in pursuit of the "tremendous fish" to delicate divider dives.We should take a stroll among the fish! The Maldives' marine life is truly exceptional in the world, and swimming there is a wonderful way to contribute to that. Fans of diving as well as those who are passionate about swimming will find great interest in the riches and variety of the underwater environment. Over 700 different species of fish and other marine life may be found in Thulusdhoo's reefs, which are built by about 70 distinct types of lovely coral.

You should carefully choose where to swim if you want to fully appreciate its benefits. The ideal spots to drift are near reefs. Thingiri Point house reef is the nicest swimming area on Thulusdhoo. You can find unique features like openings, yards, sinkholes, and visibly flowing streams on the reef's edge (make sure to use adjusts). The qualities in coral and other marine life are certainly evident as the waters deepen. When little fish disappear and are replaced by larger marine predators that come to this area to pursue them, swimming becomes more dangerous.

Whale sharks that are radiated and silent feed on little fish as numerous schools of reef fish with a variety of forms and tones play among the beautiful corals. Larger coral reef fish are frequently curious and friendly. Swimming offers a variety of options, from deep hollows where groupers and riders live to dazzling shallows with even more rare and beautiful species.On Thulusdhoo Island, guest rooms typically provide their visitors with swimming equipment, but occasionally, the concept of the cover and the chamber depresses everyone.



Thulusdhoo has an astonishing amount of shaking and mechanical innovation to observe and enjoy for such a little island. Different accommodations provide visits with the goal of clearly demonstrating the best and most challenging aspects of life in these remote atolls for the local Maldivians. Take a look at the businesses, such as the fish drying production lines, boat building yards, ocean cucumber management, the only Coca-Cola processing factory in the Maldives, as well as the green area. You can explore the school, a wonderful oddity, and discover the background of the island. Praise the anticipated chance to wander the island and discover the sunset oceanside site in addition to meeting locals and other visitors.

You can find food, drinks, sunscreen, and beachwear at reasonable prices at a few more discrete than usual business areas on the island. There are gift shops selling remarkable and divine souvenirs for the memory of the island of Thulusdho in obvious locations. The majority of these items are manufactured by nearby artisans. A gift shop can be found in almost every guest house.

The Thulusdhoo experience can be divided into two parts depending on which luxury resort is closer: Club Prescription Kanifinolhu or Dhon Veli. A full day of adventure will cost you a significant $ 120–130. What is guaranteed: travel, cuisine at the island resorts, unbelievable enlistment for a drink at a bar, show programmes, get-togethers, and, obviously, a magnificent ocean, palm trees, sun, sand, and tumbling beach chairs.The Maldives is a fantastically exceptional nation, and games regularly take place on the island. The best games include football, volleyball, and netball.

Neighborhood On the island, Maldivian games are comparable to very prominent customs. Watch the traditional Bashi game, which only attracts female players. Bai bala is a full-contact game for men that involves physical contact when a participant at one of the social gatherings tries to enter a circle, make touch with an opponent, and then quickly exit the circle to avoid being caught and possibly wounded by his adversaries. As a final resort, travellers are encouraged to take an interest in nighttime sporting competitions, which provides a key entry point for mischief with the locals.

You have a great opportunity to view dolphins practically before the ocean side on Thulusdhoo Island. As you unwind at the area where food is being gobbled up, keep your eyes peeled for a brief glimpse of these amiable animals. If you really need to, you may go on a boat tour to see the dolphins up close and get a glimpse of these profoundly cunning warm-blooded creatures that seem to be grinning at you as they leap out of the water.

Check out the events in the island's wearing grounds, mix and mingle with the locals, ride bicycles, go for a run, or simply unwind in the shade. As the night grew longer, it was advised to cook some fresh fish over a fire on the beach while enjoying the moon's ascent.

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