The Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives provides an all-island experience that includes cosy living quarters in a scenic and private Mandhoo nook. The modest Maldivian way of life and the exquisite surroundings of the island are taken into account in the design.

Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives is ready to welcome you as you explore this natural wonderland surrounded by lush green foliage on the inhabited quiet island of Mandhoo in South Ari Atoll.

Maldives, one of the world's most breathtakingly gorgeous island states, is located on the subcontinent southwest of India. The islands, which are dispersed like ivory pearls and are unafraid of their natural and geographic environments, are places where one might temporarily leave a Fiyavalhu, or footprint.

Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives

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Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives - Southern Ari Atoll

Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives - Southern Ari Atoll

You simply can't help but give in to the allure of this lovely island, which is positioned in the most tranquil region of the vast Indian Ocean and enjoys a delightful solitude perfect for a tropical beach vacation. This is where Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives is located, equipped with all the best amenities for luxury and pleasure required for a blissful island getaway.

This 4-star Maldives resort offers luxurious refuge against gorgeous natural surroundings, an array of adventures, and a worldwide dining experience. For the best rates and deals on honeymoon or family vacation packages from Fiyavalhu Resort Maldives, get in touch with us.

No one should intrude on your solitude, therefore go to the furthest end of the beach and take some lonesome 

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