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An Overview

One of my favourite activities in the Maldives is snorkelling. Sharks (yep, sharks) were spotted on a recent trip to Soneva Fushi, however they were reef sharks and didn't want to interact with us. When you travel there, the captivating underwater ecology should be your top priority. The nation's 22 atolls and around 1,200 coral islands organically beautify the ecosystem. Snorkeling is available at every resort. If you choose a location with a reachable house reef, you can depart from the beach rather than taking the planned boat trip.

This page will inform you of all the details regarding snorkelling in the Maldives, including the kind of fish you may expect to see and the best times to go.Watch out for the underwater views of the Maldives! It is the ideal area to snorkel, in addition to being worthwhile. For someone who thinks the only tourist traps in the Maldives are the overwater villas and the beautiful beaches, these sights are magnificent. There are many kilometres of reefs where little and huge aquatic creatures can be found. Here, you may find corals in blue, pink, black, and red hues.

Marine life is abundant and there are numerous marine reef ecosystem rehabilitation facilities and live coral reefs. Asia's top snorkelling location is the Maldives. Additionally, the Maldives offers fantastic snorkelling opportunities thanks to its house reefs close to the resorts and shallow, sparkling lagoons.