With probably the best water manors, Angsana Velavaru is situated in Dhaalu atoll (South Nilandhe atoll), Maldives in a short time via seaplane from Velana (Male) International Airport. With eminent white sea shores the retreat is on the lovely Velavaru island, which signifies "Turtle Island" and is encircled by a pleasant tidal pond with clear turquoise waters playing any shades of blue and green. Ideal for a special night or other sentimental escape, just as family get-away Angsana Velavaru Resort isn't modest, yet a superb retreat for those with the best of tastes. This 113-estate resort offers 79 island manors and 34 InOcean Villas, uncovering terrific perspectives and direct admittance to the Indian Ocean. 

In October 2019 Angsana Velavaru Maldives, part of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts' assortment of private island resorts, finished a multi-million dollar remodel and extension by improving the item offering of this notable retreat. The new look of Velavaru highlights an engaging blend of stylish and dynamic components motivated by Maldivian craftsmanship making an unmistakable style that is obvious at each touch purpose of the Angsana brand.

Angsana Velavaru - 101 Activities

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The Island

The Island

The finishing of the new 324sqm principle pool at Kuredhi sea shore is a staggering expansion to Angsana Velavaru. Visitors currently have the chance to take in unlimited nightfalls while tasting mixed drinks in the advanced in pool parlors or contemporary lowered cabanas, while children can play uninhibitedly in the children pool. 

The new Beach Front Infinity Pool Villas currently include a 15sqm dive pool neglecting the sea, and are for the most part outfitted with trendy offices, light insides and stylish decorations with Maldivian roused stylistic layout. 

The revamped estates likewise include private and extensive back nurseries with roundabout molded decks and jazzy baths. The all encompassing perspectives on the turtle molded estates lead to the extremely enormous front porch where you can either laze on a sun bed or examine the awesome perspective on the interesting island tidal pond. 

Maldivian enlivened outdoors eating idea Magoo Garden adds to the different eat around experience, with the retreat currently presenting to five cafés, offering Mediterranean top notch food at overwater eatery and bar Azzurro, lobster menus at Funa café and bar, throughout the day eating at Kaani eatery and pool menus at Kuredhi eatery, bar and exhibition. 

The sea shore is decent, delicate and wide, despite the fact that on occasion it normally moves around the island and close to Deluxe Beachfront Pool Villa specifically spots of disintegration can be seen at specific seasons. In the tidal pond there is a decent house reef, swimming should more than fulfill the beginners, however there is no admittance to the drop off from the sea shore. With the development of new Ocean Villas, notwithstanding, presently there is admittance toward the western piece of the house reef, which was beforehand unavailable. You can basically board one of the boats that voyage once every hour and starting from the jetty the means into the water, at that point gradually float to the edge of the reef. Marine life in this part is different and plentiful with huge schools of trevally, fish and other pelagics, and billows of red-tooth trigger-fish. 

Albeit the swimming zone isn't long it isn't packed for the majority of the day, as numerous sea estates are involved by Chinese visitors, who are for the most part not solid swimmers and like to investigate coral casings and squares that were misleadingly joined into the tidal pond. Consequently the plunging base isn't just about as occupied as it used to be, despite the fact that there are a ton of extraordinary jump locales around. The water sports focus then again is typically occupied than most different offices and has a gigantic proposal of non-mechanized and mechanized water sports. 

Around 66% of the visitors from China and another 10% from Hong Kong and Korea. Nearly everyone please "bed and breakfast", and this decision can prompt a calm café with a set menu, where now and again the selection of dishes is arranged instead of smorgasbords. Frequently, this is anyway the most ideal approach to feast, as the gourmet experts can zero in their abilities on a specific menu. Additionally on the hotel's proposal there is an All-Inclusive arrangement and a full board. 

The help here is superb in the event that you have just had the delight of remaining at the Banyan Tree and Angsana lodgings. Angsana Velavaru is extremely uncommon, as we would like to think a retreat is made by the staff, and on this island there is an extraordinary thing. Quickly, you feel like you have made genuine companions, and it really makes leaving very troublesome. At the point when the staff seem, by all accounts, to be one major family, and you are invited in, it is uncommon. Every spirit is brimming with grins and is consistently prepared to assist with anything.



