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Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon home reef and proximity to the best jumping spots in the Maldives are what most captivate visitors. In Ari Atoll is the Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon hotel.

Cinnamon ellaidhoo Maldives 112 standard rooms, which were purchased from a Sri Lankan luxury brand, are affordable for families and couples. On a charming island, cleanliness is maintained to a strict standard, and guests can browse a variety of establishments, including a spa, squash and tennis courts, a children's wilderness exercise centre, a pool, and stimulating excursions. The most opulent and attractive accommodations are at New Water Manors, but there are other classes of comfort that are genuinely affordable, and daring divers and swimmers shouldn't miss the chance to explore the renowned Ellaidhoo's home reef. No matter the time of year, Ellaidhoo's rural spirit, abundant natural beauty, and serene island look for you.

Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

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The Island

The Island

In 2015, Ellaidhoo underwent a significant rebuild to become the Cinnamon Lodgings and Resorts property. Despite the season, the island's common, verdant, and tree-filled setting is great in its own quiet way. Additionally, the island's singular, expanding shape and its location in the channel provide some truly exceptional swimming and diving opportunities for couples and families, who typically return here repeatedly. The inn is a well-known wedding destination because of the fascinating greatness of the island.

An award-winning, Green Globe-certified hotel is located on the eastern edge of North Ari Atoll, the largest of the 22 distinctive atolls that make up the Maldives, and is situated about 42 kilometres from the nation's capital. Ellaidhoo joins staggering living and star-class organisation with a family soul and relationship with mother earth. It is abundantly rich, with dark palm trees and brittle white sand.

The marine life and island residents share an unbreakable bond that creates an incredible sense of helpful cooperation and may serve as a model for how visitors should treat all wild and marine life worldwide. All animals on the island are your friends because of the incredible marine life, which includes reefs, sharks, and manta rays.

People visit Ellaidhoo from all over the world and for what seems like an endless amount of time each year; the island and the marine life grow on you, especially when you realise that the staff also becomes your sidekicks.

This is how you interact with the spirit of these stunning islands and experience them.



Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon, an emerald island paradise, is situated on a small, private island in the North Ari Atoll. A stay at the retreat offers a wide variety of water sports, such as swimming around the island, and the perfect coral reefs have the most beautiful lowered life. The world over, lovers of diving and marine life travel to Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo. You can explore the magnificent house reef, which is a sign of the retreat only 20 metres from the coast, or dive the surrounding reefs, some of which have been ranked among the top 100 on the planet!

Despite the fact that guests can arrive at the accommodation by seaplane (which takes 25 minutes), many opt for the quicker and less expensive speedboat transfer from Male Air terminal (which takes 90 minutes). However, before making this choice, be sure to consider the sea conditions. Additionally, if you choose the last option, you should bring a container of water with you because there is nothing ready (or paid). The Male airport terminal has transfers available from 06:15 to 16:00.

Rooms and Bungalows

Rooms and Bungalows

There are 46 coastal lodges, 14 standard homes, 28 common rooms, and 24 water bungalows at this luxury resort. The priciest water homes are duplexes over the water without direct access to the engulfing shallow water, but they also have a small open yard with wicker furniture, an open bathroom with a corner shower, wooden pantries, and folding seats.

2017 saw the introduction of a new look and feel for Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon's Standard Rooms and Ocean side Lodges. The retreat has undergone perhaps the best update since it was reopened in 2006 when 62 rooms were restored. It applies to all of the retreat's Standard Rooms and Oceanside Cabins. The renovated Standard Rooms, which now have tropical nursery views, have lighter colours and fresher decor while maintaining their openness to additional large beds, outside showers, and wide range of amenities, including loungers obviously and modern flat-screen televisions inside. Apart from their size, there are no real distinctions between the rooms.Family rooms are arranged in a backwards fashion relative to the others, and only a select few of them are in close proximity to the western coastline.

