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Situated in North Male Atoll, Coco Bodu Hithi is an island paradise with beautiful private pool villas and a lovely overwater spa. It's a 40-minute speedboat journey from Malé International Airport. The island is luxurious and modern. Coco Bodu Hithi has a very high occupancy rate, even during the off-season. Established in 2005, this contemporary, Maldives romantic 5-star resort captivates couples with its amazing ambiance and affordable prices, all while maintaining a distinctively Maldivian feel. Each of the 100 villas (66 above the ocean and 44 on the sand) has an outdoor shower and a small pool, in addition to an internal bathroom with a Nespresso coffee machine. Six elegant dining options, two alfresco cocktail lounges, a large thatched overwater spa, and a fitness facility with views of the ocean are all available. The lagoon offers scuba diving and snorkeling, and there's a spacious and uncrowded infinity pool. Even with all these amenities, visitors often choose seclusion in a quiet retreat, maybe accompanied by a bottle of wine from Wine Loft, particularly at night. The resort can be reached from the Malé airport in 45 minutes by speedboat; for those who would rather be closer, Taj Exotica is just 15 minutes away by boat. 

The hotel coco bodu hithi Maldives are built on the same principles: plenty of room, private outside decks and pools, modern decor, and true comfort. Our Island Villas provide a unique experience of Bodu Hithi, nestled within lush tropical flora and conveniently located near the coast. Each villa has its own private beach location. Our Water Villas and Escape Water Villas are situated off the east coast of the island, elegantly overlooking the lagoon. It is always wonderful to wake up to this vision of an unending ocean. Coco Residences, which comprise a distinctively exclusive section of the resort, face northwest, like an island community on the ocean. 

Coco Bodu Hithi

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The Island

The Island

After a speedboat trip from Velana air terminal the visitors are heartily invited at Coco Bodu's breakwater by a gathering of staff in cleaned however ordinary uniform. The perspective on the limitlessness pool, specifically, looks directly from a polished magazine with white and yellow sun beds appearing differently in relation to shades of turquoise. After registration visitors are shipped to estate by electric vehicle. A head servant's telephone number is additionally announced, that ought to settle every single authoritative issue or unique occasions. 

A sister propety, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu won the official Green Award a couple of years back, and care of the climate here is additionally obvious. The island's inside is packed with the Maldivian greenery and not just with coconut palms - it is an assortment of trees, bushes and blossoms that truly astounds when strolling along sandy ways. Vegetation is additionally utilized as a characteristic shield between estates for more security. 

In the same way as other different retreats, Bodu Hithi lives as expected, in front of Male for an hour ahead to offer visitor more sunlight. Regardless of the way that it is a smart thought in the long haul, subsequent to accepting an hour upon appearance, visitors can lose it when look at from the inn. The island is very enormous contrasted with different retreats, yet it is sufficiently simple to move with lovely sandy ways encompassed by lavish tropical vegetation. In different cases - electric vehicles are consistently close by - simply call. Along the ways you can discover little dedicatory plaques, and palms planted by past visitors during the vacation, wedding or commemoration. 

Visitors are a blend of Europeans (who typically book sea shore manors and condos) and Asians (who like to remain in water estates); The last mentioned, all in all, lean toward protection. After supper, don't expect nightlife and most visitors like to respect the tropical brilliant sky under the full moon, and the retreat's sentimental lighting makes a supernatural encompasses; the walkways are pleasantly enlightened and just the stirring of palm trees and the murmur of waves are heard. Generally speaking, visitors go to their awesome rooms to appreciate harmony and calm. By and by, the's director will probably add live Cuban music in the nights. 

Warning for visitors is given the day preceding look at with directions for takeoff. Prior to arriving on speedboat, a few staffs assemble and heartily bid farewell, offering filtered water. The mind-sets are contacting and genuine - all in all, an incredible method to complete the excursion ... by covering a goliath tab. 

Coco Bodu Hithi is one of the three sisters of the Coco inn assortment in the Maldives - it is more sumptuous (and costly) than the Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, yet not as costly as the super renowned Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island, which must be leased completely. The majority of the visitors here are couples; families are best positioned to focus on Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa, where there is a youngsters' club.



Coco Bodu Hithi is situated on a minuscule bit of a private island in the North Male, Kaafu atoll. After baggage carousel at Male Airport visitors will be accompanied to the boat where they will be offered drinking water. Contingent upon the breeze and climate, the exchange requires around 40 minutes. Ringed by perfect palm-bordered sea shores, the pleasant island is noteworthy from the start sight, and the ong appearance wharf, flanked by wind-blown palm trees prompts the sand, the banquet room, and the fundamental pool invites you with wow factor. Visitors are invited by a staff group and afterward accompanied to the eatery corridor for individual enrollment with an invite drink. 

Maldives is an autonomous state in Indian Ocean, comprising of 26 atolls and in excess of 1190 islands. Each retreat (there are more than 130 of them) is situated on a different private island, giving harmony and calm. The island's encompassing perfectly clear waters is a jungle gym for local attendant sharks that languidly crisscross among a plenitude of bright marine life. Coco Bodu Hithi is a moderately huge island, contrasted for certain neighbors, and even looks significantly more in view of the long wharfs with water estates leaving the tidal pond. Regardless of this, numerous visitors like to walk (particularly decent at dusk and dawn), in any case there are electric vehicles 24 hours. The retreat offers astounding swimming at explicit tidal pond's spots and a pleasant plunging with 5-star jump focus PADI.



