Visitors are invited to spend this Easter vacation in the Maldives' beautiful surroundings at Oaga Art Resort, which promises to be whimsical and enjoyable. The resort's schedule of events, which will take place from April 8 to April 10 in 2023, creates the festive atmosphere for events like egg hunts, gala dinners, and special brunches all across the island.

The resort's scavenger egg hunt will lead you on a trek in quest of clues from the main pool at Raa Baa on one end of the island to Sobi Bar, the beer and gin garden, on the other. The gold, silver, and bronze eggs that are awarded to those who complete the challenge are a keepsake to treasure the memory.

The resort also makes a passing reference to Maldivian culture throughout all the activities, drawing humour from cultural allusions like the Dhivehi custom of "bismalhi dhuvvun," in which a thread is attached to a chicken's leg to determine where it lays eggs.

Also, Ms. Xulfishan (Xubba), an award-winning Maldives wellness leader and the creator of the Hoba Spa concept, will be visiting the island for the holiday season. Being a Maldives "Beysveriyaa" or healer, Xubba's knowledge is based on centuries-old techniques that have been handed down to her from previous generations. She has infused this knowledge into the idea of Hoba Spa to give the spa experience an authentically Maldivian flavour.

This Easter, you may also look your best at the Oaga Art Resort for the Easter Sunday Brunch at Kaa Kada or the Gala Dinner on Easter Eve, both of which will feature a variety of festive culinary delights. Enjoy a movie or a beachside BBQ while listening to the waves crashing in the background. During the morning rituals offered by Hoba Spa, set your intentions for optimism, rejuvenation, and fresh life. The Suvsthi Retail & Art Gallery team will teach you how to make artistic egg-pressions, the Rahvehin team at the resort is inspired to cater a happy and festive celebration to visitors, friends, and family of all ages and interests. You can also learn music with some bunnies at the Take Notes 101 sessions.

Join the Fun: Oaga Art Resort's Easter Egg Hunt Promises an Unforgettable Experience

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Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Buskers, flash mobs, live music performances, a pool party, and a DJ will liven up the spaces during the course of this Easter weekend to complete the atmosphere on the island.

With something for everyone right around the corner and being inspired by the finest of Maldives history, art, culture, and legacy, Oaga offers a diverse range of activities and memorable sensations for interested tourists. On the island where the magic of storytelling delightfully comes to life, discover all the Maldives has to offer while crafting your own tale.

With inclusions like Creative Expression (art) classes, Take Notes (music) experiences, Thashibari In-Villa Dining to a floating meal, choices of excursions, motorised water sports, and many more, Oaga Art Resort's Greatest All-Inclusive plan redefines what All-Inclusive is all about for Maldives lovers looking for an all-inclusive vacation.

Oaga Art Resort - Greatest All Inclusive with Free Speedboat Transfers
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