Hithadhoo is an area of Addu City in the Maldives. Situated on the island of a similar name, Hithadhoo the westernmost of Addu Atoll (recently known as Seenu Atoll) and it's without a doubt extraordinary compared to other spending traveler objections in this district of the Maldives. Hithadhoo Maldives is a beautiful destination, and Hithadhoo Seenu Maldives offers unique local experiences. With a wide decision of movement, white sand sea shores, crystall clear waters and plentiful marine life, the spot draws in voyagers from everywhere the world. Hithadhoo is the primary regulatory region of Addu City with Gan worldwide air terminal, plently modest inns, visitor houses and eating choices. Hithadhoo is an ideal island i? you like water and land undertakings, it is additionally extraordinary for sea shore occasion fans. The sea shores are quiet and unwinding, and the palm trees make the environmental factors a colorful area for you spending get-away.


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How to Get: Transfers

How to Get: Transfers

Addu Atoll is a brief flight south of Malé Global Airport(VIA). Gan Global air terminal is Addu City's primary air entryway. The air terminal is as of now served by homegrown transporters Maldivian and Flyme, just as SriLankan. Personal luxury planes are additionally ready to land and stop at Gan because of its new global status. SriLankan Aircrafts works every day among Colombo and Addu City. South African Aviation routes flys week by week to Gan global air terminal from Johannesburg. 

A less expensive and more audacious approach to get Addu City isa a load boat from Malé that is gone through the atolls mooring at certain islands en route. Albeit this jorney may require 2-3 days, it unquestionably allows you to appreciate the magnificence and collaborate with exuberant local people. 

There are 3 banks in Addu atoll, Bank of Maldives, State bank of India and Maldives Islamic Bank. ATMs are accessible and you can normally pull out money from your Mastercards. There are 2 mailing stations situated in Gan and Hithadhoo. 

Hithadhoo Island it is about 13.5 kilometers from the Gan Global Air terminal. There are a few different ways you can arrive at your lodgings in Hithadhoo island from the air terminal. 

By transport: There are nearby transports that you can take from the Gan Worldwide Air terminal to Hithadhoo. Travel time is around 25 minutes to arrive at this spot by transport. The rates are additionally reasonable in Transport. 

By taxi: You can likewise utilize taxi administrations from the GIA to this spot. The rates are somewhat higher than the neighborhood transport administrations, however taxi rides are a lot of agreeable.

The Island

The Island

The islands on the atoll's western side have been connected by a man-made thoroughfare that interfaces the islands of Hithadho, Maradhoo, Maradhoofeydhoo, Feydhoo and Gan, a degree of 14km. Getting around is genuinely simple there. You can lease bikes or bikes. Taxicabs are consistently accessible. Transport administrations and ships are likewise routinely worked. It is likewise ideal to stroll around the island. 

Hithadhoo is the second biggest island in the Maldives with a surface zone of 525.7 ha. It has a length of 6.8 km and a width of 1.8 km at its amplest point. It is additionally the second biggest occupied island in Maldives with populace around 12,000 occupants. As a result of their instructive and scholarly foundation got from their predecessors, local people are a neighborly, cordial and harmony cherishing individuals, simultaneously held and in charge of their feelings. In Addu old traditions and Islamic conventions are regarded, while permitting the important changes in way of life to be viable with present day improvement. Nobody dozes in the roads, or heads to sleep hungry. In this sense, being a little atoll in a little country has its gifts, for everybody knows one another and will assist. The work is primarily founded on Fisheries and the travel industry. Three vacationer resorts, along with Gan worldwide Air terminal and Hithadhoo Provincial Port, work in Addu City. Limited scope rural cultivating exists and a great many people are utilized by state and government establishments. 

Hithadho island has a lavish vegetation, mangroves and boggy taro fields which are extraordinary all through the islands of Maldives. The piece of the island south of the town is lavishly vegetated with palms and bushes, while the northern finish of the island comprises of a halfway stony, unbelievable scrubland, which can be investigated distinctly on tight path. These environments are home to a different types of seabirds, fish and scavangers. Also, there is an immense populace of organic product bats and wild ducks, fowls and felines in nature. 

There are numerous sorts of native tropical products of the soil which is the premise of the neighborhood cooking in the good 'ol days. Plantain, breadfruit, taro, sweet potato, custard, cassava, mango, banana, guava, papaya, watermelon are a portion of the regular privately developed produce. 

Hithadhoo Town is set apart by dusty streets, tight paths, inclining houses and thick vegetation. Island traffic is by and large very brilliant, especially when many island younger students wearing a huge number of distinctively hued school outfits are queueing up for the transport.

The Beach

The Beach

There is no authority traveler sea shore on the island. Obviously, you will discover sea shores close to your guesthouse, however this isn't the sea shore you should post on Instagram. In many spots, the passageway to the water is rough, so coral shoes will be perfect. 

However, in the event that you need to swim and sunbathe in a swimsuit, we prescribe going toward the north eastern tip of the island. It's around 20 minutes by bicycle from Hithadhoo's middle. There are no conveniences on the sea shore aside from obscure trees. Here, notwithstanding white sand, you will likewise locate a decent house reef swimming. 

Called as Koattey, these reef offers an incredible swimming that is alright for individuals, everything being equal. The reefs have an exceptional coral development and bountiful marine life. The house reef are effectively available. The unmistakable waters and the ideal temperatures make the swimming experience totally brilliant.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Addu Atoll is the lone territory in the Maldives that was not influenced by the 1998 worldwide coral blanching. Jumpers searching for enormous, vivid coral provinces, everything being equal, and structures won't be disillusioned. Addu Atoll is globally well known for its disaster area jumps, huge manta beams, sharks, turtles and greater fish when all is said in done, all consistently, instead of a wealth of more modest reef fish. Addu Atoll is one of only a handful few spots in the Maldives where monster manta beams, with wingspans of 5 meters additionally, can be found consistently. The channels and external reefs of this atoll are additionally home to various shark species, hawksbill and green turtles, and plentiful schools of huge fish. 

You'll discover the jump school at Equator Town on Gan island. The Diverland's group of PADI teachers offer fun jumping trips and a full scope of plunge courses from the passage level Untamed Water Jumper certificate up to proficient Divemaster. Once here you will before long be appreciating a portion of the absolute best jumping the Maldives has to bring to the table.

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