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In the Indian Ocean, Veligandu Island Resort & Spa is a jewel. A dreamy tropical haven with swaying palm trees, fine sand beaches, beautiful water, and vibrant coral reefs alive with marine life. This verdant island getaway offers seclusion and peace that nurtures one's wellbeing. The island is 600 metres long, 150 metres broad, and covers roughly 22 acres. It is surrounded by a lovely lagoon (9 hectares). From Velana International Airport, your seaplane transfer is a 20-minute journey across beautiful terrain.

Veligandu beckons tranquilly There are only 91 villas on this lovely resort, so visitors can experience leisurely excitement in between exclusive getaways. The resort has 34 Jacuzzi Water Villas, 10 Water Villas, 16 Jacuzzi Beach Villas, and 20 Sunset Jacuzzi Water Villas.

As the main hotel on the island, Veligandu Island Resort and Spa is great for a heartfelt escape and highlights an outside pool, a confidential ocean side and a Jacuzzi. It likewise offers a sauna, open air tennis courts and a rec center.

The rooms at the hotel offer filtered water, a small scale bar and a cooler. They are cooled and give an in-room protected, a level screen television and motion pictures on-request. Veligandu Island Resort and Spa offers different spots to eat, including Dhonveli Smorgasbord and Thundi. Room administration is additionally accessible at specific times.For those wishing to investigate nature, the hotel is close to famous fishing and beautiful spots. For the people who need to find the region, the staff at the visit work area are glad to coordinate visits and exercises.

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

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The Island

The Island

Veligandu is one of the ten Crown and Champa resorts found in the Maldives, and the proprietors understand the stuff to make an effective retreat around these far off islands. Opened during the 80's, Veligandu looks generally great, you can even say it's superb for his age, particularly thinking about the states of the Maldivian environment. In 2014, a reproduction was finished, including the redesign of Water Villas outside and the expansion of pristine Jacuzzi Beach Villas. These seemingly insignificant details make Veligandu an extraordinary retreat among many. While North Ari Atoll is normally not known for bioluminescent lighting, many adjoining islands that look toward Veligandu in the totally dark night notice the gleaming, lit waters. This sublime impact is made by putting radiant submerged lights in the grounds of Water Villas, and this aides add a smidgen of enchantment and sentiment to the overall climate of the island. 

The sand beneath and straw over your head are still all over the place, including the gathering, the bar and the fundamental eatery. This is an exemplary mix that relax and warms the sharp edges and gleaming surfaces of current, exquisite insides. In the rooms, the floor of significant dim wood permits you to accomplish something like this. 

Veligandu is the top pick of the love birds, and it's straightforward why, while lounging in the jacuzzi on the patio of your estate, you can appreciate tropical organic products from the free crate, gradually reciting champagne from your glass and respecting through the open wooden boards on a wonderful dusk. Here and there a jacuzzi can be somewhat more than simply a tick in the "case", here they are not difficult to utilize and truly add a suite to your environmental factors. 

Notwithstanding Europeans (generally English and Germans), Veligandu is additionally famous among inquisitive herons (which can be seen all over the place, even in the pool), beautiful fish and little reef sharks. Visitors here are just couples, from May 2016 - "grown-ups just" resort - and youngsters more than 18 years. While on the island there are numerous spots to resign or associate, however you see fit, fundamental gathering place for workers and visitors is a football field. Here, the hotel's staff orchestrates football competitions against one another and visitors as fans are rooting for their number one groups. Veligandu has numerous normal visitors with its for the most part wonderful, benevolent and loosened up vibe - it's straightforward why. 

The radiant long shoal after which the island is named – Veligandu signifies 'shoal' in Maldivian – can be found on the southern finish of the island, and the best swimming on the house reef can be found off here as well. There are some phenomenal plunge spots close by to spot reef sharks, manta beams (over time however best seen from December to May) and even hammerhead sharks. Veligandu Island is 600 meters in length by 150 meters wide, around 22 sections of land. 

Large numbers of the staff with the retreat are now for a very long time or more. This says a great deal, and specifically about the consideration of the board about representatives, that is straightforwardly reflected in the earnest and well disposed help that they give. The air is recognizable, quiet and all issues are settled rapidly.



