Maldives InterContinental The most notable visitors to Maamunagau, the most significant InterContinental Hotel in the Maldives and possibly the best InterContinental lodging on earth, arrived in September 2019. The five-star hotel has a large group of well-known experts who deliver a magnificent lavishness organisation.

The 81 Manors and Homes at InterContinental Maldives Maamanugau are spread out over a private island with lush tropical vegetation in the remote Raa atoll and are designed to flawlessly blend in with the opulent normal living space with a remarkable emphasis on legitimacy and prosperity. Prepare to be astounded by the abundance of marine life in the island's lagoon, including The Hanifaru Straight, which serves as a manta pillar place of refuge. The island is situated close to the UNESCO Biosphere Hold. All six of the bistros and bars offer unique and enticing dining experiences where culinary ingenuity is enhanced by countless points of view on the Indian Sea.The luxurious hotel offers a variety of arranged delights, including quick and dirty interiors, slick energies, and minutes to appreciate, as well as first-rate and upgraded steward services and various water and energising experiences.

InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort: Three-Bedroom Overwater Residence

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The Island

The Island

At Male's Velana International Airport (MLE), guests are greeted by airport representatives from the hotel and then transferred to the seaplane terminal for the breathtaking 35-minute flight to the retreat. After 3.30 p.m., travellers arriving on a ferry will take a 20-minute domestic ferry to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport, followed by a 35-minute speedboat ride to the retreat.

When you see the island, it becomes clear why so many people visit the Maldives. You'll be awestruck by this hotel! Every moment at the hotel is paradise, from the setting (in the heart of the Indian Ocean) to the encouragement of the chic stylistic layout. Remote, uncomplicated, and magnificent; 28 degrees; gentle breezes; moving palm trees; fine white sands; warm, crystal-clear tidal pond; and few people. The only connection that we can make is with a tropical paradise.

The retreat used an unusual approach to accommodate guests in a way that made their stay so relaxing. When an inn chooses such very high quality items in even the smallest subtleties, it tells You so much about who is running the activity. The stylistic layout is among the best You have seen at a tropical retreat, the nature of the textures, the prints Selected, even the nature of the napkins. The decorations at many locations, including the Sunset bar, came from Design Within Reach. Professional bicycles have monogrammed adjustable plates. There are plenty of golf trucks available to take you to the Spa or Lighthouse for dinner. The hotel itself is flawless. In the morning and early afternoon, they resurface the sand. 

The Maamunagau natural world is also worth mentioning; exquisite vegetation, Fruit Bats, Lizards (small), and such wonderful ocean creatures from child sharks to beams and endless colourful fish...Fabulous. Graceful and plainly unadulterated white, the sand is delicate.

Visitors especially appreciate the hotel's extreme eco-friendliness and sustainability. No plastic water bottles, straws, or other disposable items are used. The general manager Stefan explains in detail how the retreat benefits the community and the island and protects the climate, which is an important consideration when choosing hotels.

You will be grateful for the wonderful group's thoughtfulness, friendliness, and specific assistance. The stewards' meticulousness and ready smiles serve as an example of great neighbourliness.



One of the most popular northern atolls in the Maldives, Raa atoll is separated from Baa atoll by the 5 km-wide Hani Kandu waterway. It is also known as North Maalhosmadulu. There are 88 islands in Raa atoll, 15 of which are inhabited, and it is almost 70 km long and 30 km wide. Some opulent hotels can be found in Raa atoll, including Emerald, Kudafushi, and the opulent Joali Maldives.

The InterContinental Maldives is situated on the stunning island of Maamunagau in the southwest corner of the Raa atoll. It can be reached by seaplane in 35 minutes from the main Velana International Airport in the Maldives. Visitors who arrive on trips after 3.30pm will be escorted to the Domestic Terminal for a quick domestic flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport and then transferred by speedboat to the hotel in 35 minutes.

