There is absolutely something at Kuramathi Maldives resort this year for everyone, whether you are one half of a couple on a romantic holiday or part of a large family looking to spend quality time together.

Visit Kuramathi in 2023 to experience the Maldives at their finest. Relax, settle in, and take in the sights of the lovely island—sun, sand, surf, delectable cuisine, a variety of villas to suit every budget, an array of amenities, and, of course, the kind hospitality that the Maldives is renowned for.

Male Airport is 56 kilometres away from Kuramathi. The island is almost 1.8 kilometres long and is covered in acres of lush flora, stunning beaches, and an unending sandbank. Guest homes are dotted around lush gardens, situated over water or in remote regions of long beaches. Some have added pleasures like whirlpools or private pools.

What's New, Exciting, and Fun This Month in Kuramathi

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Holiday Check Gold Award

Holiday Check Gold Award

We are honoured to have won the Holiday Check Gold Award from the biggest travel website in German. This esteemed award has been granted to establishments since 2017 that have won five straight Holiday Check Special Awards. Only 152 hotels, including Kuramathi, received the Gold distinction for the award, which is given to highly rated lodgings.


With Aqua Sports & Fun's newest excursion adventure, Whale Shark Discovery, you can get up up and personal with the largest fish in the ocean. Speedboat travel to the South Ari atoll, a popular destination known for its year-round whale shark sightings, takes around two hours one way.

Our resident marine biologist will show you how to respectfully view these gentle giants in their natural habitat while being accompanied by the Eco Centre staff. The new outing takes place on Sundays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm once a week. Additionally, Eco Centre presents a marine biology presentation about whale sharks every week.


Planning a vacation is as liberating and simple as the island itself. We are excited to present the updated Kuramathi App. This practical island guide includes details on the amenities and services offered, including a restaurant and bar menu, spa menu, leisure activities, entertainment calendar, sustainability initiatives, and many more.

For iOS users, go to the App Store, and for Android users, go to Google Play.

Valued Mixed drinks

Valued Mixed drinks

At the Annual Cocktail Competition at Sky Bar, it was our guests' time to demonstrate their skill in creating appetising beverages.

Out of eight competitors, two German sisters took first place, earning the right to appear on our bar menus. Joela Tessendorf takes first place with her Pretty Pink drink, which has a Vodka base and a zesty flourish of Sprite and lime. The runner-up is Tabea Tessendorf's Cream Dream, a powerful blend of espresso, white rum, and Tia Maria softened with fresh cream for a fluffy finish. A definite must-try during your subsequent trip to Kuramathi!



Sanjeewa Liyanawaduge, our resident horticulturist, is the only man on the island who speaks the language of plants fluently. It was expected of him given his upbringing on the family's farm in Sri Lanka to develop a green thumb. He explains that his decision to become a horticulture was motivated by his desire to produce plants in a scientific manner. The Hydroponic Garden is cared after by Sanjeewa, who also ensures that the island's environs remain lush.

According to Sanjeewa, cultivating healthy plants requires nothing but patience and focus. He cheerfully responds, "Succulents," when asked about his favourite plant.

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