We hope the new year gets off to a terrific start wherever it finds you. In the Maldives, Crown & Champa Resorts ring in the New Year without shoes, much like the locals do. It is how the island's flora and fauna, where sustainability is of the utmost importance, are connected to the island by nature.

Following the joyous holiday season, our resorts and their personnel have gotten right to work on our 2023 plans so that we can give you the finest of the Maldives. Our goal at Crown & Champa Resorts collection is to always innovate and enhance our services in order to raise the bar for the hospitality we offer. Even so, you can rely on us to uphold our commitment to the community, provide exceptional value, and maintain a diverse portfolio. As the Maldives are made of delicate beauty that we must all work to maintain, this year will see us continue to investigate ways to treat our environment with care.

Maldives is no more a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a winter escape thanks to the convenience of being a year-round destination with a selection of international airline connections. Instead, visitors come over the course of the year to cross things off their bucket lists, celebrate milestones in life, or go back on romantic getaways in their preferred locations. Well-being, rest, and relaxing leisure inexorably come with our resort collection as parents choose healthy family time while teaching kids about nature as a digital detox.

The days ahead should bring you to one of our resorts so you may enjoy everything the Maldives has to offer. We also have travel deals for May through October 2023 this month to assist you in planning your subsequent stay. We'll close by wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous and energetic new year!

What's Trending, New, and Fun at Crown & Champa Resorts This Month

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The holiday season celebrations for 2022 have just come to an end at the Crown & Champa Resorts portfolio. Gala dinners, exciting events, and live music performances were all available for our visitors who opted to spend the holiday season with us at our locations. Every year, we try to provide something special and fun for our visitors to make their stay unforgettable. So, will you be coming to see us for the holidays in 2023? Or perhaps it was even earlier?

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