On Wednesday night, Hanimaadhoo International Airport's enormous expansion project was formally unveiled. To commemorate the start of the Hanimaadhoo International Airport expansion project, a celebration was conducted at Hdh. Hanimaadhoo. President Solih and Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the Minister of External Affairs of the Republic of India, officially launched the project.

President Solih addressed the gathering and said that by finishing the airport expansion project, the area would experience economic prosperity. He continued by saying that it will boost tourism infrastructure, such as guesthouses and city hotels, promote job growth in the northern atolls, and turn the area into an economic powerhouse.

Launch of the Hanimaadhoo International Airport Expansion Project

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The Historic Project

The Historic Project

The monumental undertaking is the biggest and most important infrastructure undertaking started outside of the Malé region. The project is funded by an MVR2.1 billion loan from the Exim Bank of India, and it is assigned to the Indian company JMC Projects.

A new 2,460-meter runway will be constructed as part of the project, along with facilities to accommodate large aircraft. The brand-new terminal can handle 1.3 million people a year.

President Solih praised the revolutionary developmental progress being led by the administration as having been carefully planned, researched, and carried out. Although many of the ongoing development projects have been completed, he continued, 41 islands in the northern region have already been connected by the RTL high-speed ferry service. The development of water and sewage networks on all inhabited islands is also moving forward.

The President also emphasised ongoing airport development initiatives taking place all around the nation. President Solih highlighted that although the projects for Hoarafushi Airport and Faresmaathoda Airport had been finished, the administration had mobilised resources for the Maafaru International Airport project. Additionally, he said that the administration has raised money for airport construction projects in the atolls of Vilufushi Island in the Thaa Atoll, Thulhaadhoo Island in the Baa Atoll, and Bilehfahi in the Shaviyani Atoll.

President Solih also mentioned the several initiatives that the Indian government was helping to fund all around the nation and referred to the country as the Maldives' crucial development partner. During the ceremony, the contract to build the Felivaru Cold Storage Complex was also signed.

Along with the President and Dr. Jaishankar, key government officials, cabinet ministers, and members of Parliament attended the event.

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