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A quick speedboat ride is followed by a 35-minute seaplane ride to get to Dusit Thani Maldives from Male Worldwide Air airport or a 25-minute domestic flight to Dharavandhoo Air terminal. Contact one of our relocation specialists if you need assistance planning moves and it's not too much bother. The Dusit Thani Maldives is surrounded by a separate island with excellent, white sand. To experience the hypnotic splendour of the Maldives, spend time at the luxurious 5-star Dusit Thani resort. This delightful tropical retreat is the finest option for an amazing getaway because it has a stunning 360-degree coral reef surrounding the island.Some of the villas and condominiums also have private pools and provide quick access to the nearby soft, white seashores. The hotel also offers a huge, expansive pool for guests to enjoy. You can go through a variety of exquisite options for dining close by. One of them is Benjarong, a well-known overwater restaurant where you may eat the best meals in the most beautiful environment.

Additionally, a fantastic Maldives all-inclusive vacation packages for families is offered, providing an added touch of luxury and assisting in making sure that visitors have all they may need for an amazing trip in the Maldives.

Dusit Thani Maldives

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The Island

The Island

The first thing that hits you is the comfort you get right away after landing at Male International Airport. The check-in process is very easy; after being welcomed at the pier, you will be escorted directly to your estate for check-in.The true island is magnificent with mountains of flora, and it is obvious that Dusit Thani has very little 'coastline'; instead, it is more untamed and typically beautiful.

This laid-back, elegant hotel merges Maldivian and Thai inspirations; picture cover-roofed mansions decorated with Asian silks. Visitors can explore the area on bicycles and dine with their toes in the sand. The focal point of the hideaway is the enormous, limitless quality pool, while a blazing bar serves a live music with cocktails as the sun sets. Sun-arranged bedding, covertly delivered water, and untamed life insurance initiatives add to the list of environmentally friendly primary concerns.

Two floodlit tennis courts, a yoga studio, a community of activities, and a water sports facility for diving, swimming, and kayaking are all combined into workplaces. With a Thai cooking lesson, a nighttime adventure, a wine tasting, or an island nature walk, you may flee weakness. The dusit thai Spa offers signature spa treatments that combine a shower, body scrub, and back concentrate on a case placed among the palm trees (reasonably evoking "garden in heaven").

The wonderful personnel distinguishes this housing from others! The assistance is amazing—careful yet cautious, with a head worker on call at all times. A global staff is visible on Dusit. wish to interact with personnel who speak Korean, Indian, Chinese, or Arabic while you are there. All of the staff members speak excellent English, so communicating with them won't be a problem. Everyone on the staff is friendly and willing to welcome you. Additionally, restaurant managers use extreme caution.



Hanifaru Channel on Baa Atoll, which is a treasured UNESCO Biosphere Reserve renowned for its epic encounters with manta rays and whale sharks, is probably the Maldives' finest gem. A well-known location in the Maldives, where the 5-star Soneva Fushi was initially the only refuge in the lagoon, has recently witnessed the quick development of new luxury hotels that have revitalised the cluster of opulent comfort in Baa atoll.

North of Malé, via seaplane, for 35 minutes (or a 25-minute area flight followed by a 10-minute speedboat ride). This island is also close to a few other five-star resorts, such as Amilla Fushi and Hanifaru Cove, which serves as a monitoring area for manta rays and whale sharks from July to November.



Thailand's influence gives the plan a fiery nature that includes both traditional and modern styles in private life. With their extensive working environments and high standards of craftsmanship, condo suites and housing endowments are magnificent safe havens of modern complexity.

The 94 homes and areas, located either on the shore or over water, are enormous. Expect rooms with cloud-like beds and an open-air seating area, indoor/outdoor bathrooms with free tubs, storm showers, and Molton Natural shaded toiletries, and private yards—the majority of which have an unobstructed pool—that drive directly onto the sand or have steps that lead directly into the Indian Ocean. The means down into the water and the ability to see mind-blowing hidden fish while perched on the edge of the deck greatly simplify swimming.

In addition to using traditional materials like a wooden deck and vaulted housetops, the oceanside swanky complex arrangement is upgraded with cutting-edge technology like Bose surround sound systems and Nespresso espresso makers.

A range of options for comfort are available, including Seaside Bequests, Seaside House Ruler with Pool, Seaside Domain Twin with Pool, Water Estate with Pool, Ocean House with Pool, Restricted Ocean Designs, and Seaside Lofts that provide "washing" in the best abundance. The final ones have two rooms, enormous pools, indoor and outdoor yards that devour them, and even storerooms.

With the introduction of a new house class that improves visitor experience and comfort, Dusit Thani Thai style has expanded what it is offering for 2018. Visitors are permitted to view the value in the most remarkable point of the two universes with their own private shoreline space complete with yard and plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean thanks to the new Sea side Lavish House with Pool. Currently, there are seven new bequests that are all ready to go and are in a specific order. By including a hidden pool in front of each home, these areas have been improved from the continuous Seaside Homes.

The Dusit Thani Thai style also offers an excessive "Skimming Breakfast" concept, providing a prime way to start the day in the privacy of the guest's private pool. Two options are available to customers: Floating Breakfast with a Demi Holder of Champagne (375ml) or Floating Breakfast with soda pops from a particular perspective. At the two-room Seaside Home in the housing, as well as in the areas and plans with private pools, "Floating Breakfast" is available through in-estate dining.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

Another aspect of this retreat is the fine cuisine served in a vibrant environment. On the island, there are two bars and three cafés. The food is excellent everywhere you eat. Even picky eaters would have been satisfied by the Market's evening and morning buffets. There is food from all over the world, and it is all brand-new.

Most visitors opt for the all-inclusive package. The menu has been greatly improved. Everyone can enjoy the market-buffet breakfast, which includes a station with free bubbly, flapjacks, noodles, and eggs. Thai food is available at the Benjerong for lunch and dinner, and it tastes entirely authentic! Then, for lunch and dinner, there is the ocean barbecue, which is served all over the world (pizza, pasta, and burgers with mixed greens). The assistance is truly amazing. The two bars, Sands and Sala, serve a respectable selection of drinks, but I don't see any wines included in the full package. Overall, the food was very passable but not great. Except for the extremely intense and dry hamburger, everything was acceptable.

The Market is where a delicious international buffet breakfast is served. It includes complimentary champagne, Asian noodles, and a nice hotcake station where you can choose from various aesthetic manifestations, like mermaids and turtles.

winning grant mark Thai restaurant Benjarong, which is perched on braces over the water, serves authentic fare like lobster prepared in the style of Thailand and chicken dumplings that resemble cute little birds. The best Thai restaurant in the Indian Ocean, serving the best Thai food you've ever tasted. Excellent service, a beautiful menu, and what a setting, right next to the ocean. The combination of sights, sounds, and smells creates a dining experience for all faculties. Benjarong's recognisable dishes include Tom Kha Phak Gai and Tom Yum Gung soups, the traditional Thai fiery green papaya serving of mixed greens known as Som Tam Thai, sticky rice with ready-made mango Khko Niew Ma Muang, among many others. These dishes are purposefully made using the best ingredients available.

The upper deck's Sala Bar is the place to go for creative mixed drinks as dusk falls. Eat fresh fish and steak at the chic Sea Grill poolside restaurant before enjoying a nightcap at the aptly named Sand Bar overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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