Physical and mental health are still front of mind for everyone, in large part because of what the lockdowns showed us about how much healthy diet, a good mood, and exercise can improve our daily lives. - Marie Claire, UK, Health & Wellness Trends 2023.

A conscious and balanced lifestyle that is in line with the value of living well has been consistently emphasised at the forefront of the health and wellness industry while we are all transitioning to the post-lockdown age. As we leave behind the tension and anxiety of uncertainty we experienced over the previous two years, the year 2023 encourages continued concentration on physical and mental welfare.

Every living minute of our lives should be lived with mindfulness, which is the practise of being conscious of one's mind, body, spirit, and environment. We start to appreciate a slower pace of life, live a healthier lifestyle, welcome complete relaxation, and learn to be more creative and protective with our free time as we become more conscious of the effects of our thoughts and actions.

Based on their lifestyle and eating habits, each person has a certain set of requirements that improves their overall wellbeing. The Nautilus offers a variety of mindfulness exercises and experiences, some of which can be entirely customised to meet your specific needs. Start your spa journey at Solasta Spa to maintain your physical and emotional well-being with spa services aimed at lowering your stress levels, promoting relaxation, fostering personalised connections, and enhancing rejuvenation to support better sleep.

The Nautilus Maldives offers a customised and integrated mindfulness Luxury Spa experience

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Towards The Feminine

Towards The Feminine

The Stress Melter - Begin a journey that is personalised for you with a meditation and yoga class that incorporates the best methods for each individual. A customised experience that includes a massage and repeated olfactory infusions of different strokes is intended to melt your stress away.The Maison Caulières Massage: Improve circulation, reduce stress, and replenish energy throughout the body. Warm honey and infused oils are used as a calming balm that has a sweet scent to soothe nerves and uplift emotions.

To The Masculine

A warm thermal moor mud mask is applied after a deep cleaning exfoliation as part of the Back Reviver process. Finishing with a soothing foot, leg, neck, and shoulder massage that leaves the muscles rested and revived.The Good Sport is a specially designed sports-style massage for targeted deep-muscle treatment, injury avoidance, and released lactic acid. Come in after or before your workout for a powerful, customised massage using warming oils.

With The Couples

A joyful and tender couples ritual that is inspired by the summer and the warm seasonal cycles is Quiet Calm: Evening Sun Gaze. Skin-nourishing specialty treatments include seasonal body exfoliation, a soothing moisturising wrap, and a relaxing massage. For the ultimate beauty fix, indulge in a queen facial to round off the relaxing process.Free-spirited Spa Journey: For the pair, an engrossing body scrub using sugar, honey, and broom flower from Maison Caulières will smooth, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin. The voyage concludes with a trademark massage from Maison Caulières, leaving you completely rested, after a toning body wrap.

The Nautilus' Unscripted Dining

The Nautilus' Unscripted Dining

A well-maintained nutritious diet is intimately related to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, which goes beyond treatments and meditation at a posh spa in the Maldives. Our talented culinary team can create a mouthwatering gourmet experience that meets your dietary needs thanks to The Nautilus' unscripted dining philosophy.

Unscripted dining claims an anytime, anyplace experience. The three restaurants and two bars on board The Nautilus delight in creating ad hoc, custom gastronomic experiences that are catered to each guest's preferences. You have the option of having private dining in-residence or island-wide upon request. Through our collaboration with Ananda in the Himalayas, our culinary offering has expanded to include an innovative selection of healthy cuisine, featuring upscale Ayurvedic delicacies such Beetroot Poached Pears and Soy Bolognese.

Start your ultimate relaxing vacation by setting foot in our opulent Bohemian retreat, where time stands still and you are free to design your own universe depending on your own needs to pamper yourself. Contact us at [email protected] to create the trip of your dreams for your well-deserved vacation.

The Nautilus is a part of Pulse Hotels & Resorts, a 2015 startup in the hospitality industry. There are 26 beach and ocean houses and residences available for guests at the opulent resort, which is situated in the Baa Atoll.

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