Oaga Art Resort, an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives close to Male, officially opened to the public in 2023. Oaga is a modern company led by a Maldivian team, and its core idea is the idea of organic community growth. The Maldive Islands' collective tale is elevated by the art resort, which embraces the tranquillity provided by the surrounding sun, sand, and beaches while providing a platform specifically designed to support local artisans and craftspeople. Oaga Art Resort reinvents the Maldivian experience by fusing the traditional with the modern in a way that has never been done before.

The resort's new year's celebration in 2023 showed how traditional methods of the ancestors were replaced by the modern street style that Oaga represents. In addition to asking everyone to participate in this novel concept, where there is certain to be at least one event that would appeal to everyone, they also celebrated the formal launch of their homegrown brand to the globe.

In the Maldives Oaga Art Resort makes its debut in 2023

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Specialised Restaurant

Specialised Restaurant

This is demonstrated by their most comprehensive all-inclusive package, which offers activities like Creative Expression (art) lessons, Take Notes (music) sessions, Thashibari In-Villa Dining, floating meals, a variety of excursions, motorised watersports, and so forth.

Their primary restaurant, Kaa Kada, which is a part of the all-inclusive package, draws its inspiration from the utmost comfort of cuisine offered on a bustling street. Watch the chefs working behind the counter as they make the a la carte dishes, then savour them in the simple but welcoming atmosphere of the island.

Their specialised restaurant, Samaasaa, is a pioneer in its field. It combines exquisite dining with interactive literature and is now debuting with Maldivian folktales. Travel through Chef Zuzu's five-course supper, which tells legends from the past featuring magical creatures or star-crossed lovers.

Their very own holistic wellness brand, Hoba Spa, delivers the essence of Maldivian healing practises that have been handed down through the decades, entirely recreated to suit the needs of contemporary spa experiences. Awaken your senses and re-connect you to these Maldivian soils with the help of the time-tested curative elements' nostalgic offerings. Their "Atharuge" offers customisable curative therapies created using locally produced and made-to-order oils.

The most well-known Maldivian folktales have served as inspiration for the island's mansions. Dive into the vibrantly coloured paintings at the Haruge Beach Villa with Private Pool to experience the legend of the two lovers, Dhon Hiyala a'i Alifulhu, which is filled with splendour, magic, and sea animals native to the deep blue.

The Veyoge Gallery Pool Villas are modelled like the house where "Khalid and Sitti" spent their evenings since they were inspired by their love tale. An invisible mirror exterior that evokes the legend of Khalid and Sitti enhances the interiors from the outside, giving visitors a sense of stimulation and safety.

The largest hand-painted mural pool in the Maldives is located in the resort's main bar and pool, Raa Baa. It was created and painted by Rahvehi native artists. Additionally, the resort has incorporated the ideas of other regional artists into various design elements, including their furnishings and walls. On the island, you may find over 300 hand-painted murals on things like walls, pools, tables, chairs, and even sign posts.

Oaga Art Resort offers tiny doses of artistic experiences and educational opportunities about Maldivian history and culture as an authentically Maldivian product. One of their primary CSR objectives is to provide a forum for the promotion of local talent and support of the regional cottage industry.

Oaga Art Resort is located in North Malé Atoll, 45 minutes via speedboat from Malé International Airport. Oaga Art Resort's artistic and creative spaces offer an immersive experience curated by local and visiting artists, as well as Maldivian craftsmen. The resort is located on a small island with 60 villas with beach and over-water options, four dining establishments, and a spa inspired by traditional healing practises.

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