COMO Cocoa Island in Maldives is an extraordinary encounter on a tropical island in its most perfect structure. Found 40 minutes by speedboat from Malé Airport, Cocoa offers a watchful extravagance at its best in private Boathouse Water Villas with shocking tidal pond sees, wonderful sea shore, stunning jumping and swimming in the warm waters of a house reef, straightforward however astounding food and a comprehensive Como Shambhala spa. 

On the off chance that Robinson Crusoe spend time with Kevin McCloud and Giorgio Armani, and not with a man named "Friday", his home on a remote location would most likely be fundamentally the same as Como Cocoa Island: wonderfully planned, this retreat in South Male Atoll in Maldives is the exemplification of controlled class. Suggestive of the assortment of houseboats in Kerala (kettuvallam), singular water estates with white insides and teakwood floors make a climate of easygoing sentiment. This little cut of tropical paradise offers an all out departure from regular daily existence - unwind in moderate style, lose yourself in a yoga class and, obviously, jump among the parrot fish, beams and sharks swimming close by.

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The Island

The retreat's 2019 remodel underlines the island's common style, while giving visitors significantly more reality to zero in on their prosperity. 

Cocoa is perhaps the most exceptional islands of the Maldives. It is a little yet totally shaped segment of sand, no greater than a football pitch – only 120 stages from one side to the next at its amplest and only 1 400 stages to circumnavigate. The slant of the sea shore is delicate to the point that it appears there is no limit to it, and quiet clean waters lick white, fine sand. Cocoa Island permits visitors to easily get from one finish of the island to the next. On the off chance that you don't spend an excessively long time halting to converse with crabs, accumulate shells or follow the youthful dark tipped reef sharks that watch the shallows rehearsing child chomps on passing fish, it requires a comfortable 10 minutes. 

Cocoa Island applies an extensive ecological arrangement and takes incredible consideration of its flawless common habitat and home reef, just as in close contact with the ventures of neighborhood public and altruistic associations. Characteristic materials have been utilized all through: kajan cover material, Maldivian coral-rock dividers, and wood. The clean-lined, light-splashed tasteful makes for thoughtful spaces to unwind, rest and recuperate. 

Some great exercises can differentiate the day by day life of visitors, who ordinarily come here just for unwinding. Coral reefs are effectively open and brimming with assorted marine life. Enormous schools of fish, everything being equal, and examples, turtles and reef sharks are normal occupants of the house reef. A standout amongst other jump destinations on the planet, the Vadhoo Channel, is a 10-minute outing by plunging boat. 

The moderate style makes a remarkable quiet and advances a prosperity that is difficult to coordinate. The assistance is delicate and careful. Offices are serene however incorporate plunging and yoga. The COMO Shambhala spa is an objective in its own correct which offers Asian-based treatments, a hydrotherapy pool and free yoga.


Sea shores, as plunged from the pages of reflexive magazines, warm tidal ponds with turquoise water and extraordinary compared to other making a plunge the Maldives - this about the South Male Atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a gathering of islands in the Maldives, which lies only south of the North Male Atoll and is isolated from it by the Vaadhoo Kandu channel. Indicating the most amazing aspect the Maldives, South Male area offers all you can require for a critical and comfortable occasion. The days here rotate around swimming, unwinding, water sports and swimming - and that's it. 

Arranged on the small island of Makunufushi, part of the South Malé atoll, the hotel is strategically placed a short ways from Malé air terminal by speedboat. The marine life is genuinely acceptable, with parrot fish, beams and sharks seen in the encompassing waters.


Roused by "Dhoni", a customary Maldivian fishing boat, the estates are a particular element of the retreat. The lodging's armada comprises of 33 keys, including 17 Dhoni Suites on braces, that make a typical inventiveness, and open from their porches a great perspective on the perfectly clear ocean. 16 Loft Villas are bigger and appreciate advantages as a characteristic solarium open to the sun and the sea. From the sun deck there is immediate admittance to the tidal pond. 

They drift over the water and are associated with the island by a wooden breakwater. With covered rooftops, mahogany furniture, dull wooden floors and floor-to-roof windows, their style can be put somewhere close to dazzling polish and the straightforwardness of a "home on the sea shore." Combining peculiar plan with Maldivian style, all rooms are extremely splendid and radiate unadulterated extravagance. 

All manors are furnished with quality cutting edge offices, which you can anticipate from the top lavish inn. Each room has its own deck, giving unhampered sea perspectives and a few estates have a mezzanine room. Each convenience is provided with COMO Shambhala's fragrant healing based, without parabens body, shower and hair items. 

With private patios, roof fans in a vintage style, showers and a different shower, all rooms here are Dhoni Suites, Dhoni Loft Suites, Loft Villas and estates - singular abodes situated free tidal pond along the twisting snake of a wooden dock. Whichever you pick, it will be unexplainable adoration, yet numerous visitors particularly like the two-level Dhoni Loft suites, and the super-private one-room manors with eating table on the patio and an outside shower. Attempt to book Villa ?1001 or ?1003, as they remain with backs to Cocoa and have the best immediate admittance to swimming. Dhoni Loft manors, all look directly along the house reef - pick higher numbers (from ?830 down) toward the finish of the wharf, to guarantee most extreme protection. 

You simply have enough space to swim here, however on the off chance that you don't care for salted, the sea shore has a delightful endlessness pool where you can sprinkle bounty.


Housed in an open wooden structure, Ufaa café offers an every day changing menu dependent on new fish, fish and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and supper. The culinary expert draws motivation from the rich legacy of Malabar coast and Thai cooking, just as a vegan spa menu of new sound food sources, and more recognizable food, including pizza and panini. Three times each week Ufaa delights visitors with themed menus comprised of Indian and Thai plans, and offers a fish grill buffet. Oven in the kitchen permits you to cook a low-fat, fragrant flame broil of meat, vegetables and fish. 

Clothing standard: Barefoot and in all light. The best tables by the pool, or make one stride further (in a real sense) and eat on the sea shore ... furthermore, supper on your own work area is very hard to stand up to. 

Bar Faro by the pool curves a blended arrangement of relax tracks and jazz music. Appreciate tasting mortally scrumptious fruit juice, great wine or ginger mojito. 

Lunch kills at 14:30; the last request for supper at 22:30. Beverages are poured in the Faru bar until 11 pm. 

Room administration: The stunning breakfast menu (seared bacon, grain, hotcakes, flapjacks, natural omelet ...) is accessible from 7-11 AM; and from early afternoon to 11 pm, the offer has light bites and full dishes (attempt lobster heated in oven). 

In the event that you fantasy about changing something in your eating routine, get some information about boat move to the close by Anantara resort, where Baan Hura eatery offers a great set menu of customary Thai dishes (+960 664 4100).

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