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Development in plan and stunning scenes, Dhigali Maldives offers an uncommon island experience in the incredibly inaccessible piece of the Maldives. Dhigali is an excellent island with a sentimental air, green inside and a wide decision of convenience alternatives. A slim coral cay in the Raa Atoll, the hotel is unadulterated Maldivian happiness. Ringed by coral and kissed by the sun, this is an extravagance hideaway with a distinction. 

It is appropriate for the two honeymooners and families, and can likewise offer their visitors a ton of experiences, including water sports, late evening swimming and island jumping. Encircled by a perfect house reef and completely clear tidal pond, this retreat - just as the Maldives overall - is about water. Whether or not you pick a sea shore lodge or manor dissipated under the shelter of palm trees or a water estate, the staggeringly turquoise Indian Ocean's perspectives on are truly great.

Dhigali Maldives

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The Island

The Island

One of the freshest hotels in Maldives (opened in June 2017), Dhigali is situated in a distant Raa atoll, and the private island can be reached quickly via seaplane from Male air terminal or short homegrown flight (20 minutes) to Ifuru/Dharavandhoo Airport followed boat move (50 minutes) to the island. In Malé, you will be greated by the hotel's staff, that will assist you with baggage and registration for a homegrown trip to Dharavandhoo Island. While a speedboat trip you will be offered water, wi-fi and a cool towel. 

Dhigali is a moderately new hotel. The most ideal path came to from Male air terminal via seaplane and an early introductions are extraordinary. The actual island is flawless. It's enormous enough to request a decent stroll around its wonderful sea shores, yet little enough to be private. There is additionally an ordinary carriage administration to take you around. The island is brimming with vegetation and has its own perfect wilderness, you can stroll along the edge, occasionally all the ways are cleaned by extraordinary staff, there are no mosquitoes, and as a rule the strength of the neighborhood greenery is observed quite well. 

There are four fundamental eateries (counting the principle buffet-style Capers), the Café and two bars - East and Haali. Haali is the notoriously molded 'nightfall bar' at the tightened end of the island, which is very excellent. There are likewise three alluring pools, in addition to different offices including wi-fi all through, PADI jump focus, watersports focus, spa, wellness focus and children's club. The sea shores are the white Maldivian sand that you expect, with a protected tidal pond style sea shore near the principle bar (East). Sunbeds and parasols there are of acceptable quality and there is a lot of these to go around. 

Raa atoll is popular for it's extraordinary plunge destinations the reefs are for the most part in generally excellent condition. Jumpers just as swimmers can encounter extraordinary submerged fauna. 

Because of a moderate, current plan, Dhigali has discarded the conventional Maldivian cover engineering style and rather show present day box-molded manors with level white rooftops and pitiful insides. Around the retreat the vive is laid-back and helpful, with splendid sprinkles of shading in everything from bright pads at the eateries to orange towels by the pool and irregular additional items, including bended crystal fixtures that swing in the breeze and an assortment of maldivian swings ideal for Instagram. 

The staff is benevolent, grinning and lovely, regardless of whether it's renewing your minibar, a ride in a carriage cruising by, or recalling explicit dietary prerequisites at supper.



Raa atoll or North Maalhosmadulu is one of the northern, most visited atolls in the Maldives, isolated from Baa atoll by Hani Kandu is a waterway 5 km wide. Right around 70 km long and 30 km wide there are 88 islands in Raa atoll, 15 of which are possessed. Raa atoll is home to a some lavish lodgings include: Emerald, Kudafushi and a ultra rich Joali Maldives. Understand More... 

The island of Dhigali is a 40-minute excursion via seaplane from Malé Airport. It requires 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the island from Ifuru/Dharavandhoo Airport, including an exchange by speedboat.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

The lodging has 180 rooms, eight classifications to browse sea shore cabins to water manors in the tidal pond with private pools. Dhigali's richly planned manors are situated in regions of unspeakable excellence. The stylistic layout is perfect and moderate with present day furniture, characteristic materials and warm natural tones. Everybody stay on the sea shore has extensive outdoors restrooms with the biggest estates and suites offering wonderful showers. The insides are downplayed, yet agreeable, from beds from which you would prefer not to get up to all around loaded smaller than usual bars and porches with a wonderful perspective on the sea. 

All rooms, regardless of whether on the sea shore, in the tidal pond or on the ocean, are only a couple ventures from the Indian Ocean and incorporate agreeable hammocks. Shading ranges are unbiased, generally white, beige and earthy colored, with incidental shading sprinkles in the cushions on the bed or a splendid light. 

There are just 3 Beach Suites with a pool that are set toward the finish of a sandy sea shore, offering the oceanfront hideaway with a lot of room and extravagance conveniences. An indoor/open air washroom opens up to the skies flaunts an enormous shower and shower, and before the suite you will locate a wide veranda with a little pool ignoring the skyline. 

Dhigali's 24 water manors in Maldives are exquisitely situated over gem water inside rowing distance to the beautiful house reef. Every estate comprises of a larger than average wooden sundeck venturing down to the ocean, where energizing outings anticipate. The stylish white water estates offer the absolute most serene perspectives on the turquoise tidal pond. Estate Water has new insides and an exceptional restroom with a downpour shower and a lovely perspective on the sea. Every home has a jumbo bed, sound establishment, bedside table, closet, minibar, tea/espresso making offices, shop latrine and Nespresso espresso machine. 

For the individuals who need to dazzle their adored one, pick the rich Dhigali Suite - what could be compared to a penthouse inn. These are genuine regal manors: with its own patio, an outside washroom and an enormous limitlessness pool. Dhigali Suite additionally has a wide porch, a private bar, a home theater framework and an individual steward. So, sentiment is ensured to you.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Dhigali has five cafés and two bars, from easygoing in the Capers-style café thath is open for a delightful breakfast, lunch and supper to the sentimental Asian serving at Battuta. Children will appreciate investing relaxed energy in the open the entire day Jade eatery where you can concoct your own pizza, pasta or plate of mixed greens, while parched fish and carnivores should go to Faru Grill café where you can join fish or meat of your decision with an assortment of sauces and flavors as per your preferences and techniques for planning. The eating space at Faru is an open zone disregarding sea shore sand while giving stunning dusk sees at night. 

Bistro is a spot to make a trip for a fast refueling or for throughout the day eating, standing apart among cafés in Maldives for astounding mixes of connoisseur cooking and bites offered to suite distinctive eating states of mind. 

Otherwise called the Sunset Bar, Haali is the ideal diversion and meals spot ignoring the dazzling sandy sea shore. It's an energetic spot with its swings and agreeable beanbags specked on the sea shore giving it a sensation of straightforward unwinding. For staggering perspectives, book a table on the highest point of Haali for a superior view. An uncommon situation when you like everything and like to everybody. The worth and result is incredible. 

With swings and seat sacks, the most loved spot in the retreat, similar to a fledgling's home under a covered rooftop is Haali bar, particularly at nightfall hours when visitors appreciate mixed drinks while respecting the sun suffocating in the Indian Ocean. 

An open region ignoring sea shore sand, Faru is the flame broil eatery offering mainland cooking, barbecued meat and new delicious fish. 

Astounding vibes among the coconut trees, East is the principle bar in Dhigali, offering an excellent perspective not too far off and serving tropical mixed drinks, exemplary wines and brews. Visitors can loosen up by the pool with an outlandish beverage close by, while taking in the island's amazing perspectives. 

On Nov 2019 Dhigali Maldives has opened another sea shore bar. The new Dhigali Beach Bar is situated on the eastern finish of the island, and offers fascinating mixed drinks, exemplary premium wines and lager.

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