In this inn truly lavish rooms and as we would see it, a decent incentive for cash. A splendid Maldivian modeler and a group of French planners made a triumphant mix of pretty covered rooftops and wood developments encompassing the excellent, present day inside of the island. The environmental factors build up a proper shoeless island vibe, while the insides are secretly extravagant and surprisingly ageless. Simply don't anticipate excessively current decorations, for example, bedside USB ports. 

There are 100 estates in four classifications; a large portion of them over the water on one or the other side of two separate piers. The plan is included by present day marriage (amorphous furnishings, vivid striped covers on lavish white covers) with customary Maldives' credits (covered rooftops, loads of lovely dull wood). All rooms have private pools (truly dazzling), creator arrangements in the washrooms, indoor and outside showers, twofold sinks, liberal servings of green tea and toiletries, wraparounds and shoes. The smaller than expected bar is pressed with wine, mixers, brew, sodas, drinking water and snacks, and + a dispensable Kodak camera (Water Villas accompany Ramen noodles, for Asian clients among which this classification is the most mainstream). 

There is a free Nespresso espresso machine, a bunch of teas with customary tea kettles and drinking water, however for most visitors the measure of water is doubtlessly insufficient and eventually - everybody purchases. Upon appearance, visitors at the estate will discover a plate of colorful products of the soil container of shining wine (or Moët with higher room class), alongside welcome from the senior supervisor and Maldivian "Welcome" spread out on the bed with palm leaves. Manors are likewise outfitted with a DVD player and sound framework with a bunch of CDs of conventional music. 

Water estates sit on braces over tidal pond. Also, despite the fact that they have excellent perspectives and an immediate entryway to the universe of swimming - to the white sands of the sea shore they are far away. All estates are enormous - if not more Island Villas and outfitted with comfortable twofold beds neglecting the deck with a private pool with a brilliant view, table, seats and hammocks. The enormous restrooms have a lawn with an open air shower and creator showers that contrast in plan from Island Villas. 

Getaway Water Villas is a stage up the size with a different lounge room and an implicit bar. Windows from floor to roof permit you to watch every minute of every day TV arrangement about the ocean directly from the room and not simply from the deck. There is a moderately decent swimming from Water Villas in the southern piece of the tidal pond, past Aqua eatery and on the north side close to the island's tip around Escape Water Residences. These homes are secured at a different pier (northern) for more prominent protection and highlight enormous water manors, with considerably bigger living space and a feasting region. They are a long way from the focal point of the retreat, yet nearer to the spa, wellness focus, and The Stars eatery. 

Europeans love to remain at Island Villas that are situated along the sea shore line. The Island Villas have an enormous round shower in the focal point of the room. From the shower you can stare at the TV or screen what's going on the veranda or on the sea shore. On the opposite side is a pool in the nursery and with two or three hammocks. True to form there is a TV with a wide screen and satellite stations, with a DVD player and a USB port. Unquestionably you will be frustrated by the pressing factor of water in the shower, however this issue is far reaching in the Maldives. 

Similarly, most visitors have a decent sea shore, yet not in all puts on the island. Some have a low divider and steps down onto a sandy tidal pond. Individuals don't will in general meander around the island, so there is an inclination that ti's your own space. 

Island Villas (344-334) and Water Villas (601-623) appreciate the play of dusk tones over the Indian Ocean, while the other convenience choices point toward the east. The best stretch of sea shore is given for Island Villas (310-333)



The cravings and tastes of visitors are run the Moroccan gourmet expert and there are six cafés with open hours that shift contingent upon the day of the week. Those visitors who stay in Water Villas and Island Villas will have simpler admittance to the gathering and swimmong pool that structure the hotel's heart. The Air is the fundamental eatery with an individually menu and a smorgasbord eating. The quality combination food is served for breakfast, lunch and supper with tables in the shade or on the patio sitting above the water. (for a smorgasbord eatery the night air is very sentimental). 

Over the Latitude bar is Tsuki, Japanese dishes for lunch and supper and close to you will locate the stunning Wine Loft, which opens for sentimental meals and extraordinary occasions. Here, behind the glass dividers is an assortment of jugs with an assortment of 250 names from 11 nations, from $ 50 to $ 2,500. In Wine Loft you can likewise load up on beverages for your estate. 

Across the island there are Aqua and Stars; these two are more costly and top notch food alternatives and the two cafés offer an incredible sea sees (table reservation is required). Visitors remaining in Escape Water Residences can utilize the Stars café for breakfast. There are two feast plans in the retreat: "awesome breakfast" and half board "breakfast + supper". 

Notwithstanding eateries, there is a 24 hour room administration and private meals can be masterminded in manor or on the sea shore. Week after week there are sea shore parties with grill fish. 

For a night cap there are two fundamental bars to look over: the Latitude Bar and Lounge close to the pool offers a rundown of beverages and a nibble menu for the duration of the day, and a mixed drink bar in The Stars. This spot is the lone spot where individuals get together to appreciate the organization or if nothing else the buzz of different visitors who are likewise acceptable at investing energy. Around evening time, the hotel is quite calm separated from films and PC games in Latitude on the big screen, albeit late years see evening diversion for visitors. This isn't the sort of spot that keeps on hanging out after 12 PM but then there is a neighborhood gathering of artists, in the event that you have not made new companions. Coco Bodu Hithi is essentially a circumspect couples or honeymooners resort.

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