With a stay at this accommodation, which provides complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms, you can start your trip off well. This facility places you close to attractions and intriguing dining alternatives because of its convenient location in the South Ari Atoll region of the Maldive Islands. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Chickens Surf Point. The restaurant of this three-star hotel will make your stay more luxurious and memorable.

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Ufa Escape

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Ufa Escape, Asia hotel Maldives

Ufa Escape, Asia hotel Maldives

A lovely island-style single-story building with five rooms under one roof and private entrance is tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, making for a really romantic setting.

UFA ESCAPE - THE ISLAND HOME is situated on Dhigurah Island in the Maldives' South Ari Atoll. The building has been transformed into a boutique-style inn. Only on MakeMyTrip.com can you find the cheapest rates for a stay at Ufa Escape in the Maldives. Hurry! Get the best deal here to finalise your guest house reservation. At Ufa Escape, you may anticipate a return airport shuttle, a corner/local shop, and a garden. In addition to a restaurant and laundry facilities .

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