Gulhi is the nearest occupied island to Malé air terminal in South Male atoll. While in transit to Maafushi, Gulhi Island is 30-minutes by speedboat from the capital of the Maldives. The little island is truly delightful and Gulhi offers all you require to have an awesome stay on Maldives. Consider a blue skies, amazing white sea shores and specailly the perfectly clear waters with bountiful marine life. With a small bunch of visitor houses on the island, K.Gulhi is of the beaten track, remarkable and credible and this is outstanding amongst other spending choices to investigate and encounter the genuine Maldives. Simply visit there for your get-away - you will discover it truly remarkable.

Gulhi Island

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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Gulhi is 21 km south of Velana Global Air terminal (By means of) and can be reached either by a public ship or speedboat. 

There is no ATM on Gulhi, so kindly stock money in Malé. You can arrange the traffic plan and the exchange type ahead of time with the staff of your visitor house (suggested). The staff will likewise require your name and appearance and takeoff flight subtleties. An agent of your lodging will meet you at Male air terminal and help with transportation to the island. 

Public Ship : Ship leaves from MTCC Ship Terminal (Villingili Ship Terminal) in Malé city. Upon appearance to Gulhi our staff will get you Wharf (on the off chance that you have educated us your appearance time/strategy ahead of time). 

Takeoff course from Malé: Malé – Gulhi – Maafushi – Guraidhoo 

Takeoff course from Guraidhoo: Guraidhoo – Maafushi – Gulhi – Malé 

Takeoff from Malé: 15:00 

Takeoff from Gulhi: 07:50 

Jorney time is 1 hour 20 minutes, costs around US$2 per individual one way. 

Ship runs day by day besides on Mondays and Fridays. 


Speed boat requires 30 minutes to arrive at Gulhi Island and around costs from USD 170 for each outing (one way) charge comprehensive (greatest 4 individuals). Evening speedboat moves cost USD200.00 per trip (one way). Shared speedboat move might be orchestrated relying upon the quantity of individuals voyaging, for an additional charge of roughly USD 50 for each individual for at least 5 people in a gathering.

The Island

The Island

Gulhi is one of only a handful few neighborhood islands that were the pioneers of spending the travel industry in the Maldives during the mid 80's, when nearby islands were permitted to give overnight boardinghouse administration. As per Gulhi guesthouse proprietors, during the pinnacle seasons, Gulhi facilitated around many sightseers in a large number of their homes and tents on the sea shore. 

Lacking vegetation, Gulhi is a little fishing town. You can stroll around it in a short time and see all the features - the pier, the force to be reckoned with, the school, the bashiball jungle gym, the mosque, plunge shop, 3 minimarts, four bistros and a some trinket shops. Local people are cordial essentially and welcome guests to their enchanting island. A stay in Gulhi island most likely will entrance guests and give a genuinely social Maldivian occasion insight. 

The primary monetary action in the island is fishing. Gulhi island additionally has the most seasoned harbor yard (boat yard/port) in the Maldives. A large number of the maritime vessels in the Maldives utilize the dock office in Gulhi island in view of its vicinity to the capital island Malé and the primary Global air terminal.

The Beach

The Beach

There are two-piece sea shores on the island, south and north. The north sands are unimaginably shocking where you can relax the entire day under a parasol conceal, swim and house reef swimming, and have a food or drink at the sea shore café! The sea shore is spotless, delicate, decent and umbrellas and seats are given gratis! The gem water is completely clear. It's a lot nearer to what you would get in a retreat. The sand likewise is a lot of cleaner than in Maafushi. A some visitor houses offer balances and snorkel to utilize no charge. 

There is water sports focus on the sea shore. Mechanized and non-mechanized water sports can be orchestrated upon demand.



A surf occasion on Gulhi will be the ideal occasion to ride the breaks in South Male' atoll. The island of Gulhi has simple admittance to three of the famous South Male' atoll surf spots. One being the island (Gulhi reef) breaks you can simply pick the board and swim to the surf. The other is the "Twin Pinnacles" and "Quaters" both only minutes from the island shore and can be reached by boat or little dinghy. 

Surf rainstorm is from late February to mid November, with the best waves coming in during Spring to May and afterward again in September till the finish of November.

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