As we have our own Dive Center with a Diving Boat and the Best Diving Points within reach in minutes, Liberty Guest House Maldives, a 10 room guesthouse with attached bathrooms in A. Dh. Mahibadhoo AND second guesthouse in A. A. Himandhoo with 3 rooms and attached bath rooms, has an in-house restaurant. The two best points in this atoll are Manta Point and Whale Shark Point. On the beach is where our guest house is.

A resort or hotel is NOT our guest house. This is a neighbourhood guest house, and we respectfully ask that our guests understand the distinction between a guest house and a resort or hotel. There is a Private Beach at the other end of the island, and Bikini is NOT

Liberty Guest House Maldives

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Liberty Guest House Maldives House in Mahibadhoo

Liberty Guest House Maldives House in Mahibadhoo

Our proprietor, Mr. Zala, is based in the Maldives' Liberty Guest House. He is fluent in Hindi, Dhivehi, English, Italian, French, and German. He has his diving instructor certification. He has 27 years of experience in the tourism sector, during which time he has held a variety of positions.

Mr. Zala has previously owned and run two diving safari boats in the Maldives as well as his own dive centre in a resort. His name, Zala Divers, serves as the name of our diving centre.

He has done professional diving in the Red Sea, the South of the Maldives, and the North of the Maldives. All of our clients will receive special attention from Mr. Zala. The Maldives' Liberty Guest House is a Divers' Paradise. We began the

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