On the off chance that you are searching for a decent inn, without a long seaplane trip from Male, Veligandu Island Resort and Spa - situated at Veligandu Island in North Ari Atoll - is only 20 minutes via seaplane from Malé Airport - this is the closest that you can get. It is likewise one of two hotels in Rasdhoo Atoll, close to North Ari. Albeit the island isn't a long way from Malé city, there is a period contrast - one hour ahead, as a day by day approach to press as much daylight for the visitors. 

A particular component of Veligandu resort is its enormous, yet fairly non-air relax in the seaplane terminal. Visitors with a stop of any length are accompanied here from the primary global air terminal and they can unwind, round out the documentation, have a nibble with juice or hot beverages, or sit in front of the TV here, hanging tight for a seaplane loading up.

The Beach

The Beach

An excellent sea shore extends down from the two sides of the island, meeting at the southern tip and framing a wide shoal that in Divehi signifies "veligandu". Notwithstanding a few loungers, here you will discover two lines of hammocks with straw umbrellas, a fantasy of any individual who needs to get a lovely tan and a some inquisitive herons. The tidal pond on the two sides is poured with turquoise and is additionally a decent beginning stage for swimming, albeit a few visitors like to invest more energy close to the focal pool. Between these two open sights lies an enormous, long, tall Thundi bar with various zones for chilling, for correspondence and for action.



There are 3 room classes: most mainstream are the Jacuzzi Water Villas, which are on braces in the tidal pond with an indoor-open air washroom and a jacuzzi. Water Villas additionally neglect the tidal pond, however have an indoor whirlpool shower all things being equal; Jacuzzi Beach Villas are equivalent to Jacuzzi Water Villas, yet set on the sea shore. Guests say there is nothing of the sort as a terrible room here. 

Notwithstanding the staff, the lone thing left from the past Veligandu's manifestation is the line of 10 Water Bungalows, and even they were revamped to become Water Villas practically indistinguishable from the 66 new Jacuzzi Water Villas and Beach Villas. The thing that matters is that they are somewhat more modest and have a shut, as opposed to a part of the way open restroom. Then again, this area has direct admittance to swimming outwardly of the house reef, in spite of the fact that flows and waves can at times be an issue here. 

A big part of the 76 rooms point toward the west, and half look toward the east lounging in the first part of the day sun. On the western side there is a decent swimming, directly from the fundamental breakwater and a few water estates close to the wharf additionally approach corals and fish. The best swimming you will discover on the southern tip, so here is a little channel. The vital distinction between swimming regions is that the west looks inside the atoll, and the east faces the sea. There you will discover numerous pelagics, sharks and turtles, and even uncommon manta beams. 

Sea shore Villas is a standard decision of convenience in Veligandu and the most fundamental of the principle class. Extravagance conveniences incorporate a completely loaded minibar, huge level screen TVs with satellite stations, Nespresso (in addition to standard portions of espresso and tea), iPod docking station, DVD/CD player, individual and outside porches with lovely perspectives. The rooms are sharp and present day enriched with finished wood floors or tiles, a high edge, wooden radiated roofs, two sinks and an outside downpour shower with a customary combination of subtle toiletries. Sea shore manors have a delightful perspective on the sea shore, yet just Jacuzzi Beach Villa is situated on the primary line. Refreshed in 2015, these extravagant cases will give you somewhat more living space and delights in a private jacuzzi on the open air patio. As indicated by the fashioners, Jacuzzi Beach Villas are equivalent to the Water Villas, however without direct admittance to the blue tidal pond. 

Water manors are independent overwater cabins, more observable than different sorts of convenience because of to some degree obsolete pipes and clear indications of maturing, for example, paint and furniture. The restrooms have a glass shower with two spouts. Jacuzzi Water Villas are the top class and highlight individual outside whirlpools of wooden shades that open up to the tidal pond. The restrooms in these rooms are furnished with huge wooden casings, sliding glass entryways, and you can generally keep the washrooms totally open or close. They are all wonderfully and basically styled, with piercing roofs, whitewashed dividers, jumbo beds situated with an ocean see, a white couch, and dull finished wood floors. They all have a sundeck patio and rooms over the tidal pond have private strides into the ocean. 

Jacuzzi Water Villas (131 - 154) and Jacuzzi Beach Villas (175 - 180) look toward the west getting a charge out of the round of nightfall tones, different rooms point toward the east.

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