The long-awaited Emerlad Maldives Resort and Spa is finally a reality. The Emerald Maldives will live up to its name by becoming a magnificent gemstone-shaped island with white sand seashores and lush tropical vegetation in Raa atoll. Emerald Maldives is a platinum comprehensive 5* luxury resort on 20 hectares of virgin land and 100 hectares of turquoise tidal pond, located on the Fasmendhoo island in the southern part of Raa atoll.

Unquestionably, this platinum all-inclusive retreat, which will be inaugurated by The Main Lodgings in August of this year, will rank among the best private island lodgings in the Maldives. A 40-minute seaplane flight or a quick domestic flight followed by a 15-minute speedboat trip would be a great introduction to the start of your Maldives adventure. The location is 160 kilometres from Male Global Air Airport. In the upcoming year of 2020, Emerald Maldives will be the top choice for its lavish platinum comprehensive bundles.

This platinum comprehensive hotel boasts 120 luxurious properties, divided into 60 ocean side manors and 60 overwater manors, with opulent conveniences and offices perfect for two couples and families. Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa 5* is presenting a wide choice of opulent offices and amenities as a great getaway. The children's club, run by trained professionals, makes it incredibly friendly by taking care of the kids while adults enjoy themselves outside.

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa – Deluxe All inclusive

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The Island

The Island

At the Male air terminal and seaplane terminal, unwind with refreshments and snacks left by The Emerald. When your seaplane lands on the island, anticipate a warm welcome. As your steward drives you to your room, he or she also provides a tour of the island, pointing out the various restaurants, spas, gift shops, swimming pools, etc.

In an effort to blend in with its surroundings, the retreat combines tropical weather with modern amenities, giving off a distinctive and laid-back atmosphere that makes it the ideal place to learn new and fundamental things. The real island is amazing; it is a piece of paradise on earth. Even though the retreat has already begun, it is surrounded by lush vegetation and palm trees. The scene is truly faultless because so many common bamboos are used in the area surrounding the inn and in the landscape beyond the domains. Additionally, bamboo has been used around the lodging in the finishing, which is beautiful for a few lovely blooms in the scene as well as becoming an external part of the water houses.

Without any other people, The Emerald Maldives Resort and SPA is exceptional, ideal, and has fantastic workplaces. The timing of the plan interests us specifically. Although the beaches on the Fasmendhoo island are not the best in the Maldives and are currently crumbling, the majority of the island's coastline up until the domains is excellent.

Throughout their stay, guests are free to explore the island on the personal bicycles that are provided without charge. Couples make up a sizable portion of the guests, and two or three families are also present.In addition to this outstanding staff, whose goal is to provide you with the best event, they are also warm, considerate, and generally prepared. You can feel a pleasant air as they congregate and fill the space together!



The alluring island of Fasmendhoo, which is home to a few opulent hotels and is located in the Raa Atoll, on the northwest coast of the Maldives, is made up of 20 Hectares of land and 100 Hectares of excellent gem-blue tidal pond.

The distance can be covered in a short time by a lovely seaplane flight from Male, or you can choose to take a 30-minute domestic flight to Ifuru Domestic Airport, from which guests will appreciate a 15-minute speedboat ride to Emerald Maldives Resort. The domestic flight option will enable travellers to easily connect with their international trips at night.

With a full Platinum All comprehensive bundle, powdery soft sands, a clear blue tidal pond, and tropical surroundings, the family-friendly retreat is the best option for guests who want to experience opulent rooms and offices.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

The resort features 120 luxurious villas, divided into 60 seaside manors and 60 overwater estates, all with modern and tropical designs. Each villa features two level satellite TVs (in the room and the bathroom), direct dial phones, extra-large beds or connecting rooms, modern bathrooms with walk-in showers, outdoor showers "under the stars," bathtubs for two, separate WCs, walk-in closets, baggage racks, hairdryers, wraparounds, personal safes, tea and coffee making stations, daily restocked minibars, twice-daily housekeeping administration, and room controls.

