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Huvadhoo Atoll

The Maldives may be small in size at 297.8 square kilometers, but it contains diverse worlds within its archipelago. Some atolls, particularly in the far south like Huvadhoo Atoll, remain remote and largely unexplored, making it an ideal destination for adventurous travelers seeking solitude and discovery.

The southernmost atolls in the Maldives boast unique geography and distinct characteristics. Additionally, they rank as the second largest atoll in the Maldives and one of the top ten largest natural atolls globally. These atolls offer incredible dive sites for experienced divers, excellent surf spots for beginners and seasoned surfers alike, and well-preserved ancient Buddhist temples.

Huvadhoo is a large natural atoll in the Maldives, divided by the government into Gaafu Alifu Atoll and Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. Known collectively as Gaafu Atoll, this can be confusing for tourists due to the multiple names given. The map of Maldives clearly shows this massive atoll in the archipelago, surrounded by a ring of reefs that create a barrier from the Indian Ocean, with a central lagoon reaching depths of 85 meters. Unlike the central and northern atolls in the Maldives that have been popular in tourism for a long time, this southern atoll remains a hidden gem with only around seven luxury resorts and a few guesthouses. Travelers wishing to visit this remote atoll can choose between an hour-long journey on a seaplane or a domestic flight. Seaplanes are the preferred option for reaching Maldives luxury resorts directly. Domestic flights land at either Kooddoo Domestic Airport (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) or Kaadedhdhoo Domestic Airport (Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll), from where travelers can take a speedboat to their final destination. Despite its remoteness, there are a few luxury resorts in the atoll. 

Full Day Trip to Huvadhoo Atoll

Experience a full-day excursion to Huvadhoo Atoll, the initial land-based Deep South trip via a private speedboat in Fuvahmulah. This adventure is a thrilling partnership with Ocean Ramsay and Juan Oliphant, a couple known for their expertise in diving and shark conservation. Leading One Ocean Diving, they are dedicated to safeguarding at-risk marine species like turtles and sharks.