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The north-east monsoon season, often known as the summer in the Maldives, lasts from November to April. There are dry spells in the Maldives' weather at this time. Travelers may enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean, beautiful beaches, swaying palms, and pure blue skies because there isn't any rain here. People from the Northern Hemisphere nations go in great numbers to the luxury Maldives during the months of December and January because these nations face harsh or mild winters.

Thus, November through April, during the summer, is the busiest ocean water villas in Maldives. The Maldives have 10 hours of sunshine per day, with the best months for enjoying underwater activities being January through March.

The south-west monsoon season, commonly known as the monsoon season, occurs in the Maldives from May to September. The Maldives' weather is constantly rainy at this period, with September being the wettest month. The archipelago frequently maldives experience severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and torrential rain. However, such circumstances only persist a short while before being quickly replaced by ideal circumstances. This is not a good time for travelers as the Maldives' climate gets unpredictable around this season.