Dhaalu Atoll, a moderately pristine atoll of the Maldives archipelago, otherwise called South Nilandhe Atoll or Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi, is found 150 km southwest of the Maldives capital - the city of Male. The ideal tropical heaven of Dhaalu, isolates from North Nilandhe (Faafu) atoll, the Kandu Dheburieytherey waterway. 

The retreat is a 45-minute seaplane flight or a 30-minute homegrown flight and brief speed boat venture from Male. Continue to the Angsana's counter at the air terminal when you show up. Meedhoo Island (neighborhood island) is 5-minute excursion by speedboat. Whale Shark Point is 1-hour trip by speedboat.



There are two distinct kinds of convenience to browse in Angsana Velavaru: beachfront stay in the exemplary covered estates of the first hotel, or a sumptuous over-water insight in the enormous and new beguiling Ocean Villas gloriously floating in the tidal pond, and unattached to the island. 

Including 33 water estates notwithstanding 79 extra manors on the primary island, this hotel is strange in that the water manors are almost a full kilometer out into the tidal pond, associated exclusively by a ship that every now and again goes to and fro. 

The first sea shore rooms go two by two, sharing round rondaweli with covered rooftops. Private life is kept on the veranda because of the partitioning wall. In any case, the adjoining rondaweli are a couple of meters separated. The rooms, which were once of medium size, presently appear to be moderately little, albeit the bend shape is the hotly anticipated departure from the square shape in many rooms, and the Angsana style stands apart for particular, new and appealing insides. 

To the back of the estates was added a walled nursery to offer a more private vibe and there is a jacuzzi and a downpour shower. Inside everything is basic and appealing, however a stroll around the island will push you to the sorts of solid squares that degrade delicate, round straw firsts. Furthermore, far away from the principle island were fabricated 18 sea estates with a pool, be that as it may, once more, these are huge living spaces, particularly the wide sundeck around the enormous pool. 

Bunch InOcean Villas are isolated from the island by water, yet in addition by costs. This is the top-accomodation experience in the Maldives. These estates rank most noteworthy in the classes of water homes in the country, and have their own back rub parlor and a private café with stunning perspectives. The inside of the manors is wide, not long and utilizing a parcel can isolate the living territory from the room and from the washroom. Every estate has a huge pool, no less alluring than the actual room, in addition to an astounding security. 

A sea suspended lounger, a vastness pool developed over perfectly clear sea waters, an immense bath set by glass dividers permitting you an interminable perspective on the sea and a housetop structure make this Maldives overwater cottage experience totally remarkable. The roof structure serves as a sala for In-Villa spa medicines and a wooden poolside deck gives you space to sit and watch submerged life moving right under your estate in Maldives. Roomy sunbeds give couples the opportunity for sentimental security and families will adore the colossal living space, worked with full-length glass entryways for regular daylight.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Appreciate Maldivian, Asian and global top choices, while you watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. The hotel's three beautiful Maldives eateries will deal with you with extraordinary food and neighborly, loosened up assistance. On the principle island they have an alternate themed evening every evening and the cooks are glad to make whatever you'd like in the event that you give them enough notification. 

Ruin your taste buds with new sea picks at the overwater Funa eatery, or test worldwide joys at Kaani. Drop in at Kuredhi bar for a colorful mixed drink or two as the stars sneak into the sky.Wine and feast in the protection of your manor, or enjoy sentimental minutes with supper on the sea shore. Take off to a separated island with a cookout container, where powder white sand and turquoise waters set up for a life-changing encounter in the midst of the common wonder of the Maldives. 

The Italian eatery and the Azzurro bar are a stunning spot, with an enormous over-water deck with the best sea's perspectives. The menu highlights quality Mediterranean food, that on the off chance that you need, can be tasted in Chinese style. 

We reccommended the comprehensive dinner plan and ideal to have the option to appreciate fascinating beverages and mixed drinks. A few things are excluded however, for example, new coconuts. 

The bar and café staff are stunning - particularly in the principle island bar and the in sea eatery and bar.

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