With a stay at this accommodation, which provides complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms, you can start your trip off well. This facility puts you close to attractions and fascinating dining alternatives because of its convenient location in the South Male Atoll region of the Maldive Islands. Don't leave without visiting the renowned Chickens Surf Point. This top-notch hotel, which has a four-star rating, gives visitors access to its on-site massage, restaurant, and spa.

Escape to an island that is full of life, has a fascinating history, and will take good care of you while you relax by the ocean and soak in the simple pleasures. Profit from the 25% savings and special features provided by Furaveri ACCORD.

Kaani Palm Beach

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Kaani Palm Beach (Hotel), Maafushi (Maldives)

Kaani Palm Beach (Hotel), Maafushi (Maldives)

The tallest infinity pool in the Maldives is located at Kaani Palm Beach, which is on Maafushi Island's stunning beachfront and adjacent to Bikini Beach. The Hotel offers the ideal accommodations, services, and amenities for a wonderful family vacation, business trip, or leisurely escape. The magnificent four-star hotel's 105 roomy, en-suite accommodations provide cosy warmth and breathtaking sea views.

Enjoy a tranquil setting while having a drink on your private balcony or the rooftop Infinite Cafe while taking in the ocean views. If you don't feel like exercising outside, you can unwind in our spa or, if you're feeling up to it, try a light workout in the gym. We have a youthful, amiable team available to assist with tour reservations.

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