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With its white sand beaches and crystal-clear oceans, the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the top hotel destinations on earth. The majority of accommodations in the Maldives are located on a similarly private island with a turquoise lagoon, but some extend to as many as two islands. We chose these treasures for you, paying special attention to the premium ocean front and overwater offices with breathtaking views, which range from family beach pool suites to romantic honeymoon water estates.

Most excellent view of all, these 5-star first-rate Maldives resorts are located on at least two private islands that are suitable for both families and honeymooners who want to enjoy a calm getaway. Visitors can utilise the facilities and services of both retreats for a single extraordinary fee. Our list of the top ten multi-island resorts in the Maldives offers exceptional services like house reef swimming and constant steward organisations, award-winning spas, widely acclaimed dining establishments, without forgetting to remember cutting-edge comfort with breathtaking sea views.