Offering an extreme Maldives experience on spending costs, Dharavandho is a populated island of Baa Atoll with elite plunging destinations where the perfect waters of 'Hanifaru Bay' and 'Dharavandhoo Thila' are secured by law in the Maldives. 

Just 20 minutes by homegrown departure from Male air terminal, the excellent Dharavandhoo lies in the core of the solitary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives, and is undeniably situated to encounter the best that this tropical heaven has to bring to the table. A stunning reasonable convenience, amazing swimming with manta beams and whale sharks, jumping, shining white sea shores and credible island encounters join to make your visit here genuinely remarkable. Fascinating, confined and enticing, Dharavandhoo is one of the last glorious spots where you can truly escape from everything. 

An interesting occasion in Dharavandhoo will outperform every one of your assumptions; the principle theory in this piece of the Maldives is to not miss the energizing water experiences wich consistently will be loaded up with new certain impressions. Result? An exceptional excursion and recollections that will stay with you until the end of time.

Dharavandhoo, Baa Atoll

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The Island

The Island

With high marine biodiversity, UNESCO's just biosphere hold in the Maldives, Baa Atoll is home to an assortment of marine life and incredibly submerged world. The Baa's Atoll is a principle fascination is Hanifaru Bay, known as the producing ground for dark reef sharks and stingray beams situated in a 5 min by boat from Dharavandhoo. Hanifaru Bay is additionally one of the not many spots in the planet where whale sharks come for mating. Nonetheless, the best notoriety of Hanifaru was brought by baffling, exquisite, curious and enchanting Manta Rays (Manta alfredi), whose fixation in the periods of tiny fish can reach up to 200 creatures. The mind blowing biodiversity inside this sound is because of the colossal mass of microscopic fish that gathers there among May and November. 

With rich vegetation and a wide white sandy sea shore, Dharavandhoo Island is 1330x500 meters, is home to an in excess of 800 spirits that forms its economy essentially by the travel industry and fishing. In 2012, the island opened an air terminal (DRV) serving homegrown trips of Maldive and FlyMy aircrafts working from Male and other Maldives' air terminals. Dharavandhoo has a clinical focus, a travel service, 2 jump habitats, in excess of 7 supermarkets, keepsake shops, a kindergarten, two football fields, two mosques and a marina. The force station gives energy every minute of every day. Numerous local people communicate in English, the majority of them additionally communicate in different dialects. 

Regardless of the satellite TV or motobikes, there is next to no that recognizes this island from the deep rooted Maldives. Dharavandhoo is a lethargic town. At the stature of the day, the islanders stow away from the sun, and at night the roads of the town become animated. By and large, local people are amiable, agreeable and quiet individuals. Life stops at 9 pm, yet awakens at first light with a call to supplication. 

Sandy streets structure a net of roads with bright homes and humble houses. Made of coral blocks, these beautiful houses show the island's nearby connection with the sea. Their lavish nurseries burst from banana and bread trees, and enthusiasm natural product plants creep up the dividers. In little gardens, verdant vegetables and splendid peppers are developed, and gigantic palm trees give the desired shadow and extinguish thirst. The northern piece of Dharavandhoo has still unique coconut palm woods. You can investigate the island by walking or by bicycle.

The Beach

The Beach

Notwithstanding the way that along the island's southern side stretches Dharavandhoo Air terminal's runway the airplane don't demolish the quiet climate of the island. Traveler two-piece sea shore, planned solely for sightseers is at the northwestern piece of the island, and this is the place where you can swim, sunbathe and play. Turquoise gem waters, white delicate sand and numerous obscure trees make the ideal vibe for a shocking sea shore insight. Not a long way from the shore is a house reef with a bountiful marine life ideal for swimming. Hope to see schools of fish, beams, turtles and reef sharks. 

A portion of Baa's atoll most celebrated neighborhood islands are situated around Dharavandhoo: Thulhaadhoo known for its earthenware abilities; Eydhafushi is the atoll's capital and the focal point of the weaving aces, an ordinary highly contrasting Maldivian pareo; on Kudarikilu island there is an exhibition hall where the entire history of Maldives is gathered.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The Maldives is maybe the most renowned jumping objective on the planet. Energizing jump destinations, in short ride from extravagance convenience and magnificent help make Maldives' plunge resorts among the most top-end on the planet. The exceptional excellence of the submerged world is doubly esteemed by jumpers around the planet because of high submerged perceivability (once in a while even at a profundity of 50 meters), incalculable types of outlandish marine life and warm waters (25 to 30 degrees Celsius) lasting through the year. 

Concerning marine life, there is no uncertainty that Baa Atoll is extraordinary. At the point when the locale was announced a biosphere hold in 2011, the UN clarified that it is a "harbor of worldwide huge biodiversity in various reefs and shows a long history of human connection with the climate." When you investigate blue waters, you will comprehend what those words mean. Reefs are overflowing with a lively life. Dharavandhoo's home reef is home to a manta beam's cleaning station where enormous groups of goliaths assemble to permit the jaws to peck their skin.



Regardless of whether it's a red snapper you want, barbecued as you would prefer or the recognizable solace of a smooth pasta dish you wish for, even a scoop of sweet frozen yogurt on a searing blistering evening, Dharavandhoo to satiate your taste buds while you unwind outlines of continuous skylines. 

There are three neighborhood bistros on the island, just as eateries and bars in the lodgings. Food on offer is a blend of customary and present day cooking, where the menu is planned with an accentuation on taste, assortment and nature of fixings. The food is scrumptious and modest, mouth-watering dishes of global cooking and you can arrange dinners as indicated by your own inclinations. The menu incorporates good and liberal morning meals, Maldives' admission, soups (counting vegan), pastas, servings of mixed greens, barbecues, new fish and fish, pastries, organic products, delicate mixed drinks, squeezes and beverages, and tea and espresso. Topping with rice, potatoes and new vegetables. The normal cost for a liberal bit of 4 to 10 dollars. Flame broiled fish is $ 10 - $ 15. Likewise, you can attempt a sentimental supper under the stars directly on the sea shore, or on the close by shoal at entirely sensible costs. (from $ 60-90). 

Like wherever in the occupied Maldives, Dharavandhoo has a dry law, and on the off chance that you are exhausted on liquor you can book a visit to the closest hotel with comprehensive arrangement, including brew and alcohols. 

Local people love to grandstand the most awesome aspect the Maldivian abilities, and Dharavandhoo has a Maldivian social show with nearby artists, artists and artists address customary Maldivian diversion week by week. Visitors can appreciate cadenced singing and rhythms of Bodu Beru - a hit the dance floor with drums that goes with this staggering show. Some visitor houses consistently arrange night discos and films on the big screen in high season.

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