Villas and Suites

Villas and Suites

At the InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort, all 81 of the resort's open Beach, Lagoon, and Overwater Villas and Residences offer breathtaking views of the Maldives. Choose a soothing tidal pond or emotional sea views from the comfort of your own porch for a breathtaking dawn or dusk. Each villa or residence is tastefully designed to meet the needs of modern migrants while incorporating distinctive Maldivian design elements. They feature one or a few separate rooms, a relaxing ensuite, a large porch overlooking the sea or tidal pond, and a private pool. The enormous round bathtubs are a particularly opulent way to unwind.The rooms are all perfect, though, and you won't want to leave your manor because it's so private and the bed is so comfortable that it feels like a home away from home!

Both the Overwater Pool Villa (approximately 800 square feet) and the Sunset One Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa (a two-story Townhouse approximately 1400 square feet) were oceanfront properties with private beaches in front and decks with lounge chairs, outdoor showers, and large swimming pools in the back. large enough for three people dousing tubs. toilets from Toto with bidets. throughout, Kohler installations. premium textiles and toiletries. Shoes and beach sacks were given. Epic perspectives on twilight and dawn.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

The retreat highlights six eateries; from Mediterranean tapas in the midst of 360-degree vistas at The Lighthouse, to the ocean to-table South Asian propelled eating at The Fish Market and a combination of cross-mainland flavors at Café Umi, visitors can expect natural, neighborhood and maintainable fixings in mindfully curated ambiances. 

Bistro Umi is an extraordinary spot to appreciate the primary feast of the day with unhindered perspectives on the immaculate sea shore. Motivated by regular, natural and supportable worldwide food, Café Umi gives raised solace and exemplary top choices, with a Japanese intonation and Teppanyaki intuitive experience. This throughout the day dinning café offers a moderate smorgasbord breakfast, supplemented by the best baked goods procedures from Europe. 

The Collective rstaurant is your throughout the day shop presenting Italian solace and healty nourishments and wood terminated pizzas, supplemented by the retreat's forte espressos, lagers and eveything in the middle. 

A very romanti feast recognize The Lighthouse is an unquestionable requirement!. The Executive Chef, Joseph Nagy is not normal for different Chefs, entirely congenial and passes on his enthusiasm with food to the visitors in each chomp. He'll exceede all You assumptions! 

With a grown-ups just arrangement the Retreat is the trendy diner with contemporary Maldivian plan. From breakfast by the endlessness pool confronting the sky blue waters of the tidal pond, to night mixed drinks and exhibit of little plates and chomps, visitors will unwind in a warm and comfortable climate. Made evening tea gives by the retreat's famous tea sommelier every day. 

Straightforward however remarkable, motivated on the Mediterranean Sea with contemporary curve on the exemplary Spanish tapas and flavors, visitors will leave on a culinary excursion from the highest point of the Lighthouse with a pre-supper drink and selective 360º perspectives on the Indian Ocean, trailed by a curated private feasting experience or a social sharing supper at the primary café region. 

With a novel "from ocean to table" and intuitive kitchen idea, visitors will have the option to choose their own live fish. The Fish Market mixes the best Maldivian fish with sweet-smelling flavors from the South East Asia. Planned as a center point of network and propelled by the port, this mark eatery will give pleasant nightfall sees. 

Mark bar oters the best dusk sees on the island supplemented by snappy and sentimental feeling with curated music all through the night. 

Club Intercontinental Benefits: 

As an All Club InterContinental Island idea, each visitor will appreciate the accompanying Club InterContinental advantages all through the island: 

• Daily breakfast with a decision of two settings: Café Umi or The Retreat 

• Afternoon tea served at substituting settings 

• Daily night mixed drinks at The Retreat from 8:00pm till 10:00pm 

• Complimentary house pouring mixed refreshments from 11:00am till 6:00pm 

• Pool side and sea shore reward accessible day by day 

The Retreat is a grown-ups just territory with its private bar and its own vastness pool at the water's edge. Remaining at this present pool's outskirts, a most loved beverage close by, while watching the shimmering sea's scope meet the skyline.

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