The new Riverside Luxury Cruises acquired four former Crystal Cruises European river ships, making this the biggest river cruise news of the week.

In 2023, Two will start sailing. While Riverside Debussy will cruise the Rhine, Riverside Ravel will sail the Rhône and Saône rivers of France. Later this year, the Riverside Bach and Riverside Mahler itineraries will be released. The former Crystal Mozart, which Riverside had previously acquired, will start sailing for Riverside on the Danube River in the spring of 2023.

The world's largest sailing ship, the Orient Express Silenseas, is being built by premier shipbuilder Chantiers de l'Atlantique in a partnership between Orient Express owner Accor. The ship will start sailing in 2026, according to sister publication Luxury Travel Advisor.

Plans for new routes

Viking revealed its global cruise itinerary for 2024–2025, including the brand-new "Viking World Voyage I," which will depart from Port Everglades, Florida, on December 19, 2024, and travel 180 days around the globe. Travelers will spend 13 nights in ports while visiting 85 ports in 37 different nations.

Longer cruises are becoming more and more popular among passengers looking to extend their vacation time. One cruise line planning some lengthier cruises in 2024 is Holland America Line.

Three further Scenic Eclipse II excursions to the Ross Sea and East Antarctica in 2024–2025 were announced by Scenic Group. The historic explorations of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Dr. Douglas Mawson, and Robert Scott are celebrated locations that tourists will visit.

Paul Gauguin Trips has launched a brochure for their collection of 2024 itineraries in the South Pacific, with all-inclusive cruises available on board the cosy Paul Gauguin. Two of the line's seven itineraries sailing the next year are brand-new, including a seven-night cruise called "More Society Islands & Tahiti" that includes a visit to Raiatea and a 14-night itinerary called "Islands of the Marquesas & Tuamotus" that includes five stops in the Marquesas.

One Obstacle

The fact that some cruise lines have experienced problems with sea snail and algae infestations on ship hulls has presented a challenge this month for the cruise industry's return to the South Pacific, and particularly New Zealand. As divers laboured to clean the hulls, port visits were postponed or cancelled. To prevent reef contamination, New Zealand has strong laws.

Riverside Adds Crystal Ships, Orient Express' Yacht, Week in Review

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Additional Cruise News : Cruise Planners publishes a list of

Additional Cruise News : Cruise Planners publishes a list of

With purchases up 15% from the previous year—2019—Cruise Planners concluded 2022 on a high note. 2019 was a record-breaking year for travel. The home-based travel agency discussed its top travel trends and what its network of advisers are concentrating on throughout wave season prior to the start of this year.

Luxury travel is king when it comes to one of the most popular travel themes for 2023. The size of the global luxury market, estimated at $945.6 billion in 2019, is projected to increase 11% during the following four years. As the CEO and creator of Cruise Planners, Michelle Fee stated, "We know 2023 is the 'Year of Travel' just by looking at the enormous number of sales we have on the books and it is not quite a month into the new year. Luxury is at the top of the list, and clients are willing to spend any amount of money to make memories with their loved ones.

The luxury cruise market is one of the areas of the luxury travel industry that has experienced a surge in growth. These well-liked locations are being reserved by Cruise Planners advisors:

Baltic Sea


European River

Africa, the Middle East, and India


Other popular cruise destinations are the Caribbean (+12% for 2023 compared to 2019), Alaska (trending at 32 percent for departures compared to 2019), and Europe, which is also experiencing significant demand with a 32 percent increase for departures in 2023 compared to 2019.

Other upward trends include:

Increased emphasis on sustainability: As environmental worries about the effects of tourism rise, it's expected that more tourists will look for eco-friendly vacation options. This might entail a rise in eco-appeal tourism's as well as a stronger focus on sustainable procedures at hotels and resorts. Major cruise lines are increasingly using LNG-powered ships as they try to lower their carbon footprint.

Increase in domestic travel: Some people are reluctant to travel abroad due to high plane costs, and this trend is likely to remain for the foreseeable future. When a result, as people discover more about their own nation and region, domestic tourism may rise.

Expansion of remote work: It's possible that many people will continue to work remotely, if not full-time, long after the pandemic is over. The pandemic has hastened the trend of remote work. As more people take advantage of the freedom and flexibility that remote work provides, "digital nomad" travel may become more prevalent.

Grandparents, parents, and children travelling together allows families to make the most of their time together. For individuals interested in this kind of travel, Mexican all-inclusive resorts and Caribbean cruises are excellent choices.

Given the abundance of options, travellers are increasingly looking for personalised and tailored experiences that are catered to their unique interests and tastes. This might cover everything from specialised tours to unique vacation packages.

Vacations focused on wellness: According to a Global Wellness Institute research, from now until 2025, wellness tourism will expand by a total of 21 percent. Today's crop of vacation destinations offers something for everyone's wellbeing.

In light of shifting trends and conditions, it is evident that the travel industry will continue to adapt and change. Travelers may ensure that their trips will be secure and pleasurable in 2023 and beyond by keeping an eye on these developments.

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