The Beach Villas with Pool are open, modern, and have opulent interiors. A sizable air-conditioned extravagance bathroom with an indoor rain shower and bath. There are two additional outdoor showers—one outside the restroom's small, private nursery area and the other in front of the estate to rinse off the sand from the beach—that are available. Each estate has its own bicycle to navigate the island. The retreat has 10 FAMILY BEACH VILLAS WITH POOL for families, along with the best white sands (on the northern and eastern sides), a children's room, a walkway, a covered and open porch, and a private pool 8x3 metres. Each Beach Villa has direct access to a separate section of white sand.

The Water Villa with pool is an especially stunning space because the pool is sizable. Despite any difficulties, staying in the Overwater Villa with Pool is without a doubt justified because it offers a luxurious experience. Each room has been thoughtfully decorated and is very likely. Amazing bathroom! complete with a bath and rain shower inside. The towel decorations on the bed are also amazing and fabulous. All the stress just melts away after a dip in the private pool while admiring the breathtaking view of the sea.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

The accompanying most astounding aspect is the outstanding food and phenomenal service at the four exceptional restaurants on the island, which is in addition to the estates' serene atmosphere and their stunning bathrooms. The food options on the menu are exceptionally diverse, and the menu was designed for unrivalled flavour. The staff is meticulous, skilled, and pleasant.

The Water is the Essential Buffet Bistro is located on the beach and faces a crystal-clear lagoon. It offers both indoor (cooled) and outdoor eating at its best.

Expect an impossible culinary experience where your culinary dreams come true: an indoor, opulent buffet open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will feature a few unique cooking stations, each with a single overall food variety to stimulate guests' sense of taste: You can find areas that are Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Veggie Lovers, and more!

Amaznico is a different location for expert food and a strength specifically for fine dinners. The South American programme makes each and every one of the flawless dishes using only fresh trimmings. The customers at this South American diner will have the option to make the most of their meals and discover the variety, originality, and typical therapeutic advantages of this astounding cuisine. The interior of the bistro is composed primarily of common stones and wood, creating a typical South American dining atmosphere.

Le Asiatique Eatery, a specialty of the inn, is the best option for visitors looking for the delectable and delightful creations of our Asian Gourmet experts, whose main goal is to introduce people to an authentic sort of the East while discussing the customs of Oriental culinary social orders and history. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the live cooking demonstrations that take place near the Teppanyaki grill. The Asian Café, which has a wonderful and creative standard living space laid out for it, is situated in the island's centre, deep inside the forest.

A must-try for carnivores, Ocean Side Barbecue Café offers lunch and dinner in a setting that stands out from other parts of the island while overlooking the lagoon's crystal-clear water. The restaurant's distinctiveness can be found in its luxurious interior design as well as the enormous guarantee of fresh meat, fish, shellfish, and vegetables cooked over a stone fire sear, which gives the food its intriguing flavours. The lobster thermidor dinner features a whole, enormous lobster that is cooked to perfection in a light, creamy Gruyere sauce. The coastline club location also has a pizza and pasta station available.

As part of the Grand Comprehensive commitment, Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa has introduced new plant-based dishes and mocktail menus at all six of its extraordinary bistros and bars, which have opened this year. Veganism has reached a record-breaking high in 2020.

The wine list in this thorough analysis is fascinating, and the quality is evidently high as well. The entire wine selection is excellent, and it is served by a large number of enthusiastic, energising, and knowledgeable sommeliers who are aware of your preferences and will make an effort to appropriately astound you with wines.

From a genuine standpoint, the expansive pack contained everything at all times. In the small-scale bar, there are wines and champagne, not overly pricey wines in that mood, and an overview of about 25 wines from around the world. The selection and quality of the food are excellent, and the indispensable "Water" buffet bistro features live cooking stations.

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