The Addu Atoll is one of the remaining undiscovered dive sites in the world. I haven't seen coral reefs that are this vibrant and in such good shape in the past 30 years. Every reef is home to a large number of fish. If you want to explore the outside of the atoll, you can leap onto barriers that descend to the Indian Ocean's floor. You pass past "farms" of gorgonian fans that are between 10 and 50 metres tall. Sharks will occasionally suddenly appear, scan the divers, and then go. As we descend farther, we can see tunas of 300 pounds circling us.

The massive Sulzer engine is covered in yellow snapper as it swims inside the vast engine room. All of the diving in Addu is pure, unspoiled, undamaged, and bright. You won't see any other divers, which is the best possible outcome. The proprietor of Aquaventure, Marc Kouwenberg, agrees that everything in our world is about people.

Excellent guesthouses, the bulk of which are located on Maradu-Feydoo, can be easily reserved through our colleagues at Aquaventure in Addu Atoll. We'll stick to Gan's history, though, and base ourselves at the Equator Village Resort for this particular journey. This is the most unlikely yet completely adorable hotel in the Maldives. The Equator Village Resort, once the Royal Air Force Station, has undergone a thorough makeover. A series of adorable little cottages with palm-fringed fronts and tin roofs make up the rooms. The interiors, however, are spacious, entirely air-conditioned, and equipped to world standards. The former sergeants' mess is now home to the bar, restaurant, and brand-new pool.

Diving in Addu Atoll

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Best Time

Best Time

Scuba making a plunge the far southern Maldives is extraordinary throughout the entire year, yet the best an ideal opportunity to go from January to April with hotter waters temperatures and quiet oceans. Expect an incredible occasion for jumpers and non-jumpers the same. 

Addu Atoll has atropical, moist and blistering environment all year. Water temperatures change somewhere in the range of 27°C and 31°C all through the seasons. The hottest water temperatures are among January and Walk. From May the storms come, and June - August are the wettest months. September to November has decreased perceivability, however more channel feeders as mantas and whale sharks. 

Despite the fact that there are unmistakable dry and wet seasons, guests ought to be ready for downpour whenever of the year - tropical regularly implies unusual! Nonetheless, jumping is as yet incredible, and plunge administrators typically realize which jump destinations are protected from the climate. 

The dry season is from November to April, that corresponds with the fundamental traveler season - so make certain to book ahead of time. 

On the off chance that you are adaptable with your movement dates, We do encourage you to come to Addu during full or new moon, when the atoll is washed by more grounded flows which will bring all the more large fish.

What to See

The Addu's warm, clear, waters is home to a bountiful marine life, and there could be no greater spot in the Maldives to be wowed by the grandness of huge sea life than making a plunge the southern atolls. 

Addu atoll has developed a standing of facilitating probably the best spots to plunge with Mantas in the Maldives (with a year a year). Shark and dolphin experiences are basically ensured and the shallows are humming with turtles and reef fish, like parrotfish, sweetlips and snappers. 

The reefscapes of Addu atoll is no uncertainty quite possibly the most great in the Maldives. The submerged dividers, candus and thilas are congested with lavish coral, everything being equal, and sizes from delicate red gorgonians to the strong tanish stretched of elkhorn coral and rock like mind coral.

Popular Addu Atoll Liveaboard Diving

While there is a lot of extravagance resort-based plunging for the most part from 'dhoni' boats Maldives is likewise the ideal objective to investigate by liveaboard. The elite norms are high in the all around created jumping industry with top class aides and quality rental hardware. 

Liveaboards to Addu Atoll, recently known as Seenu Atoll, cooking explicitly to these southern waters are accessible on Expect 3 activity stuffed jumps each day swimming with whalesharks, hammerheads and Mantas. Outdoors, there is a lot of space for unwinding and examining your submerged undertakings with different jumpers over flavorful family-style dinners and beverages.

The British Loyalty

The English Devotion is an unquestionable requirement jump wreck for scuba jumpers in the Maldives. Implicit 1928, English Dependability was sunk during WWII on Walk, 1944. The biggest wreck in the country at 140 meters long, presently the English Dedication transport lies 33 meters submerged between the islands Maradhoo and Hithadhoo. The site is effectively available by boat, as it is under 25 minutes away even from Gan. On crisp mornings, a segment of the starboard side can in any case be seen from the outside of the water. The boat is covered with hard and delicate corals that are home to an enormous number of fishes. Jumpers stop at the 'English Dedication' all year for shark, turtle, and huge fish experiences. On occasion, jumpers likewise discover manta beams and sharks around the Devotion transport.

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