With a stay at this accommodation, which provides complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms, you can start your trip off well. This facility puts you close to attractions and fascinating dining alternatives because of its convenient location in the South Male Atoll region of the Maldive Islands. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Chickens Surf Point. The restaurant of this three-star hotel will make your stay more luxurious and memorable.

For maximum flexibility, lock in today's lowest rates and pay nothing up advance! Use simple criteria to choose the ideal room, check out authentic reviews, and contact live support at any moment. Website that is mobile-friendly. Numerous options. No Extra Charges.Three nights were spent in Narnia Maldives, and they were cosy and comfy. The rooms were large and spotless, the bathrooms were kept up, and the water

Narnia Maldives

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Narnia Maldives Map - Adress - Transportation

Narnia Maldives Map - Adress - Transportation

The magnificent 4-star Narnia Hotel Maafushi is located in a picturesque region with beaches. For honeymooners, couples, and families looking to have a romantic vacation, the resort makes a wonderful hideaway. This hotel pampers its guests with a wide range of opulent amenities. Visitors are welcome to use the property's massage services after a long, exhausting day. Additionally, in order to satisfy the amusement and fun of its visitors, guests provide a wide range of activities, such as themed dinner nights, windsurfing, darts, pool, movie nights, walking tours, fishing, aerobics, and many others. One of the most sought-after lodgings in Maafushi, Maldives, is the hotel due to its convenient proximity to several tourist attractions. The Narnia Hotel Maafushi is 500 metres away.

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