Fulhadhoo is one of the possessed islands of Baa atoll in the Maldives. Along with two other nearby islands: Goidhoo and Fehendhoo, just as a few uninhabited islets, Fulhadhoo structure the Goidhoo atoll. Renowned for its perfectly clear waters and delightful sandy sea shores, great swimming, agreeable spending convenience and warm neighborliness of nearby occupants, Fulhadhoo is a phenomenal alternative for a cheap occasion, in 2 hours by speedboat from Malé Global Air terminal (Through). 

Notwithstanding the way that Fulhadhoo falls inside the regulatory domain of Baa Atoll, geologically it is found a lot further from the vast majority of the other possessed islands and away from the bustling traveler regions. Anticipate the staggering excellence of the Indian sea, and the plenitude of beautiful fish on the house reef, including dolphins, sharks and turtles. 

When all is said in done, if a tranquil and calm get-away is the thing that you need - a perfect white sands without swarms, turquoise water, lovely marine life and sound corals - Fulhadhoo Island is a spot to go. Also, you won't overpay for this island heaven.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Fulhadhoo is 120 km from Malé Global Air terminal (By means of), and 40 km from the homegrown air terminal on the island of Dharavandhoo (DRV). Get to Fehendhoo is best by open speedboat Male-Goidhoo. Upon landing in Malé air terminal, you will be met by staff and accompanied to the speedboat. The excursion time is 1.45 - 2 hours, contingent upon the climate. In the wake of arriving at Goidhoo, travelers are taken to Fehendhoo by a little boat, which requires around 5-10 minutes. The exchange cost is 45 USD per individual one way. There is no ATM on Fulhadhoo, so kindly stock money in Malé. 

A public speedboat from Male is leaving Enthusiastically ship terminal at 9 am on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Back to Malé at 13:30, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the event that you travel a huge gathering, it's most ideal approach to book a private speed boat from Male air terminal. The rental cost is $900-1000/boat 

The subsequent choice (less budgetary) is by neighborhood carrier from Malé air terminal to Dharavandoo air terminal. Flights are run every day, the excursion time is 25 minutes, the ticket cost is $ 95 one way. From Dharavandoo air terminal to Fulhadhoo by speedboat, the excursion time is 40 minutes, cost for leasing a boat is USD 150-200. We suggest booking plane tickets through your visitor house, not on the aircraft's site - it will be a lot less expensive! 

There is one more choice. There is a stock ship going from Male to Goidhoo once every week on Sunday night (from Sunday to Monday). Generally it leaves in the 12 PM, the excursion requires around 5 hours. It returns from Goidhoo on Saturdays at 5 AM.

The Island

The Island

The Fulhadhoo island with Fehendhoo and Goidhu lies in Horsburgh (Goidhoo) Atoll taht is isolated from Baa (South Maalhosmadulhu) atoll by a six-mile-expansive (9.7 km) channel. This atoll is oval fit as a fiddle and little, its most noteworthy length being 10 miles (16 km). The inward tidal pond has a profundity of 17 to 20 distances; it has a sandy base blended in with mud and earth. In contrast to the tidal ponds of most little atolls of the Maldives, this tidal pond is liberated from coral heads in its middle. 

Situated carefully from west to east, the length of the island is 1.8 km and a width of 270 m, implying that Fulhadhoo is passed up all the ocean winds. On account of this, it is rarely excessively hot here, and there are basically no mosquitoes. In the eastern piece of the island there is a nearby town of around 250 individuals, and the rest is a sort of immaculate scene with coconut palms, clean turquoise tidal ponds and white sandy sea shores. A couple of words about the town; different occupants appear to have now gotten familiar with sightseers and are occupied with their business with great gestures and upbeat grins, however no more. 

Essentially, neighborhood individuals live by fishing and family unit tasks. Fulhadhoo is ideal for individuals who are searching for serene escape and happiness in nature. The island is likewise appropriate for families with youngsters, as one of its tidal ponds frames a small normal pool with shallow water, as warm as the Maldivian climate. The lavish vegetation of the inside is supplemented by the nearby fauna: there are 2 sorts of crabs: loners and land; 2 types of reptiles: dark with splendid collar and geckos, heaps of winged creatures and huge flying fox. 

Likewise this is an incredible spot for the individuals who like swimming and freediving. A some uninhabited islets encompassing Fulhadhoo brag their shoals, which you can visit for swimming, subathing and unwinding away from the fundamental island. There is a clinical focus, a mosque and two rustic shops on Fulhadhoo, so stock up all you require, including shampoos and sunscreen. Wi-Fi is very powerless in visitor houses, so prescribe to purchase a sim-card with portable web in Malé air terminal.

The Beach

The Beach

Highlights of Fulhadhoo occasion experience are abandoned, sugar-white, wide sandy sea shores. Holding the 22nd spot in the rundown of the 50 best sea shores on the planet, it is hard to say in words how great the sea shores of Fulhadhoo are. With ridiculously lovely water, more excellent than at the five-star resorts in which you may have been previously. Obviously, pictures can not pass on excellence. You can remain there for a week and to be proprietor on the sea shores, not imparting to any other person. The island has one private swimsuit sea shore for unwinding and another sea shore is an incredible for swimming. The biggest and most lovely sea shore is in the southwestern piece of Fulhadhoo, by walking around 15 minutes. It closes with a shocking sandy cay. There is practically no offices on the sea shore. A few sunbeds with bamboo coverings. You can likewise stow away from the sun in the shade of trees and high hedges. 3 Hearts and Vilu Sea shore visitor houses have their own private sea shores practically around the bend from your room. 

Around the island extends an enormous house reef - you can swim interminably. A cover, a cylinder and balances are given in the visitor house. Hope to see a ton of beautiful fish and coral, just as dolphins, beams, sharks and turtles. The island's northern coast is under solid flows, so remember about wellbeing.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Fulhadhoo Island is a flat out fun, all outings from swimming with turtles and Manta Beams to stream skis, evening sea shore grills, late evening fishing and even a day on a remote location in obvious Robinson Crusoe style are each of the an unexceptional and moderate, with a group that doesn't stop for a second to carry out more their responsibilities. Journeys are simply brilliant, particularly chasing for an octopus and an excursion to the gleaming sea shores! Each night you can watch the stingrays parade at the wharf. 

There is a decent house reef swimming, just as swimming excursions to different spots in the event that you are not happy with the first. Additionally you can appreciate plunging, yet the jump ace isn't generally on the spot, so look at this movement ahead of time. The least demanding approach to plunge is to join Water BLUE (PADI Jump Resort) on the close by Fehendhoo Island, only 5 minutes by boat from Fulhadhoo. 

Some will be fortunate to be welcome to one of the island's family, and colleague with the neighborhood culture is unquestionably one of the features of the outing, remembering investment for Maldivian weddings.

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