On March 1, 2023, the Sea Hub for Environmental Learning in Laamu (SHELL), one of the best outlying resorts in the Maldives, will open its doors. On May 6, 2022, the cornerstone of The SHELL, which has a total size of 5,952 square feet (553 square metres) and is located on the resort's sunset beach, was laid. Along with a gallery exhibition space, offices, a marine laboratory, a movie theatre, and a kids' area, it will house the Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI), a marine conservation collaborative made up of marine biologists from Six Senses Laamu and partner NGOs, The Manta Trust, Blue Marine Foundation, and the Olive Ridley Project. The room will also benefit from conservation art and virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The regional general manager, Marteyne van Well, thinks that understanding must come before healing the ocean. Baba Dioum, an environmentalist, once remarked, "In the end, we shall protect only that which we love; that which we love; and that which we understand." Let's instruct and inform the next generation about the value of protecting the environment. To engage the hearts and minds of our visitors, our host communities, and ourselves is the goal of the Sea Hub for Environmental Learning in Laamu. We hope to leave a legacy in the Laamu Atoll where science and recreation converge with the single purpose of inspiring people to learn more and safeguard, along with our owners, HPL Hotels & Resorts.

The SHELL is a multi-purpose area created to educate visitors and provide specialised, immersive marine conservation experiences. During unusual interactions, visitors are invited to explore the colourful and lively local aquatic life in the 2,336 square foot (217 square metre) core exhibition room. The MUI team will deliver interactive guest activities and activities in conjunction with their research, initiatives, and conservation efforts. In order to further advance MUI's audacious goal of seeing sustainable resource management in Laamu, The SHELL will also include specialised facilities for hosting top researchers.

The SHELL represents the start of a new chapter in the history of Six Senses Laamu and the resort's long history in marine conservation and community involvement, according to Stephen Lau, Chairman of HPL Hotels & Resorts. Our shared goal at HPL has been to improve Laamu atoll for future generations. Our shared goal has been the impetus behind the current development of this project. We believe that the tales and research the SHELL is conducting will inspire aspiring marine biologists and burgeoning conservationists, and that both visitors and partners will want to be a part of the conservation journey.The SHELL enables us all to speak out in support of the amazing marine ecosystems on the atoll and our shared obligation to preserve them.

Six Senses The Sea Hub of Environmental Learning's opening is celebrated at Laamu (SHELL)

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Aquatic Life

 Aquatic Life

The core gallery, often known as the Tank, has five instructional viewing booths for adults and children and a high-resolution LED display floor to provide visitors to the SHELL an immersive experience. It uses a variety of underwater Laamu atoll landscapes to shed light on a few marine life micro-topics. This interactive gallery, created by Singapore's Illuminate Productions, is exclusive to the Maldives and aims to inform visitors about the fascinating aquatic life near Six Senses Laamu. The content, which was created in the style of a glass-bottom boat, will be frequently updated to include fresh footage obtained by the resort's diving crew and diver hosts, creating a constantly-evolving backdrop for visitors to enjoy during their many stays at the resort.

"The SHELL at Six Senses Laamu's opening is a significant occasion for the resort and the firm as a whole since it illustrates Marteyne and her team's commitment to the ocean environment and biodiversity, a major concern. According to Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs, "We are equally pleased and excited about how Six Senses is putting to life our corporate ideals in the lovely and vulnerable Maldives ecosystem through the SHELL.

Young (or young at heart) and aspiring marine scientists can learn about Laamu and the undersea environment in the Kids' Zone. Highlights include the "Draw Alive" feature where kids can colour in their favourite marine creatures and watch them come to life on a big screen with the help of advanced animation technology to watch them swim and move throughout a virtual world, and an augmented reality sandbox where users can change and redesign habitats and topography using projection mapping technology.

According to Lawrence Menz, Project Manager of the SHELL, "The Maldives Underwater Initiative by Six Senses Laamu also needs a larger location to call home, as the team is expanding in size and goals, just like the hermit crab has to move into a larger shell when it outgrows the previous one. The SHELL will use amazing graphics, immersive experiences, and interactive elements to highlight the beautiful marine world that surrounds us. We'll be undertaking cutting-edge research in our brand-new lab spaces in the hopes of discovering at least some of Laamu's queries.

The SHELL has a 506-square-foot (47-square-meter) amphitheatre with breathtaking underwater world images that serves as a backdrop for the team as they share their stories of the land and waters of Laamu and present their research and discoveries to visitors and professional colleagues.

According to Philippa Roe, Head Marine Biologist, "The MUI team has been trying to promote Laamu as a hub for marine research and become an example of sustainable marine resource management in the Maldives over the years. The resources of the centre will enable us to make even greater steps toward understanding and assisting the marine environment and achieving our aim. We submitted 12 research papers at the 2022 Maldives Marine Science Symposium that were centred on studies on Laamu. This knowledge played a role in the creation of six Marine Protected Areas in the atoll and the designation of Laamu as a Mission Blue Hope Spot in 2021.

The team is aware that conservation requires a coordinated effort between scientific inquiry, local support, and global knowledge in order to be truly successful. To protect the environment and the people of Laamu, The SHELL intends to combine all these components in a unique and interesting way.

Six Senses Laamu's description The only five-star hotel in the Laamu Atoll is Laamu. It is encircled by a stunning coral house reef deep in the Indian Ocean. There are beach villas and on-land eating options available, but the majority of the homes and services are located above water. With breathtaking views of the ocean and Maldivian landscape, each villa offers a feeling of privacy and tranquilly.

An ice cream shop, an over-water wine cellar, and the hotel's famous Chill bar are just a few of the eating options available at Six Senses Laamu. In addition to the Six Senses Spa, there are several activities and excursions offered on land, in the water, and underwater.