We provide a tranquil stay to everyone looking for a quiet, serene vacation. You may unwind and take in the laid-back island lifestyle by doing anything from exploring the deserted beaches and verdant landscape to simply lounging in your room or garden area. We provide you as much excitement to thrill you as there is peace. The activities range from casual beachside barbecues with live traditional music and dancing to intense big game fishing at night and picnics on pristine sand banks.

We supply what you require. It may include family vacations planned with various excursions to discover nature and marine life, such as manta rays, turtles, and other marine life, as well as romantic treks down memory lane for couples blended with quiet getaways among the local way of life and culture. Snorkeling, picnics on the beach, and excursions to private islands are some of the most well-liked activities that you will enjoy taking part in. The Horsburgh atoll's turquoise lagoons and waterways are the ideal setting for a variety of natural water activities. Our restaurant, which is surrounded by a vibrant garden, is ready to seduce guests with world and local cuisines for lunch and dinner.

Horsburgh Island Guesthouse

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Horsburgh Island Guest House

Horsburgh Island Guest House

The guesthouse is situated on the outskirts of the neighbourhood and is surrounded by 70 hectares of wild nature. The island's first guesthouse is the Horsburgh Island Guesthouse. specially created to have the appeal of a vacation hotel. We at Horsburgh Island Guesthouse provide our guests with a low-cost, enduring, and culturally rich experience.

The guesthouse has 5 premium rooms, each with an adjoining sitting area and television. It features a central complex area that doubles as a restaurant and reception, where our staff will treat you to a lovely vacation whether you choose to go alone or with loved ones. Even in the Maldives, there are places where you may find seclusion and get away from the bustle of the city.

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