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For some guests Filitheyo Island Resort is probably the best lodging in the Maldives, and unquestionably a mystery dream for every individual who loves jumping and swimming. 

Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives is situated in Faafu Atoll, the undisputed victor among the most untainted atolls of the island, plentiful in lively marine life and solid corals. Snow-white sandy sea shore with edge of palm trees reflected in the turquoise tidal pond, agreeable convenience in the profundities of thick vegetation and over the water, tasty food under splendid stars, spa, outings to uninhabited islands, a huge selection of exercises, and to wrap things up captivating jumping and swimming at house reef - here is an estimated image of Filitheyo, a splendid emerald in the crown of the Maldives. 

There was almost no mediation on the sea shore or in the tidal pond, so nothing ruins the view on one or the other side of the island. The sea shore is wide with an enormous tidal pond and delicate like deodorant powder sand, and on the opposite side, the house reef is near the sea shore. You can walk shoeless during your whole stay on the island, and there are wooden walkways through open territories, substituting with sandy floors and ways, confusing the inside of the Filitheyo. The inside itself is heavenly: great strands of develop coconut palms, neighborhood vegetation and the chance to stroll around the island.

Filitheyo Island Resort

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Faafu atoll is an enchanted world in the Maldives loaded up with total quietness aside from the new breath of a breeze and the sensitive murmur of waves liquefying in corn sand. In excess of a hundred kilometers from Male air terminal, Faafu atoll is one of only a handful few spots in the country where you will get a genuine taste of the bona fide Maldives. 

The hotel has an enormous level of German visitors, a significant number of whom are jumpers, and afterward a blend of British, different Europeans and Asians. The lodging has offices for kids and is an astounding spot for a family occasion. 

Situated in 35-40 minutes via seaplane from Male air terminal, Filitheyo offers a brilliant incentive for cash. In the event that a few hotels here and there quit taking care of their visitors with the standard assumptions from the Maldives, Filitheyo does simply enchantment.



Filitheyo is a home to 125 estates worked in Maldivian style with covered rooftops, all delightfully improved with sensible utilization of delicate tones and with light wood furniture situated around the sea shore and on one side of the island's tidal pond. 94 Superior estates and 15 choice manors have a beautiful semi-open washroom and a wash bowl in a private nursery. The proposal of the lodging is supplemented by 16 water manors which, obviously, have an allure, however the nearness to them makes one say that it is probably the advantage of HML! By and by, the estates offer a private and loosening up setting, and all the essential offices and solace. 

Most Superior rooms look toward the east, on a limited sea shore. Select rooms disregarding the dusk and the sea shore are better, albeit the tidal pond is shallow, particularly at low tide and might be somewhat "coral." Both sorts of rooms have a similar regular solace, bunches of cotton and light wooden furnishings. The grand rooms are somewhat bigger and have wonderful restrooms. Water Villas have comparative furnishings, and there are additionally couches in the outside. The deck is outfitted with a Maldives swing, 2 lawn chairs and steps down into the universe of swimming. It would be far superior if the visitors were not open to their neighbors on the two sides. 

Convenience is offered in 2 designations: 

- 94 Superior Beach Villas close to one another (their patios have wooden segments), each offering 95 sq.m. A comfortable home away from home, and 15 - 111 sq.m. segregated Deluxe Beach estates with private patio, on the off chance that you are searching for more space and security; 

- 16 water estates (146 sq.m.) Swim in the most awesome aspect of the island (threesome dusk + reef + tidal pond - it's for the most part present) and have an extensive washroom with Jacuzzi, pearl shower, own veranda and huge Maldivian swings; 

Note: Water Villas can oblige up to 2 individuals. In the event that you travel with a kid, you will be set on the sea shore. All sea shore estates are intended for 3 visitors (with an additional bed in each). In the event that you travel with a few children or a gathering of companions, you can request contiguous manors (just on solicitation).



Food is another critical fun in Filitheyo. The feasting is the awesome this class of resorts, with a guarantee to quality and introduction of dishes that is unmatched and where the adoration and ability of the culinary experts is plainly showed. The primary eatery unexpectedly is somewhat humiliated by its size, yet this is for the presentation. With suppers in the fundamental bar, and individually menu in the Sunset café, in the estate, on the sea shore and even on the sandy shallows, half board or comprehensive is a decent decision. 

The retreat has 2 eateries and bars. An inviting assortment of value dishes from everywhere the world is served in the fundamental smorgasbord café for breakfast, lunch and supper, where the food is in every case exceptionally delectable and shifted (there are consistently organic products, sushi, fish, meat, servings of mixed greens ... you will like it! ), and the individually menu feast in the lounge area close to the endlessness pool before the tidal pond and face to the awesome nightfall, blood red, now and again transforming into purple, at that point orange to brilliant. Attempt a stylish private supper with a lobster menu on the shore of the sea to the sound of waves. 

The exquisite town bar has 2 hours of party time and there is a wide determination of mixed drinks and frosted espresso, in addition to indoor game rooms (billiards, table football, table tennis) and open air tables that dive to the actual edge of the water. There is additionally an enormous menu of bites. 

A coffeehouse (which serves as a bar) and a bar total Filitheyo's feasting scene. Visitors principally comprise of Europeans who come to plunging, Japanese on a vacation, trailed by French, Russian and English. On the evenings amusement is uncommon, and after everybody at Sunset bar discussed their submerged endeavors (the decision of alcohol is very respectable), everybody rests.



On the topic of "what to do", Filitheyo offers a conventional decision of every day exercises, including terrific jumping, spa with exceptionally proficient staff, journeys (don't miss the great uninhabited atoll islands and snorkel-safari with turtles, manta beams, and whale sharks) and water sports. A couple of words about the tidal pond: because of the nearby area of the house reef, the tidal pond has a restricted shape, and hence not entirely appropriate for swimming. 

The trouble of booking a room on the island at a specific season shows that nothing should be profoundly changed. The solitary thing that amazements is a little spa, in correlation with what was previously. Medicines and specialists are magnificent. 

Most importantly, Filitio is a dazzling house reef swimming! Effectively a couple of meters from the sea shore an astonishing assortment of the most intriguing fish and corals, everything being equal, and shapes. In short - swimming should do!

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