In addition to having similar near lighter tones and fresher settings as the updated Standard Rooms, the new Ocean side Cottages provide guests with more unmistakable security and comfort than they did before. These intriguing developments, arranged with tiled housetops in the quieter area of the island, allow visitors to separate for private time on the island should they feel the need for it. A wooden deck with appealing divans and verandahs makes for staggering post centres. Wooden doorways open onto the deck. The interior of the 526 square foot homes is decorated with an alluringly luxurious king-sized bed, an indoor seating area with a view of the sea, work and dressing tables, and an exterior bathroom to fulfil the commitment.

Without obscuring the coastline or the sea's view, new water houses were built in the western lagoon. Although the total number is still high and roughly in line with the size of the island, this suggested a negligible reduction in the number of rooms on the island, which is perfectly adequate. Lighter colours and fresher environments are featured in the fixed water lodges. These overwater estates, which feature brand-new tiled housetops, eventually add a substantial wooden sundeck with comfortable divans for breathtaking post-ocean concentrations. A luxuriously extravagant enormous bed, indoor seating area, work and dressing tables, and an outdoor bathroom complete the interior furnishings of the homes.

The Malamathi Café and Pool Bar, which are off-limits to visitors staying in the water houses, have been updated with the bar being moved away from the pool in keeping with this lighter look and feel. The area now feels more open, and the high-level, modern focus on the diner and bar as well as the pool district is provided by the new furniture.



There are two standard smorgasbords at the retreat: one is for visitors to the water lodges, and the other is for any leftovers. Ellaidhoo has simple buffet restaurants, which is somewhat unusual.

Malamathi Eatery and Bar, which is situated by the pool and at the entrance to the water lodges, offers a brief buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that primarily consists of Asian and Italian dishes alongside fresh plates of leafy greens, desserts, and a separate menu. Only guests of the Water Cottages, who are given tables overlooking the pool and dusk, are allowed to enjoy the combination of a seductive environment and unimaginable taste in this devouring location. You will be spoiled for choice between an exceptional buffet, unbelievable mixed drinks, and various movement stations. Malamathi offers a number of premium, semi-open menu options that fan out onto the pool deck for an outdoor dining experience.

The south-eastern part of the island is home to the Madi Bistro, which offers incredible central area buffet-style dinners to guests until the end of their stay. Everyone on the island agrees that Madi is the best option because of its massive housetop, which provides protection from typhoons and hot island days. This magnificent indoor and outdoor bistro, with sand beneath the foot and portions of ordinary lacquered wood, is consistently crowded with visitors. Although only by one or two dishes, the buffet feels more distinctive here.

There is a serious dining experience plan, and guests whose flights are early in the morning cannot eat before checking out, regardless of which restaurant or table is assigned to them. Swimwear is not permitted in any parlour area, regardless of the generally accepted fashion. All room rates include breakfast, and half-board, full-board, and all-inclusive options are similarly available. Visitors with the Top notch Comprehensive pack receive stamped refreshments, a few extra blended drinks, and a free minibar. The extensive game plan combines blend, wine, alcohol, and a guarantee of blended drinks at the bar.

On the island, there are two bars, one of which is open until the last patron leaves. There is a small Shoal in Malamathi with a wooden porch by the pool, but it ignores the time of day. With your toes in the sand as you sip on a few energising mixed drinks and carry on with the wonderful things you were doing on the island, this spacious, covered roof bar allows you to fully enjoy your time on the island. It is comparable to the enormous Iruohsnee Bar, where there is a sizable deck where patrons can enjoy drinks while gazing at the stars and a significant amount of socialising going on. The Malamathi bar has a set closing time, whereas Irouhsenee closes right after the last customer leaves.

Iruohsnee has a massive round bar with a lot of seating, more clearly checked beverages, and night tea than Shoal, which calls for stools and air. This joint, which is set up on the Ellaidhoo rule decks, is a favourite anytime of the year. Iruohsnee also provides outstanding nighttime entertainment, including DJs, laudable melodic groups, and traditional Maldivian displays, making the bar a consistent standout whenever. But a reasonable evening meal is the most important component. Jars of fresh fish are offered to the school of Jack Fish, a Sting Beam, and, surprisingly, a few herons that typically forget appear for their step-by-step dealing with at 5:30.

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