The Calyx Grand guesthouse and its employees provide guests with attentive, customised care and are always on hand to assist them in any manner. There are two storeys in the hotel. There is a cosy lounge between the reception and eating areas on the ground floor of the hotel, where guests can relax while sipping tea or reading.

There is also a magnificent terrace where, starting in the morning, you may unwind and immerse yourself.

Fuvahmulah everyday life, observing the city and people congregating and clogging up the narrow streets and public spaces with their conversation. The first and second floors are where the rooms are located. A lovely patio is available for guests' use on the first level, where you may take in the breathtaking view.

The Calyx Grand is situated in the heart of Fuvahmulah, close to markets and restaurants. The hotel offers complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

Calyx Grand Fuvahmulah

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A lovely bed and breakfast named Calyx Grand opens its doors in 2019. Our inn is conveniently located along the highway and next to a little sandy beach in the centre of Fuvahmulah city. No matter why you're visiting Fuvahmulah—to dive with sharks, surf the waves, or just to take in our stunning lakes—you're sure to have a great time here.

With a stay at this accommodation, which provides complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms, you can start your trip off well. You may easily access attractions and fascinating dining alternatives from this property's convenient location in the Gnaviyani Atoll region of the Maldive Islands. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Chickens Surf Point. The restaurant of this three-star hotel will make your stay more luxurious and memorable.

In Fuvahmulah, there is a hotel called Calyx Grand. Anyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Bandaara Lake and Fuvahmulah Beach, but those seeking entertainment should go to Fuvahmulah Harbor.

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